Gettin’ Out In Front Of It For Once

Not news to all of you already dealing with deep space type cold temperatures I keep hearing about but the Weather Idiots are saying that over a quarter inch of ice is headed this way.

I don’t give a shit if it snows around here but that ice bullshit can be deadly in an area that is all hill country like it is around here.

Add to that the majority of the population in this area are dumber than a box of rusty hammers and don’t even think twice before jumping in their rig and taking off like it is just any other day.

Fuck That, I have no desire to be out and about with that combination against me.

I went over to Portland and grabbed some smokes earlier then stopped at Bi Mart to get some Prestone Windshield De Icer and a can of spray paint along with a couple of other impulse buys. I should know better than to go into a store without eating first.

I dropped a can of the De Icer off at a buddies house and got back just in time for the Wifely Unit to split to go pick up groceries.

Going over to Portland, the wind was blowing like a motherfucker. It was pushing that full size pick up all over the place.

Then just as I pulled up to my destination I see ice crystals bouncing off my windshield.

Uh Huh. Perfect timing.

After I got blown back across the bridge and got off the freeway I see little snowflakes falling.

Even better.

So it looks like we are in for a little dose .As a matter of fact I was just out helping unload the car and it is snowing right now.

Ain’t no thang.

Now that the Wife is back and the car is unloaded I will be headed out to the garage to go play.

I have more little projects than Carter had Little Liver Pills so as long as we don’t lose the power we will be just fine.

Since I don’t have to be back to work until Sunday evening it can pretty much do whatever it wants to outside.

33 thoughts on “Gettin’ Out In Front Of It For Once

  1. I have vivid memories of watching Tri-Met buses going sideways trying to stop. And one time (early 70’s) during one nasty such storm, the university president was asked when he was going to close the school. He issued a decree: “When Fred Meyer closes, so closes the University.” Freddie’s never shut down.

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    • I remember that, many of days, well nights actually driving from Canby to Portland to work my shift at Holladay Park Hospital. With ice up the ying yan. I would leave early and drive up all the way on Mcloughlin because the speed were lower and not as many idiots doing 70mph with no clue…

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      • That particular year I was an RA in a dorm, so I didn’t have to get out in it except to walk to classes and the cafeteria. Two other years though I lived with a bunch of Reedies down in Eastmoreland and commuted to North Portland……on a motorcycle. But when you’re that age, you’re gonna live forever anyway.

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        • I use to live in Selwood, fairly close to Tacoma on Milwaukie but it looks like they changed the name to 17th St and rerouted it. On gooogley maps on satellite view is changed so much. I don’t see the old apartment complex I use to live in.

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  2. Yeah light weight… It is 7 degrees, and 8 inches of snow tonight and then early Saturday another 8 inches is suppose to hit us in the garden spot of Idaho. I just hope it ain’t snowing on Tuesday, getting upper ball joints with upper control arms, (ball joints integral) lower ball joints (might as well, doing the tops) all with polyurethane bushings, gonna be stiff, but if I wanted a smooth ride I would have bought a Cadillac… oh, and Bilstein gas off road adjustable shocks… about $1300 load off of my wallet.

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  3. Had to bust out the wife’s hairdryer this morning. Dumbasses that put in the newer well on the other side of the house tied the main line in with an outdoor frost-free spigot in place of the old line.

    30 below renders “frost-free” null and void, and a frozen line there kills pressure dead but leaves the pump running.

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  4. Watch yourself out there just walking around, Phil! I hate freaking ice! Still have a bone chip in my left elbow from a slip-and-fall-on-ice going in to a liquor store from 40 years ago. The guy came out and helped me up, spread a bunch of ice melt, and gave me a 12-pack for my trouble.

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  5. Warmer here today, -8.
    Couple days ago it was-52.
    My well is in the basement and is pretty good until around-40.
    Then I have to light up the wood stove down there to keep things from freezing up.
    I don’t like carrying the wood down the stairs too much and glad it was only for a couple days. Suns getting higher now and starting to get over the treetops again. Gotta love those solar panels.

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  6. Phil, after talking on the tele with you I called my brother and he said they were only getting a light rain at the time, but he said it was cold and there was snow forecast and he sure he was gonna get it.

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    • After The Wifely Unit changed her mind about me maybe needing to need some Cable Chains on the truck I was sitting here pondering life for a minute.
      Then the weather forecast came up and they were predicting six inches of snow around here between now and Saturday.
      She changed her mind AGAIN and I didn’t bother waiting around.
      At that point it was after 6 in the evening and places were going to start closing.
      Sure as shit when I went down to Bi Mart they had pretty much been cleaned out of tire chains.
      I headed up to Wally World and they had been hit hard too. I found a set that went all the way around my tire size for fit but only by ten millimeters or so, 3/8’s of an inch.
      Close enough, them things are always too big anyway so I snagged them.
      While I was there some kid cleaned them out of sidewalk de-icer and they were already sold out of windshield de-icer. Heh, I had snagged a few cans earlier on my first trip to Bi Mart.
      It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens at this point.


  7. My cardiologist strongly suggested we stay the winter sitting on a barrier island off Sarasota this year; he’d a bad feeling that the Redland area was going to get hit again with that same 4 ft ice and snow combo we had a few years back when it was level with the hood of the Suburban.
    It’s just terrible walking under the strong sun in the surf while commiserating with my daughter about splitting the wood for the fireplace. Terrible!


    • I generally go to the one on 192nd but if I am already over there picking up smokes or metal that I have ordered I will swing in the one on Airport Way.
      The Metal Supermarket is a quarter mile south of Airport Way and a quarter mile East of 122nd Ave.
      The smokes outfit is on Sandy Blvd just West of 122nd so I am not going very damn far into Portland for any of those 3 places!


        • Depending on your definition of many moons and how good your memory is, there used to be a little place on the South side of Sandy at about 105th or so in that cluster of store front business there that had a For Real Old Fashioned Sundae Shop in it. My Mom’s cousin owned that.
          I lived directly up the street from Parkrose High School for a few years on 116th.


          • I remember that sundae shop, use to buy sundaes there to impress the young filly ya had decorating your seat cushion…. of just an ice cream iffn’ you where out with you buds.


  8. I was expecting to read that you used the spray paint as windshield de-icer by accident.

    We haven’t had the ice thing here in NJ yet, just plenty of snow. And then more snow. And then more snow. And guess what’s forecast, twice, in the next few days??


  9. We are expecting SNOW in San Antonio, TX Sunday night. Monday it was 84F. I actually broke a mild sweat walking to my truck. It’s been close to freezing since yesterday with a wind chill well BELOW freezing. We’re supposed to get ice all weekend. These idiots are bad enough drivers when the sun is shining. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.


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