While I was at work I got an Email notice that the little square ER 32 collet holder that I wasn’t expecting to get here until late March had been delivered.

Cool! It’s always nice when something you didn’t expect to show up for another two months gets here early.

So when I get home at 2:30 in the morning, imagine my surprise and consternation when I find two big boxes sitting in my recliner.


The little package I am expecting is maybe three by four inches at most.

I didn’t remember ordering anything big enough to fit in one box this size, let alone two.

It’s a mystery.

No return address either.

Now it is a real mystery.

I set those aside for the moment even though my curiosity was raging because I wanted to go check the mailbox. I noticed just last week when I went out there in the middle of the night that two of the little doors were hanging wide open so apparently we still have a mail thief making his rounds and fuck that asshole, I want my collet holder!

Our little mailbox was just crammed with shit but my little collet holder was right on top so SCORE! and I come back in the house.

There’s these two boxes still sitting there.

Quite a bit bigger than this I’d say.

I can’t stand it anymore so I whip out the razor knife and get the first one open.

More WTF?

Some kind of decorative bag with green ribbon holding it closed.

I lift the bag out and spot an envelope.


Maybe this will explain what the hell is going on here.



I know damn good and well I didn’t order anything through Amazon lately.

I went to open it up and there is some writing on the front.

It says “don’t spoil the surprise, open the gifts up first.


OH HELL NO, I want to find out what the hell is going on here so I tear the envelope open and my jaw went slack.

“Happy Birthday you old curmudgeon”.

From Irish.

What in THE fuck did he do now?

So I start opening this big bag thinking to myself Damn him anyway, he didn’t need to…




I had to sit down.

Utter disbelief and complete shock.

I set that package down, opened the other box and there is even more.

I ain’t gonna lie, my hands started shaking and it got real fucking dusty in here all at once.

Un. Real..

The guy sent me a whole shit load of brand new tooling for this Smithy.

Then it dawned on me.

The other day we were going back and forth and all at once he asked my what the sizes of the tapers are that this thing has. I told him and didn’t really even think about it much. I figured he was just curious about what capabilities it has.

Very sneaky Mr. Irish.

Well played.

The guy just hooked me up!

An ER 32 collet set, with the holder, on the correct MT3 taper. It even has the wrench and a nice storage case!

A new keyless chuck with an MT3 taper that will replace the one I had to steal out of my drill press for this thing.

Two bags of Safety Glasses because shit literally goes flying when you are using a mill.

And the ones that really threw me for a loop. a set of MT3 taper collets.

I didn’t even know THEY MADE such a thing!

That one got me.

Right in the feelz man.


I know damn good and well there are several HUNDRED dollars worth of tooling sitting right there.

Because of the time difference between us I know he is usually just about ready to hit the door to go to work at about the same time I am getting home from work so I snatched up my phone and sent him a text to let him know I got the stuff, that I was completely beside myself and to thank him profusely from the bottom of my little black heart.

It took a few minutes but he did get back to me as he was basically heading out the door.

He says they got a foot of snow back there so I’m sure that just made his day.

Then he tells me there is still something else coming that got hung up!!

He says I need to hurry up and get proficient at using this thing as there may be a need for some special parts here in the not too distant future.

I’m tellin’ you, it’s been two hours now since I got home from work and about an hour since we texted back and forth and I am still just freaking stunned.

What a guy.

Thanks again Irish.

Jeebus. Above and Beyond and then some eh?

Now if that compound I just ordered yesterday shows up by Friday or Saturday, I should have almost everything I need to really start in and get the feel of this machine.

I do need to get some decent End Mills but I do have at least one good one until I can get some coming on Friday.


36 thoughts on “100% GOBSMACKED!!

  1. That’s why I love you guys. I got the feelz just reading the story Phil. Americans, the greatest people on earth. I want to know what Irish is going to do. Those are the blessings paid forward I spoke about. Together we can lift us out of this shithole those bastards are trying to create. Irish talked about relocating after retirement. It would be awesome if all us like minded people could agree on one place and do it together.


  2. Fucking A! I don’t care what they say about Irish, He is an awesome giving guy! I totally agree and wish it so about what Bear Claw above said, can you imagine all of us old cantankerous tool farts together in a community? It would be epic!


  3. Gracias Mr. Irish for Phils sake. Proving once again, the commine cocksuckers running this shitshow haven’t got a clue about Human Nature and what makes societies actually work…..


  4. Happy Birthday Phil and to all the comments thank you. 😬.

    For those of you playing at home and just to set the record straight I wanted to let you know that Leigh was the one that started this he asked me for Phil’s address cause he’s got a special gift on the way as well so I’m like I’ll send some stuff too and we’ll really make his birthday! I just want to make sure that you keep all your fingers in tact Phil!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh, now it makes sense!

      You guys are something else!

      I did get some bad news just now. Smithy refunded my money for the compound with no explanation.
      That tells me they were out of stock and hadn’t gotten around to updating their web page.
      Time for Plan B, which was Plan A anyway.
      I am going to make a riser with a stud in the middle . I already have a hunk of 1/2 plate with the holes for T nuts and one for a stud mounted on the machine to use as a base. Now I have to hack up something that will go between the T nut studs and drill it for the hold down stud. Then I should be able to clamp a cutting tool down.
      I’ll post on it later.


  5. Happy Birthday, Phil! I hope there’s not a $200 tax on each machine tool and cutting tool! Oh… and then there’s that psychological test, too. Better start studying now.


  6. Too cool! Man, it’s nice to be a part of this neighborhood. Yeah, watch the digits and the eyes… They issue them once, and done.

    Happy Birthday Phil!!


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