Here Comes The Cold


Looks like pretty much everyone is going to get a healthy dose of it.

From what I am hearing the Midwest is really going to get slammed and the East Coast too.

Serious cold.

Deathray must be laughing his ass off.

Even here in the Tropical Pacific Northwest they are predicting snow and lows in the 20’s. That is nothing compared to that big purple blob in the middle of that image.

MINUS FORTY in the middle of that.

Yeah, no fucking thank you.

Of course no one around here is prepared for what’s coming, me included.

I’m debating with the Wifely Unit on whether or not I should zip down and get a cheap set of cable chains for this truck out here.

She is insisting that there really isn’t any precipitation forecast with it here except maybe next Friday.

If that’s the case then I should be OK.

I have Fridays off and won’t need to be out playing with the absolute fucking morons around here who don’t know how to drive in the shit.

I suppose if worst comes to worst I could just fire up the Caballero.

I drove that thing back and forth for five years with just a set of cable chains and never missed any work. They are still in it.

Of course as always, it’s not the snow I worry about, it’s the freaking ice that I don’t like.

I guess we are going to find out the hard way.

Weather forecasters are notoriously inaccurate around these parts.

You guys East of here better buckle up though.

It looks like bitter cold is coming your way.

37 thoughts on “Here Comes The Cold

  1. Coldest I have ever been in is -25 without windchill in International Falls many years ago, and least it wasn’t windy. It was worse in Superior, Wisconsin, 10 below with 15-20 mph winds working right next to the lake in a long tin shack with no doors


  2. Dropped down to 38 here the other night… mite frigid for Flo-ree-duh. Shit like that’s why I moved south. Had enough in NH growing up with the Blizzards (78) and icebergs off the coast


  3. Right now here on the Keweenaw Peninsula that sticks out in Lake Superior it is 6 degrees, winds of 22 mph with gusts of 33 and heavy snow. I just came in from plowing snow and putting wood in my outdoor boiler. Didn’t get bit by a single bug. Mosquitoes and ticks are pussies. —ken


    • Got all the way up to -5° today, currently -10° on the way to -22° tonight in the swamps west of Duluth.

      Left Traprock Valley 6 years ago for work, I’ll take the deep freeze for a while in exchange for a longer growing season, sunlight in the winter and not having to plow 300″ of snow.


  4. I’m with bigcountryexpat. It ain’t gonna make it this far. We did get to 35 the other morning and more frost than I’ve seen in many years, but that was one morning. There’s no temperature in our 10 day forecast below 50.


  5. Heh! Normal SW Michigan winter. High today was 19 but with wind feels like 6. We expect to hit zero sometime in the next 10 days for the overnight. No globaloney warming anywhere to be found cause it does not exist. We have had -40 on a couple of occasions over the last 40+ years I have lived here, along with a max of about 6 ft of snow as well. We are piddling along at about 2 ft cumulative since early December, nowhere near what it could be.

    We are on the 170 year cycle and probably heading for a small duration ice age. Hope the greenies freeze their tushes off in the dark seeing that the windmills degrade at low temperatures not to mention when the wind dies down. .. .


  6. Not really worried about the PNW, Phil. Coldest I had ever been in Spokane was the winter of ’65 when it got down to -25F – wouldn’t you know it, my brother, sister, and I were delivering papers that morning. Coldest I’ve ever been in my life.
    Sure, in North Dakota in ’75 it got down below -70F (with wind chill), but I was prepared for that. Didn’t enjoy it much!!
    My wife and I chuckle when the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman sez it’s going to get FRIGID (usually around +10F to 0F). We just carry on because we know how to put up with the COLD.


  7. Supposed to get down to 5 degrees here in S.Western PA by Monday morning. Hey, as long as my SUV starts and I can drive down to pick up the new shootin’ iron I’m good……..


  8. minus single digits here. What with the wind chill and all, it will be in the monus 20’s.

    Pertty much normal for winter.

    Fire up the woodstove and make sure there are enough spirits in the bottle. Stay warm.


  9. Our Thursday night here in backwoods Oregon dropped to 4’F. Last night was a balmy 16’F. And anybody who wants to say “But it’s a dry cold” had best be prepared to duck. It’s 49’F now though under blazing sunshine, unlike that semi permanent fog bank Phil lives under.


  10. Looking at 9 deg in Cincinnati next Saturday. What the heck, dress warm. Plus I lived through the ice age in Pittsburgh in the 70’s. Remember putting a fuel pump on broke down 65 Bel Air outside in 40 below with the wind. That was cold. Couldn’t use gloves to get the bolts in either. Lots of similar experiences driving junkers with no money. Gonna be hard for anything to measure ‘down’ to that.


    • I hate to get into these discussions because I always seem to be able to “top” whatever claim is leading but I guess being so damned old has some value.

      In the winter of ’81 I was working along the Tanana River near Fairbanks. We climbed into the truck at about 0930 and drove twenty miles to the job site. The sky was clear blue with no wind when we parked. The clock said it was 1030 and the thermometer said it was -55 degrees. though, so we weren’t in any hurry to get out of the warm truck.

      Leaving the engine running, we finally crawled out and decorated some bushes with a heavy layer of yellow ice. Then we picked up our tools (axes and machetes, the chainsaw wouldn’t run) and slogged down the line we had cut the day before.

      We were surveyors for the Corps of Engineers and we were trying to keep track of the switchbacks and oxbows the river was going to make when spring break-up flooded the area.

      We chopped our way along for about four hours and headed back to the truck. It was still running and we crowded into the warmth, gobbled down some food and headed back to the hotel. We didn’t worry about the time but it was about 1430 and the temp was still -55. We had gotten through the day with no frozen fingers or noses, though one guy had taken his face-mask off for a few moments and picked up a patch of frostbite on one cheek.

      I tell these stories and remember the old adage about ‘the first liar doesn’t stand a chance,’ but I’ll swear to God this really happened – for several days in a row. One good thing about all this-: Cutting brush under these conditions is really easy because it just shatters when you hit it. OTOH, diarrhea can be a special problem. Ask me how I know this…


  11. Woke up this morning it was around -25. It had actually warmed up throughout the night.
    I had to light up the wood stove in the basement last night to keep the pipes and canned goods from freezing. Not much sun today and then started snowing. Took a few hour snow machine ride to check the traps.

    Texted with parents that live in southern Florida. They had to dig out boxes in storage and get warmer clothes they haven’t used in 5 years.

    Guess if I was to give advice on winter clothing I would recommend RefrigiWear in Georgia of all places. Pretty good stuff and the most reasonable for the money I’ve found.
    It is what I use for temps. below-30. Otherwise it’s all wool.

    Keep warm people.


    • Why must you prevent canned goods from freezing? The can won’t fail, and the contents won’t degrade, so unless you need to consume the contents immediately, why? Surely it’s cheaper to defrost a couple of tins for use, then worry about all your stores, all the time?


      • How would you know? You ever live in a cold climate? Aussie land is what Sub-tropical, Tropical? Freezing canned goods is not good for the can, it can lead to slightly sprung seams that let in botulism. It can and will degrade the food in a can… Death and those of us that have lived in extreme cold climes keep our canned goods warm.


  12. Heck, I’ve got you all beat for extreme cold experience.

    Last time I upset the wife in a major way it dropped to around a hundred below and stayed that way for nearly a week. I did get used to sleeping on the couch after a few nights.


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  13. Hey egorr, I’m a wuss when it comes to heat, not cold, as we only get several cool mornings annually on the coast of the tropical north. Al Gore is full of crap, the hottest it’s been in Cairns this summer is 32C, which is a worry, as the local girls may start to cover up if winter comes, and that is no good. I wouldn’t have thought you’d get cold, having all those Whiskas-converter* cats around to drape around your feet. *when they’re not trying to murder small wildlife.


  14. Oh, that’s another example of American English use. I didn’t get that you call glass jar preserves, ‘canned’ goods. I suppose it’s kind of like Phil calling his noise, ‘music’! Did your bitch come home yet, or has she become a Canadian?


    • I’ll have you know that I sent Deathray some music that he actually liked.
      It ain’t always about Metal.
      I like The Blues, especially Electric Blues guitar, quite a few other genres and even Zydeco.
      That one is going to twist your brain Johnno.
      I’m betting you have never even heard of Zydeco.


      • I’d consider turning him onto it Phil
        But, if he was able to figure out how to play it and then get to a place to play it, well that would cause spasms and I’d be blamed for that and you know shit runs downhill so that means you’d be blamed too. I’ve learned some very hard lessons recently as how to deal with Johno and I’ll pass them on to by way of the back channel.

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      • I have never heard of “Zydeco” What style of music is that? My tastes run to the 30’s, 40’s swing and jazz with 50’s, 60’s early 70’s thrown in for interest. My all time fav is old style C & W! Yeah Merle Haggard!


  15. Cedrex, it’s a Louisianan Cajun swamp-fusion style. Used to be a couple of Sydney bands touring around playing it. I’m pleased that Phil is into Blues music too.


    • I enjoy Blues and some Cajun music as I use to visit Shreveport quite often and would hear it at clubs and eating places. I don’t know about the Fusion part, no too fond of modern music, it has no Soul or heart.


        • Yup, I have heard that style of music. When my ex-wife would go over to Shreveport for regional library conferences we would stop at county fairs and barbecue joints and they would be playing this kind of music. Just never heard of it being called that Zydeco…


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