You Go Boy!

This wasn’t uncommon to see way back in the 70’s around here on the local dirt tracks.

They even had special races just for the Pee Wee’s.

5 thoughts on “You Go Boy!

  1. Last bike I owned was a KTM 400 4 stroke. Bout 7 years ago now. Sumbitch about killed me more than once. I was always a street bike guy and I got into dirt bikes later in life after 40. Went out riding by myself one afternoon and got a little too frisky. Almost broke my neck, fractured a rib and I had to load that bitch back up myself and drive home. Neck still bugs me once in a while. I sold it later that year. Dirt just makes ya want to get stoopid. If I get back into it I will get a street bike.

    In fact I have been eyeballing this lately. Wife said yes. Kiddo said no.


  2. back in my time the absolute must have was a WHIZZER motor bike,never got one but did finally get a triumph 650 bonny in 64. BIG LEAGUE all the way.


  3. Most tracks these days have a separate track for the pee-wee classes. It’s a cute video, but the first set of ruts the little guy gets into, he is going to hang up on the training wheels. Not to mention, no track Ref in his right mind would put a pee-wee, a school boy and a bunch of what looks to be 250 B and C guys on the same gate. Twenty years ago, I ended up being the only guy in my class and rode with a different class to get track time. I had to wait till they dropped and cleared the first two corners before they let me go. It still beat sitting in the pits or driving an hour home.


  4. That just put the biggest shit eatin grin on my face that I’ve had in a very long time. Thats classic. I’m gonna laff at it for a week…..


  5. Back in the 70’s me and my brother raced at Grand Ronde, and Albany. My brother was better than me. I had a Yammy 90, and raced in the 100 class. I’d kill ’em in the turns, and get my ass smoked on the straights. I always ended up in the middle of the pack. Later, I ran an Enduro on my ’73 Yammy 250. I smoked ’em all. Grand prize, and First place in the 250cc class. I should get the KLR 650 back in shape. . . and sell it.


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