I’m Pretty Sure That’s Going To Leave A Mark

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of predatory financial Vampires either.

They aren’t done yet either.

These guys have a whole bunch of Investment firms and Hedge Funds right by the nut sack and are squeezing hard.

24 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure That’s Going To Leave A Mark

  1. They were also shorting the heavily owned stocks the funds would have to sell to meet their margin requirements. Kind of fun to watch.

    Be interesting to see how the funds retaliate.


      • Same here man! Ya don’t earn squat in interest or dividends because we are the little guys and we have to be fucked over another way, so why give that money to some weasel asshole broker “and it’s gone.”


    • I was in with the group of people that were watching the eagles at Lake Coeur d’Alene (where the picture was taken), there’s a gadzillion of ’em on the Southern end of the lake (it’s a BIG lake!) every year in the Winter. There should be a BUNCH of ’em this month.


      • I too have seen them when I used to live in Spokane on the lake. I used to go fishing down on the Southern part in that bay just before the river down there. I am coming up on the 22nd, you still have the ‘Rona? Or just stay away and not be contaminated By your beer bug?


  2. It’s called The Wall Street Casino for a reason, it’s just not as regulated as regular casinos.
    I *never* have anything to do with The Market.


  3. And ALL of that “money” is IMAGINARY. Finessed into existence by market manipulation….and wiped out just as easily. The disconnect between the “market” and the REAL world economy becomes greater and greater every day.


  4. I’m just pissed it’s taking so long for me to get cash to my new fidelity account. I have a couple grand that while I’d rather not loose, if it helps take down a couple hedge funds it’s worth the risk. It wont change my life one way or the other.


  5. i just love the way they cry about it. those fucks have being doing this shit for years, fucking over
    people left and right. they destroyed main street in many small towns. i hope the lot of them
    jump.but if the past is anything to go by, the fuckers in dc will bail them out again.
    they don’t make anything at all. be different if they really helped people start a company or
    something like that but no. they drive a company into the ground, destroy it and the people there.
    then have a yard sale with the wreckage they caused . fuck them.
    over half of the country is going under due to this virus bullshit, and those fucks are crying because someone figured out how to beat them at their own game ?
    so, why not drive them to the same hell they sent so many before ?
    if they lose everything, so what? it not like it going to make a difference to 99% of us
    except for a run on popcorn or something,,

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  6. I to have been reading about and enjoying this also. It won’t hurt them personally like the fucker that runs the melvin fund. He bought 2 properties in miami and is renovating one and tearing the other down for a tennis court. Stupid msm showed an aerial photo in the media. The only drawback is if it all sinks “we” will suffer. But hell a hundred thirty years ago was no different and since those assholes have no clue how to produce the dirt people will survive. God speed good Americans.


  7. I have been reading about the overly serious concerns about the back channel funding for all these market games and how it is all so intertwined.
    Basically Joe loaned Jack, John’s money so Jack could play the short game with 125% of the stock of Sam’s company. The peons got wind of this and took the opportunity to destroy Jack’s gamble.
    So now Jack cannot pay Joe due to the staggering losses, if John were to ask for his money right now, the whole house of cards could come tumbling down.
    None of them know for sure what John is gonna do, that would be John Q Public.

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  8. The bad news is that the Reddit traders were doing a classic
    pump and dump. They were looking short term gain. This
    caused Game Stop stock to crash a day or two ago. The
    stock price lost sixty percent from it’s high. They made a
    lot of money but a buy and hold strategy could have made
    obscenely wealthy so in the end they did the same as the
    hedge fund guys.


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