17 thoughts on “Boy Did This Bring Back Some Memories.

  1. No doubt.
    But, that is a lot of work putting that together just to take it apart to be able to use the house.
    As kids we had it set up on plywood and saw horses in the basement.
    Humidity ended up finally taking a toll on it.


  2. I remember the big scale cars had a lot of power. If you failed to back off the
    controller in a turn, you could launch them across the room. Back then, they
    even had tracks in storefront operations where you could race six cars at a
    time. Those were the days!


    • My brother was into slot cars back then. Those tracks were a lot of fun and all ages ran their cars; it was a real Father/Son activity.


  3. Does anyone remember the ones that didn’t have a slot but had the 2 metal strips that the cars ran on? You could switch lanes in the straight away. But of course the inside car always ended up on the outside lane in the turns due to the g forces. Lots of fun for sure!


  4. Logged into you tube after reading this and of course there was slot car videos in my suggestions. Thanks Phil. Pretty interesting how it’s progressed. These dudes are serious.


  5. Phil thanks for that I will smile all day in the 15 degree weather. Ole santy gave me those when I was a yonker. Son of a gun though just stacked the pieces out. Guess he couldn’t or wouldn’t put it together for me. That and G I Joe were my all time favorite Christmases and I still smile about the unassembley of it.


    • I decided to buy a sixties-era Barbie Doll for the granddaughter
      of the bitch who broke my heart almost a half-century ago. I
      was shocked to discover that the price of the most valuable
      vintage GI Joe Doll beat the most collectible Barbie Doll.
      If my old GI Joe, comic books, and Mad Magazines were
      were kept in mint condition, I would be sitting on a ton of


  6. My brother and I had an HO scale race car set with every imaginable track accessory; lane changer, cobblestone track, lap counter, 2 tier uphill circle, hands off steering wheel controllers…once we got together with a buddy who had same and set up all the straigtaways into a drag strip that went across two bedrooms, down the hall and into the living room…good times.

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  7. Slot cars got me into R/C, but I remember taking ALL of our HO track one winter and running it all around the basement. We (my brother and I) graduated to two 4×8 plywood sheets, which then graduated to open-framework “pikes” with full landscape.

    After my brother went into the AF, I decided to automate our HO pike. Took me 6 months to do, I had a stepper controller that came out of some piece of computer or other. Don’t remember the details, that was about 55 years ago.

    Ran it for a week, tore it all down because it was too much work to reprogram the hardware. What I could’ve done with today’s Arduino and other microcontrollers would be a WORLD of difference. Program it in Python with a GUI interface and… aw, you get the idea!


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