I Hate To Get My Hopes Up Too High But… Maybe?!

I can’t believe they still have one in the first place, IF it’s the right one but I’m thinking it may just be.

It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than I figured it would be.

I was figuring AT LEAST $300, IF, I could even find one.

I gotta call these guys tomorrow after I wake up and give them the serial number off my machine to make sure but I think it’s The One.

$150 + shipping.

As usual money is an issue but only to a point.

It’s there if I really need it.

The Wifely Unit is just doing her job to remind me we need to keep the belt tight.

However since today is my Birthday I told the Wifely Unit this is what I want and I gotta have it anyway to be able to use the lathe on the Smithy. I found it on their website and it appears to be the only one in captivity.

I will be finding out tomorrow as soon as I get fully awake.

Tonight is my Monday so I have to work until 4 A.M..

Once again the Good Lord smiled on me.

I mean what are the odds of finding a brand new compound for a twenty something year old hybrid oddball machine in the first place?

36 thoughts on “I Hate To Get My Hopes Up Too High But… Maybe?!

  1. First off, Happy birthday Phil.

    Now I have two questions.
    Does your wife ever say no?
    If she should, what happens then?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


      • What happens after that depends on how badly I am wanting something. If I want it bad enough I don’t even ask as long as I know it’s not going to break us.
        She has gotten to the point she doesn’t sweat the little stuff. Anything over $75 I will see about before pulling the trigger because I should.


        • Ok, that’s pretty much what I figured.
          I just don’t remember hearing about you wanting or needing something and not being able to to get it.
          Glad you both have a system that is working out for you


    • Kinda weird shift. 6 PM Sunday to 4 AM Monday morning, turn around and have to be back Monday afternoon at 4 PM and work until 2 AM then do that Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s 4-10’s but in a weird way.


  2. That is a sweet, cool compound, is the one pictured the one you are getting? Is it new or only Sunday driven by a sweet little old lady from Pasadena?


  3. $150 doesn’t sound too bad after looking at lathe compounds on eBay.

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on finding the EXACT compound. It looks like a lot of compounds would fit and you would just need to provide the correct size teenut to fit in the tee slots.


  4. Happy Birthday,
    That is the correct compound for your 1220. I have 2 of them, original 1220 and 1220XL. I would suggest getting the quick change tool post, saves some time, but I did several years on the original before I went to the quick change.

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