Irish At Two A.M.

Poor guy gets the Insomnia thing going pretty regularly I think.

I know I have caught him a few times approving comments on his blog in the middle of Oh Dark Thirty and he told me a couple of times he has a hard time sleeping sometimes.

I’m here to tell you that it sucks majorly to not be able to get a decent nights sleep.

I’m sure he will agree.

Especially as he is more often than not busier than hell with a hundred things to deal with.

I do have to say though he always seems to be upbeat and cheerful.

I don’t know how he does it.

He is one hell of a nice guy, I do know that.

23 thoughts on “Irish At Two A.M.

  1. Boron and Benfotiamine for me. 3mg boron once a day (morning) and 250mg of Benfotiamine (evening) every 2 days. If it’s a really bad night, I’ll drink a cup of coffee.
    Yeah, coffee. Any time after 9PM, coffee puts me out like a overly jealous ex-girlfriend and a 10lb sledge. Or reading a .mil TM.
    With all of them combined…I wake up 7-8hrs later in the exact same position I laid down in. I miss the coffee, and I’ll be up a bit later, but still sleep pretty solid few hours. Miss all of them, you’ll find me pouring concrete at 2AM.
    On warning on the boron…I hadn’t had dreams in decades, ever since the desert taught me dreaming was bad, I didn’t dream. After a few days on the boron, it’s fully immersive and you’re ‘there’. For that alone, it’s worth the trip.
    Just my opinion, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to have one before, so YMMV.


  2. Irish has impecible taste with pics of hot redheads, so if he does have any failings, they don’t count. Damn, now I really need to get decent hardware to view his blogsite.


    • I can assure you that nobody here will be holding their breath while you get ” decent hardware ” to read , write, spell watch porn or the damn nature channel. That’s a damn dead horse and you’ve drug the poor fucker to death. Do it and be done with it, or quit flapping your gums about it.


  3. As I said a couple articles back, 2.5mg Ambien (generic = zolpidem tartrate Prescribed dose 5mg) and .5mg Melatonin, lights out in ~1/2 hour good for 5-6 hours, until you have get up for old mans disease(get up to pee in the middle of the night). If you have trouble getting back to sleep after the trip to the head, take another dose. Doesn’t last as long the second time.


    • Duh on me, I just posted the same thing. I don’t have serious sleep issues, so I’ve never tried Ambien or used anything other than melatonin. With it I sleep for about 7 hours, so I don’t try to get back to sleep when the pee alarm wakes me up.


    • Nemo, have that prostrate looked at if it forces you to get up at night for that “Old Man’s Disease.” You have mentioned that to me in a past post and while I appreciate the advice, I am quite familiar with Ambien, one of the drugs I use to administer at night while working as a nurse. I have seen some weird and common side effects from patients using it:

      Clumsiness or unsteadiness
      confusion about identity, place, and time
      drugged feeling
      false or unusual sense of well-being
      feeling of unreality
      feeling sad or empty
      hives or welts
      lack of appetite
      lack of feeling or emotion
      loss of interest or pleasure
      lack or loss of self-control
      memory problems
      mood swings
      nightmares or unusual dreams
      sense of detachment from self or body
      slowing of mental and physical activity
      trouble concentrating
      trouble sleeping


      Difficulty with breathing
      dizziness, lightheaded, or fainting
      fast heartbeat
      seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there
      skin rash
      swelling of the face
      unusual excitement, nervousness, or irritability
      More side effects then the issue of insomnia…


      • Dated a gal that took it years ago.
        Never again. Matter of fact I’ll ask now if they do or ever have.
        I’d like to smack the therapist that prescribed it to her.


  4. A 5mg melatonin and a 1000mg vitamin C pill an hour before bed. You sleep deeply and wake up early. Plus this combo has anti-covid benefits.


  5. Irish, you could try the Feldenkrais method, which is guided set of movements that may help. It sounds strange because it is something that really must be experienced; words really don’t do it justice. There are practitioners around the world, and due to the Wuhan virus panic many now offer group classes via video. Email me if you want to contact my local teacher.


  6. What is this good nights sleep you talk of? Thanks to the consistent ringing in my ears my brain refuses to shut down so my only good nights sleep in the past 20 years was in June of 08. I just toss and turn and just doze which is strange as I do have dreams which I didn’t think happened if you didn’t hit REM sleep.


  7. DR, it’s curious that you care so much about my phone. If it finally ceased all function today, I’d go “Oh, bugger it!”. What I won’t do is attempt to get to a retail phone store, that is just beyond my capability right now, maybe later. You watch out for those frisky Sasquatch girls.


  8. To sleep like the dead and loads of other health improvements…….Magnesium Chloride liquid. Start with a quarter teaspoon/day work your way up slowly over weeks until you start to notice loose stool then back off a quarter teaspoon at a time until stool firms. 100% percent natural and will give you 12-20 noticeable improvements in your health/life including sound, consistent sleep.

    I worked my way up to three teaspoons a day and after nine months had to start backing off. I’m down to one teaspoon/day now for the last year and I rarely recall putting my head on the pillow. I find that six hours of sound sleep prepares me for 18 hours of work/free time with no mid afternoon drowsiness at all. I frequently wake up in the exact position I laid down in.

    Seventy percent of adults are Mg deficient. Mg is extremely important for anyone experience heart symptoms like palpitations, irregular heartbeat etc. Show up in the ER with heart attack and first thing they do is start Mg IV drip. Heart is the most magnesium rich organ. Insufficient Mg causes excess calcium to build up and create calcification/”hardening” of the arteries. Mg is needed to excrete excess calcium. Mg is needed to regulate hundreds of other beneficial enzymatic processes in humans. My health has improved so much I’ll never quit taking Mg. I literally feel ten years younger than my 55 years. Regular Epsom salt (Mg sulfate) baths are very beneficial as well. Your skin soaks up loads of Mg. It’s the only thing that stops the ringing in my ears and the tub is a great place to read/relax. Check your local library or Amazon for a book called The Magnesium Miracle. Mg is 100% natural with man made no chemicals or drugs.


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