6 thoughts on “Diva VS. Badass

  1. That is exactly how wild gators get caught and killed— Idiots let their dogs loose around them, the dogs gets eaten and then the gators are destroyed for doing what they’ve been programmed to do for 100’s of millions of years.

    We lost a 13-footer in my area a few years ago because some asshole let his dog go swimming in an area where the asshole wasn’t even supposed to be.

    Needlessly getting animals killed really pulls my pubes, if you couldn’t tell.


  2. The second dog is funny. Gonna be funnier if he catches the gator some day.

    “Now what do I do with it? I don’t need alligator shoes, can’t wear them. An alligator purse is useleOOOWWWW! YELP!!!”

    But props to the dog defending his turf, it’s got heart.


  3. The gator must be well fed. You might be surprised at how fast they can swing that head around. That’s how I lost my very first pair of tennies.


  4. In the Everglades gators will follow your boat around if you got a dog with you.
    I’m guessing they must smell em.
    I used to have a legit badass dog.
    Never went anywhere without him.
    Except the Glades.
    No way Jose’.


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