Ruh Roh Joe

A whole bunch of Chinese hackers got caught with their hands in the Fortune Cookie Jar during the stolen Presidential election of 2020.


You want proof?

Just watch the first five minutes of this twenty minute excerpt from Mike Lindell The Pillow Guy’s TWO HOUR expose. .

Trump had to know about this.

Something is going on.

Nobody is spilling the beans.

That is absolutely unheard of.

6 thoughts on “Ruh Roh Joe

  1. We live in an occupied country – Why are people concerned with E.O.’s? Either you are a free person or you are a conquered subject. China took over management of this country, china imposed a mask restriction on their subjects, now we have that, china imposed forced sodomy with a large extended cotton sampler, now we are getting that, china imposed social credit scores on their subjects, now we are getting it. The nation of our birth is gone, we let it slip away. As of today we still have “States”, Losing those fast. Welcome to Chimerica


  2. “Nobody is spilling the beans”

    You mean we’ve finally smartened up and aren’t giving the left a heads up like we always do?



  3. No shortage of evidence, plenty of proof, we ALL know the crime of the century was just committed by the commie left. Problem is NOBODY in a legal position to DO SOMETHING about it has any intentions of doing a goddamn thing. As part of the lefts decades long plot to overthrow our system of government and replace it with THEIR system and people the left spent years and years infiltrating, subverting, suborning and corrupting EVERY part of the government and society that was tasked with holding politicians accountable. Now they OWN all those people and organizations. So NOBODY is going to do ANYTHING except ask the commies in power how high they want them to jump.


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