33 thoughts on “Triggered Again Are We?

    • I was about to post a public service announcement advising that overweight unattractive women do not make themselves more attractive by tattooing the contents of comic books and strange petroglyphs all over their bodies and finding neon colors for their hair. Or hell, maybe they do, just not to normal people.


  1. What an ugly person in the old-fashioned sense of the word. It is not the lack of physical beauty, so much as the fact that you can determine so much ugliness on the inside. The Tats, the Wine drinking, the attitude.
    Many overweight girls who were not very pretty, used to get married and have mostly happy lives. Usually they married men who were NOT Clark Gable. This used to be called “water finding it’s own level”. Not in bad way, just an acknowledgement of the fact, that your choices in a mate were always limited by something.
    Now though, Almost all young women seem to be nothing but Attitude, and Unpleasantness.
    Not a recipe for a happy life. Some young men are the same way. The same A&U that affects the women. It bodes ill for the future.
    However, it does mean that young people who do not act in these ways, will eventually have great opportunities.


  2. I think that’s a lockdown meme. I have known a number of
    mechanics and Millwrights who were the reason for
    resetting safety records. “We have 354 days without a
    recordable injury, oops, make that 0.”


  3. Cederq, golf, fucking golf? If you ever post another meme supporting golf, we’ll know you’re just pretending to like hunting and fishing. BTW, where are the pics of all the trout that you claim to catch?


      • What I posted was a meme… You really need to save your Aussie dollars and get you an Ipad 8 or what ever overpriced junk idiot phone you can afford.


        • Shopping list/bills: tucker, medicine, dentist, council rates, power, car rego,…no, new phone keeps getting nudged down. We’ll all have compulsory implants soon anyway. Just imagine the poor NSA geek reading your metadata/telemetry!


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