26 thoughts on “Look But Don’t Touch

  1. She can’t be that bad: no piercings, no tattoos, understated makeup, and lots of time and money to spend at the salon. Somewhere I saw a gif of a girl with apparently short brown shoulder length, but under the brown shell it was rainbow, which you didn’t see unless she fipped it.


    • I had hoped to become a misanthrope, but Florence King set the bar way too high. Check out her book “With Charity Towards None”. The best I can hope for is to be a cranky old curmudgeon.
      Long grey hair was supposed to be my license to be a crazy as I please, where little kids will point and whisper “Just leave him alone, he’s MEAN!” Problem with that is I haven’t got enough hair left on top to manage even that.


      • You can always let what hair is left to grow.. the kids will exclaim: “Just leave him alone, he’s MEAN!” and also say “And crazy,”


        • More fun to be a NOG. Nutty old geezer. Scares the shit out of them enough to make them pee their skinny jeans. (Girly boy/men pee, real men piss). Still if the pipe worked I would have a go at the lass. Hell after a certain weekend in Nuevo Laredo I might have been know to not be too picky. Just tell her my name is Phil and I live in the Northwest. Maybe just being too old and too long ago, but yeah I would do her.


        • Yeah, if they don’t whisper “He’s mean!”, they say “Just leave the old fool alone, he doesn’t know any better.” Either way works for me.


          • Are you saying that you’ve done other foolish things besides calling me a young punk?
            I don’t believe it.
            Come on man.
            Say it isn’t so.
            Who woulda thunk that possible?


    • There is a hilarious essay by the famous British historian Paul Johnson about “bottle blonds” where he makes the statement: “Any bottle blond who does not dye her nether regions as well is a careless creature, and not to be trusted!”

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  2. Eh. As one of my friends says, “I’d do her. And then leave her.”

    Then again, he enjoys farking crazy. Just never ever brings crazy home…


      • Chippin’ ice……..feels like even in August…. Been following you and the zany machine tool antics….. Might need to talk with you, I’m ashamed, need to suck it up and get my pansey ass started on my jr. machines. Proud of you getting in the game!


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