I Have Zero Doubts That This Actually Happened

If you have ever lived in a small town you won’t either.

I single handedly entertained and horrified a small town for several years.

They still talk about me twenty years later.

12 thoughts on “I Have Zero Doubts That This Actually Happened

  1. Takking from experience here. Maybe its not what you did Phil thats so much fun, its what you did they dont know about that counts.
    You know, the things you wake up thinking about or suddenly pop up and your WTF! glad thats back down a road you got no intention of going down again no matter how much fun it was.
    Wooh! Hooh!


  2. Off topic but 2020 is starting to look like the good old days.
    The inexpensive refurbished desktop that took two weeks
    to get here was delivered DOA. I said fuck it and spent
    north of 570 bucks for new HP that more than filled my
    needs from Wallyworld. It came with free shipping and
    one day delivery. It’ll be here tomorrow.

    Now I gotta fuck with returning an item to a private Wallyworld
    vendor and getting a refund. I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning
    the desk and all the other components. It is amazing how much
    dust and fine desert sand that accumulated in places you
    do not normally clean (like between the desk and the wall.)

    Batchelors are not the best housekeepers to begin with
    and cleaning house is like taking a whores bath so I tend
    to make it presentable but not sterile.


  3. It’s all about people and their selective memories, and in a way, how unfair life is.

    You can design and build bridges to span the mightiest rivers, or develop cures for diseases that have ravaged mankind since time immemorial.
    Nobody remembers your name.

    But you fuck ONE goat…


  4. Buddy in the Army told me this story.

    They were in Ft. McPherson in Atlanta, there for a school. Couple of buddies were there, together, and have a sick GI sense of humor, often dark.
    So, they were brainstorming how to get an instant dislike, and the one soldier said he knew a sure fire way to get hated, and to follow him
    The walked into some random bar, and proceeded to order a drink. Said randy GI smiled, and called the bartender over.
    “Want to buy the bar a round.” He smiled.
    The bartender announced it, to the cheer of the bar.
    As the drinks were delivered, and he paid, he raised his glass, and asked to toast a birthday.
    “Yours?” the bartender asked,
    “Nope”, he replied. “Someone whom I greatly admire had a birthday today. Today is General William T. Sherman’s” birthday.”
    He said they ran every redlight getting back onto post.

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