Pay Attention Ladies

This man speaks wisdom.

I am still fucking laughing.

Sent to me by my buddy Scott and yes he is just as Eeeeevil as I am.

42 thoughts on “Pay Attention Ladies

  1. “Sir, you’d better not kick a tiger in the ass unless you have a plan for dealing with his teeth.” Clive Cussler. Now! That sammich, and don’t forget the PBR!


    • I used to Love Clive Cussler’s books. I read them all until he started letting ghost writers phone it in and I lost all interest in seeing the same formula combined with terrible writing getting churned out just to make a buck.
      His original series of books are classics though.

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      • I too was disappointed with the ghost writers. Now, a few of them have stepped up to the plate and are writing to Cusslers level and they are some interesting books that have been published lately.


        • Vince Flynn is dead, and Kyle Mills is no Vince Flynn. Decent writer, but Mitch Rapp is not the same character. The Tom Clancy books are all pale imitations of the originals. Getting old sucks.


          • Thank you Mark, I misquoted, Tom Clancy. It is out of his “The Teeth of the Tiger” book where he started the Jack Ryan series. It should not have been Clive Cussler. Damn friggen Oldhimers creeping faster up on my advanced age…


  2. After the women’s march in DC, they just threw all their signs down on the sidewalk and left, leaving the trash for someone else to pick up. Some epic memelord took a photo of the signs just laying there and added the text: “When it’s time to make the sammiches, you drop everything and you make the damn sammiches”. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to find it again to post it here, but no luck.


  3. Nope, my wife makes a lousy sandwich. But then again she really likes my sandwiches and is very appreciative…

    She also scorched water and somehow burnt the inside of a piece of chicken while the outside was still raw??? I didn’t marry her for her ability to cook. 🙂

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  4. Most women are like Peg Bundy. They sit on their asses and watch
    Oinkra and soap operas and bitch about how bad her day was when
    when you get home from work. If she has a problem, never make
    the mistake of offering a logical solution. She doesn’t want a
    solution, she just wants to bitch. It’s no wonder men tune them
    out. Just say yes dear from time to time so she thinks you’re

    It makes a man want to join NO MAAM. There is a reason Al Bundy
    would sneak out and go bowling, fishing, or go to the nudie bar!
    Al Bundy was a a God among men.


    • Yup, you are off working your ass off slaying dragoons and assholes keeping her and the kids in beans and bacon. Ya come home and all you want is a comfortable chair, a cold bottle of beer, some small validation and all you get is bitching about this, moaning about that and oh by the way they kids stuffed the toilet up and it won’t flush…


  5. I believe that a lot of the way the world is right now is due to women not making enough sandwiches. Help restore the universe, grab a jar of mayo and lunch meat and get with it

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    • No worries, mate! We’re actually in good shape. Compared to most others, I have NO room to complain! I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s all.


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