SPLC Jumps On Opportunity To Come Back Out Of The Shadows And Starts By Clamoring For Attention By Declaring Right Wing Extremism A National Threat

These fucking cretins are like having an infestation of cockroaches you thought you had taken care of.

You have to be paying attention to the propaganda because they try to slip shit by you so I am going to highlight one of the sources they used for this hit piece In Situ.

Growing extremist threats put more pressure on Biden

With far-right domestic terror threats on the rise, experts are urging President Biden to go beyond his initial executive actions and ensure national security forces are better equipped to address homegrown threats.

Biden is coming under pressure to shift resources and boost intelligence sharing following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, when law enforcement agencies were caught flat-footed by hundreds of violent protesters who stormed the building in support of former President Trump.

And the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) last week warned that the U.S. may face heightened threats from “ideologically-motivated violent extremists.”

“All of this existed before Trump and it will certainly exist post-Trump. I think his role was really to accelerate and spur the ideology and the reaching of new folks,” said Margaret Huang, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which monitors hate groups and extremism.

The Biden administration faces the dual threats not just of the rise in white nationalist and extremist groups, she said, but also the increasingly dangerous impact of disinformation.

“The people who turned out for the rally on Jan 6. were really a range. They were not all extremists. There were people there because they were strong Trump supporters and voted for him and believed the rhetoric about stealing the election was true.”

The White House has called for a sweeping review of domestic terror threats, with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence tasked with developing a “comprehensive threat assessment” in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The National Security Council has also been directed to undertake a review about how the government can better share information.

“The key point here is that we want fact-based analysis on which we can base policies,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “So this is really the first step in the process, and we’ll rely on the appropriate law enforcement and intelligence officials to provide that analysis.”

Experts have called those moves an important first step, particularly when paired with the DHS bulletin and ongoing prosecution of those who participated in the Capitol riot.

My bold.

Right Wing Extremism is the new Boogyman.

Still no mention of ANTIFA or BLM who rioted and burned cities across the country all motherfucking Summer long.

So I think we can all agree that the 80 MILLION people who voted for Donald Trump and blew the doors off the Biden/Harris ticket in all reality, are the vast majority of this new Right Wing Extremist problem they think they have.

The reality is that while there may be a few who have impulse control issues, the vast majority of us are kinda busy trying to keep a fucking roof over our heads.

Demonizing a full one quarter of the entire population of this country is going to make this so called dire problem better how?

They can’t tell you that because it’s a bullshit premise.

Trust me when I say that if there was a REAL Right Wing Extremist problem in this country these cock suckers would be too busy trying to find a hole to crawl into instead of popping off their fucking mouths trying to make one appear out of thin air.

Best be careful what you wish for assholes.

It’s totally obvious here that the SPLC is salivating at the prospects of weaseling into the good graces of this illegitimate administration and that they both have aspirations of consolidating their power. The SPLC got their dicks caught in a door jamb a while back and their money supply took a major hit.

I’m sure Biden and Kameltoe would be more than happy to turn that spigot back on for them too.

The “Othering” continues at full speed gearing up for the genocide they all dream of.

Unfortunately for them, 80 million,of us, at the very least, are going to have a say in this matter.

I also see the Democrats have their Wet Dream gun control legisltion just waiting to spring on everyone.

It would literally turn over half of the population of this country into felons with the stroke of a pen.

If they actually try to get that passed into law then the flag drops and it is Game On from that point.

Right Wing Terrorists will be the least of their problems from there on out.

Suzy Home Maker and quite a few other demographics across the country will more than likely have something to say about that.

Quite loudly.

28 thoughts on “SPLC Jumps On Opportunity To Come Back Out Of The Shadows And Starts By Clamoring For Attention By Declaring Right Wing Extremism A National Threat

  1. Hmm, do you know where they issue “Right Wing Terrorists” licenses at? If I have to pay all those new taxes on firearms, then might as well put them to use.

    Inquiring minds want to know… did ya get your Lathe Compound? It has been quiet as a church on Thursday around here…


  2. If the SPLC told me the sun rises in the east, I’d start looking west at dawn.

    They’re so wrong, they’re worse than a broken clock. They’re not even right accidentally.

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    • Just as I was about to be discharged from the Army as an MP at Fort McClellan, Ala. I had a SPLC recruiter get hold of me and arraigned a meeting down in Montgomery for a armed security officer at their headquarters. I arrived for the interview and talked for about an hour with the head of security and the HR weinie. They took me on a tour of the place. I nodded politely and observed every thing I could. Going down there was a lark, I had no interest in working for them because I knew back then what kind of an asshole leftist institute it was. But one should observe one’s potential enemy. I was then taken to a conference room and was given a series of psychological tests and basic aptitude tests. As these were being graded the head security weinie took me out to lunch and described my duties. When we returned the HR slor said I had passed the tests and the background check. I was given an offer of employment. I told them I needed to ponder their offer. As I was about the leave I told them I thought the tour was very informative and the information was valuable and oh by the way I was a white, right wing supremacist. Their jaws dropped and were speechless. I had walked out and got into my car and left. To this day I have never heard back about my employment. I am sure I got on a list…

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      • I just don’t see Morris Dees and his group of travelers looking to the retired MP’s as being the choice for security protection services. I’m thinking that they had inside knowledge that you were a potential fit with that organization. So Cederq, what could possibly be in your service jacket linking you as a sympathetic candidate for their cause? Hmmm?

        You a closet commie? 🤔


        • You caught me… It wasn’t my political affiliation, I have always registered as Independent, I am not a joiner and I didn’t want some political group do my thinking or who I should vote for and hit me up for donations all the time, I am a cheap bastard.
          It wasn’t just SPLC recruiting, a lot of us were talked to by NYPD, State Polices, FBI, other Federal agencies, other larger police forces. The Dees was a jerk off jew snake lawyer, but he wanted his ass protected and knew who had training and discipline even if we where once cops.


        • I met as many looney tunes lefties in the military as I did righty tighties. And a good many of us were as apolitical as we could get away with. Not at all surprising. I do love the story about leading them on for a plant tour and all.


    • “If the SPLC told me the sun rises in the east, I’d start looking west at dawn.

      They’re so wrong, they’re worse than a broken clock. They’re not even right accidentally.”

      Yeah, but have you seen our leaders’ houses and bank accounts? We may be wrong, but we are profitable.


  3. Anybody that believes the Capitol Police (and others) were caught “unawares” is smoking some pretty strong dope.

    Put down the bong, D.C.


  4. Here is how fucked the situation is: The SPLC writes a baseless report and tips and sends them to law enforcement, the FBI, Defense Threat Reduction Agency etc. They wait for someone to then publish a threat bulletin, marked up as LE Sensitive or CUI based on the SPLC report. The SPLC then cites the threat, based on advisories that get published by those who used the original SPLC baseless report. This is the “amplification” of falsehood, just like “Russian Collusion” in Crossfire Hurricane. The left fund these shitty fronts who only posit that the “Racists *tm” are the threat to beat the right politically. Just like the NSDAP that they are the embodiment of. Fuck them all.


  5. “Demonizing a full one quarter of the entire population of this country is going to make this so called dire problem better how?”

    It makes it easier to subsequently “cull” the disloyal from the ranks of “good citizens”.


  6. Long overdue. BLM and the mythical Anitfa had their day in the sun for a few months last summer. And they just weren’t very good at killing people.
    Right wing terrorists are back.. They’ve graduated from mass murder at churches, synagogues and Wal-Mart to a seditious attack on the capitol.
    Fortunately they are so fucking stupid they believe everything an obese TV reality star tells them. “The election was stolen.” Yeah right. These rocket surgeons even posted selfies and videos of their crimes to social media. Makes law enforcement’s job a whole lot easier.
    America deserves to collapse with 74 million people so stupid they bought into the world’s biggest con. Oh well. The FEMA vaccine centers (re-education camps) are leaving a light on for ya.


  7. Time to get in on the networks next big take, grab its share of the spoils, because you can gaurantee no matter what else, theres a white people wealth transfer scheme involved. Because its us white people who create wealth in this country, the only ones. Everyone else are viltures seagulls thieves grifters or in the free shit army.
    The whole thing is about rapine and pillage of The West, there is no middle class any place else. The middle class is wealth. Follow the money. Last but not least the government is legalized theft of that wealth. It will do anything to protect its rice bowl, its jobs welafare system, day care for adults who cant or wont make an honest living, take risks, strive, and most of all perservere.
    Notice who and what is proclaiming us white people domestic enemy number one. The same shitstains who grift the system of spoils.

    Its like they call our Rifles assault rifles, because they are afraid we will use our rifles to assault them for what they do to us. Same thing with calling us terrorists, thats simple, they are terrified we will come for them. They know why. No sane rational free American should ever have to put up with such shitstains and whatthey are doing to us, our republic. So they all coordinate to project and deflect while they strip mine our wealth, our country.
    If there is a definition of terrorism, thats it in a nut shell. Terrorism is the threat and use of force for political economic gains.

    Fuck the assholes. Gonna be a fight, the red diaper neo-bolshy’s been smack talking about it for weeks how we are to get on those human cattle cars for reeducation and thats that, cabal has decreed it to be, no hiding and slinking in the fringes of the shadows any longer. All who resist are enemies of the state.

    BFYTW we are.

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    • You and I both know what their plan is. It’s the same one the Russians used on their own people that killed 20 million or more.
      Food is going to be their weapon of choice.
      That is going to backfire spectacularly when the EBT cards quit working.
      We will be able to see the glow of the fires back East on the horizon from here.


      • Yeah man i heard that, kinda looking like shits beginning to back daft on them already. Guess election coups have consequences.
        They look like total fools they are. That didnt happen before The Gid Emperor came down the golden escalator. Everythings changed. It aintbthat previous construct. We see them, their efforts to retain and maintain the illusion of legitimacy. Thats gone forever. We woke up and grew up a little that day. And sincenothing has deprived us of that realistic ugly truth of them.
        They have negative legitimacy now and November the 3rd can never be forgotten. Some things like a bullet cant be taken back or vasilated upon.
        Alienating everyone. Out right threatening as you infer Phil, systematic pogrom and genocide. They embody all the most auto-degenerative traits of Stalinist, Maoist and Nazism, megalomaniacs and psychopaths. With a few shakes of Mousolini corporate fascism thrown in, wrapped in cultural marxism, topped with a big fat bow of institutionalised baby and child trafficking, rape, torture and satanic ritual, then to top all that off they dont let no crisis go to waste like good little henocidal cabal-globo=pedo’s, they send the bodies to planned genocide so those organleggers can run them thru their institutionalized human meat grinder, put the DNA juice in the panic-demic chink lung aids vaccine and sell it to us. Thats not deliberate, intentional? So they can exact their hate and envy for some sick joke on us? Inject us with the blood of babies and children the rape and torture? Thats sick shit theres no name for it.

        Im with you Brother, rest of you guys too, they want a war, a war we shall as good Men, provide them. One lot of them wont live to regret. That is as it should be. Its our home and country. No place like it, no place like it anywhere. Its here we stand and say No. BFYTW. Aside, where else is there?
        If theres one thing Ol’ Trump gave us, its us Men of the west who have to set things arights. That is as it should be.
        Be a lot of finding out, we aint as weak as they think, and thats as it should be too also, the kind of thing that inspires eachother by our own manifest actions, surprize ourselves like.

        They grabbed a big Ol’ grumpy kitty minding its own business by the tail, thinking they can intimidate and coerce us because we aint done anything, even after 6 ways to Sunday trying to play us for suckers drawing us into doing stupid shit.
        They underestimate us at every turn, while their depraved warped perspectives makes us into bullshit we aint and on our worst days we would never be, certainly not be anything like them.

        Its the whole ruthless thing with these shitstains, they keep right on betraying and wrecking everything, like we will all sit down and cry uncle. The violate our essential precepts as free American Men violate our codes, yet do not understand just how mean good folks get when their codes are violated.

        Get along little shitstain commies, get along, dont mind us, we wont stop you and your bullshit, we all understand we are Men with an abundance of prudence, it takes a shit ton of crap to get us to let loose our inner letgo letsgo loose and take him around for a hand gallop. That barbarien crazed warrior we keep bottled up for the sake of better and larger, for the sake of planting trees for our children we will never sit under to enjoy its shade. Its what you call civilized, its what seperates us from these degenerates who kidnap babies and little kids rape and torture them for a shot of adreno chrome. Yeah, that right there, takes a real shitstain chicken shit pervert to do that depraved shit to children and babies. And the really disgusting excuse for men who are the armed badged legbreakers for these fucking perverts who cover for them and protect them from us. Thesecarent men, they are without virtue, they are too cincerned with polishing their silver and other foul lucre. The worst kind of soldiers, berift of integrity and honor. More dispicable foes there exist not. There wont be any mercy or quarter, they try to back us in a corner they are going to have a fight they can not fathom. Total Warr.

        If you are reading this Mr. Trump, and your planning on doing something, hope you pull that rabbit out your arse soon. Once this shit gets out of control nothing stops good guys like us, we dont stop, we dont know how, when we are pushed to the max. We can not be stopped. They call us the Deplorable’s, what we are is The Ungovernable’s. God bless us theres none like us.

        Im really glad Ol Irish and his buddy gifted you that awesome tooling. Aside from the charity and goid will, it proves we are good men, even inthe face of, in fucking spite of these fuckers trying to wreck our country, they found it in them to do that wonderful deed.
        Nothing says good folk and stand up guys like what those two just did.
        Thats the facts jack. Shitlords.
        BFYTW in Spades.


      • “[the plan] the Russians used on their own people”

        Russians? OWN people? Lemme quote Solzhenitsyn here:

        “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

        It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”


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