Gee, What A Concept!

When you consider that every time one of them opens their yap and spews their bullshit, the lights dim and there is a low humming sound as the entire world experiences a short circuit. It’s a miracle they don’t come with a warning label anyway.

Most, and I do mean most, of the Celebutards that I see trying to tell me how I need to think and act are so fucking stupid that if they were standing in front of me saying that shit I would be laughing in their faces and pointing at them like they were monkeys in a zoo.

If you take these assholes seriously then you are as stupid as they are and I would remind you that “actors” are paid professional liars.

They get paid to pretend to be someone else in a convincing manner so you have no idea if what is falling out of their pie hole is genuine or not.

You gonna trust that?

27 thoughts on “Gee, What A Concept!

  1. Regarding Actors……..

    Just because someone is an ‘expert’ at portraying someone or some type of person who most generally they are not does not mean they are smart, experienced or otherwise intelligent about any subject.

    They are paid PRETENDERS and not gifted with any other ability than to seem as if they are someone they are not. To ACT SMART. The same can be said for people who are impersonators or those who commit fraud. In essence they share a skill set with criminals.

    I would have hoped that they would insist their voice is no better or worse than another citizen’s but, keep in mind their egos are inordinately large due to their being in demand to pretend to be other people. Thus their desperate need to be the center of attention and their willingness to spout off endlessly about things that they have no practical experience at.


  2. Phil, you’ve paraphrased one of my favorite quotes: “Anyone who gets their political opinions from a Hollywood celebrity is a bigger idiot than they are.” —Alice Cooper (date unknown)
    Years ago working swing shift, we’d take our dinner break to watch Jeopardy. Every time there was some pop culture question, we’d say “I’m proud to say that I haven’t a clue who they’re talking about.”

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  3. Its the basic premise of withdrawal of consent the girl is talking about. Probably brainwashed enough she might not know such a thing exists, but she gets how powerful a weapon it is.

    I know how to do it. Did it. Do it every day.
    Its an easy thing to do. Save some coin too. Cut the fuckin’ cord.
    Fuck with the fuckers fucking with us.
    They cant make us watch their shitstain show.
    Novel idea?
    Its fucking defiance.

    Here’s how:
    Told the satellite TV company to kiss our arse.
    Saved $80 bucks a month.
    Electric bill dropped $15 a month.
    Saved that up, bought a 12 volt TV, nice, high tech, no spy on you device, got a wide screen LCD, on sale for $305 with shipping. Runs off a fork truck battery, charged by solar panels and a PMA wind turbine. Juice, which the sun and the wind gives us free for the asking.
    TV has a total airgap from even the grid power lines, no way the shitstain’s can surveil us thru our TV, (local electric meter reader who drives a power company pickup, is cousin to our neighbor and local chicken egg lady, he showed his Aunt on the company laptop in his truck, as he drives by and gets the RF signal your meter radiates, they can see everything you have plugged into the grid power, basically those power lines to your meter are a big fucking tap/antenna), hence they got no idea about whats none of their fucking business, and one less way they can data mine the fuck out of everything we do.
    And pedo-wood has no idea if we watch their crap or not. Believe you me, theres nothing more they fear than not knowing what your doing. They are more dependent on cyber space than we who they have programmed to addict our brains to it.
    Meat Space Bitchez. Great place.

    My wife checks out all the places for discount movies and documentaries, pays cash. In the 8 years since we cut the cord she has amassed an outstanding collection of classic movies and such. Tries to pay 3 bucks or less.

    Here’s the thing, its difficult to fathom till you do it, even then its not an easy concept to wrap your mind around, but its two prime elements which are components of liberty and freedom.

    By tucking away our hard earned cash, and by purchasing piece by piece the little bits, we procured a stand alone off grid power source. A solar panel array, a wind driven alternator on a tower we fabricated, a 800lb 12 volt industrial, steel cased motive power battery, its cost us 9 grand, the .gov gave us 4 grand in personal tax credits for tree humpers, so we had a gross investment of about 5 grand and some extra.
    Heres what happens:
    Our electric bill from the power company cuurently ranges from $35 to $80 per month due to the fridge & freezers and hot water tank which run off mains power. Everyone we know around us are running $125 to over $200 per month electric bills, when we first turned on our off grid system, which averaged around $100-$125 per month, in 2010.
    Took me a year to learn what to run off the system, so the input was larger than what drew power from the system. Weather’s wicked fickle. We upgraded some, input wise, and like building it, we do that totally out of pocket. Every penny made in is a true investment out. It pays itself back, then it reduces expenses, forever, every month.
    Going by the original savings in 2010 because we know those numbers are accurate:

    $75 per month saved times 12 months times 10 years, is $9000 dollars, we keep, its more because per kilo watt costs have increased since start we started up.
    So 9 grand a year min we keep for life. The industrial battery we got, per the engineer at the battery manufacturer, informed me we can expect a 30 year life cycle from the battery they built for us per our specs, if we followed his guidlines. Which we do.

    The largest windfall is that money we save is free to be invested in other self reliant self sustaining investments. Like growing and raising food, which frees up more money. What happened to us is we increased our freedom increased the quality of our life, we decreased stress, decreased industrial food intake, we built in buffers both monetary and substance wise, this largess grows instead of declines, as we use money we would not have had before we increased our self reliance by investing it in durable goods, like a top of the line American Canner pressure cooker, A Champion Juicer, a commercial grade meat grinder and sausage stuffer, fruit trees and fruit bearing plants, pro grade Sthil chain saw with ten years supply of premix oil, chains, bars and chain lube, which is for fire wood, off our land and at log landings, “drops” they trim off to fit the logs to the log bunks the trucks cart the logs on, you can haul off for the taking all you want. It all adds up and adds up on the add up. Most of it is mindset. Change your thinking.

    The best thing, is the freedom from say like the pedo=wood shitstains and other programming of the human race. They are trying to reboot us, the human race, to make us a better more pliable corporate slave class, enslaved to the food they make the most profit off of, the products not what you want but what they want you to buy, ie, Lowes, Walmart etc, they are stores that only sell what they want you to buy.
    We are becoming more and more totally free from this with each penny we retain from the machines meathooks taking it from us.
    We don’t even have any chance of exposure to pedo-wood. Its gone from repugnant to oh shit, its got Kooties don’t fucking touch it!
    Believe you me, when you have years away from it, you get free in ways you have no idea exist.

    This girl is more right than she knows. Doing this is not just an act of defiance, more than fuck you, its a journey back to our origins, and its investment in wealth they can not get their greasy meathooks on. You keep every penny of it. All the interest, the nut, the fees, everything.
    It’s Phil acquiring his equipment and tools fir his shop. Its independence, freedom. It is investing in your liberty. Those tools have intrinsic value, they are wealth saved, they don’t wear out, they never loose value, nobody can fuck with your wealth, its wealth creation, what built America. The only place wealth comes from is by this method, all other “wealth”, is a scam to steal wealth from its only source. This, people who create something of value by dint of sweat and brains, where none existed. The only source of wealth. Period.
    Ain’t the idea being to keep what you make?

    Think its difficult?
    Depends on what your willing to do.
    What we did was looked at every thing we owned, figured what we needed to retain as minimum to live, plus a bare limit on personal prized belongings we chose to keep, and sold everything. Outright. Property, vehicles, furniture, snowblower, clothes, real estate, cashed in all investments, chose to do it within a years time frame, after all said in done we had $5400 and change, we jumped in the welding truck, drove to WV with a cooler, a box of food, and a laptop, the objective was to find a homestead we could buy for $46,500 cash money. We set back $6000 for moving expenses, and about $1000 in closing costs, we had $3000 in our checking and on hand cash to get started in the property we would buy outright.
    In two days we had a solid house needed no work but a new hot water heater and kitchen faucet, on 5 acres of old timbered land. Taxes of $276 a year, closing costs in total $375, the owners we bought from threw in that years taxes they had paid already.

    No bank loan.
    We has no fridge, no washer dryer, no beds, no tv, no cookstove, no jobs, no cell phones, 1 1989 Chevy 3/4 ton truck, metal fab shop of tools/equipment, craft/hobby tools, basic personal belongings.
    We slept in sleeping bags on the floor, used a Coleman cookstove, washed clothes in 5 gal buckets with a toilet plunger, hung them in the sun to dry, cleared and dug a garden with shovels saws axes and pitch forks, everything by hand.
    We had barely any expenses.
    Imagine that right?
    Water bill of $24 a month, electric bill then was $75 per month at most, our first years heat was from the trees we cleared for our garden, which fed us too, deer and turkeys we hunted, we got lucky, our measly 5 acres is a prime natural line of drift for critters, walk out the door, if not then, wait an hour and venison’s on the menu. What we saved in meat costs paid for a freezer, a vacuum sealer, canning jars, and lumber for a smoke house, then fence for hogs, livestock water tank, building a chicken coup, starting a fruit orchard, a meat grinder, etc, from the investment we saaved and put back into more saving ways, instead of every month the same money goes to somebody else and does not get invested into our life, never to be seen again.
    Our monthly basic bills, total, taxes and insurance included, averages $450 – $550 a month. We save back each month more than we pay out on these basic expenses.
    No debt. We always have a rat hole of cash.
    We learned that you can live without if you can not pay cash on the barrelhead. You don’t give it a second thought. And you develop the skill and mindset to find alternatives which you find are better than what you first wanted. Because you are prudent. That last is the most important issue of our time. The lack of prudence is created the unmitigated biblical grade shitstain clown world disaster breathing down our necks.

    And it all started like this girl, only wanting to say BFYTW leave us alone.
    All yah gots to do is choose to do it then act to begin.


      • No, thats like the Ritz Carlton compared to how things where in the beggining.

        Believe you me, we did a shit ton of soul searching, like WTF did we get into.
        Once committed it was a live grenade when you pull the pin and toss the ring over a cliff. Only one option.
        We burned all bridges.
        Top things off, almost to the last person, with the exception of only two people, out of a lifetime of family friends and acquaitences, stuck by us.
        Dont know if you spent any time up in NewEngland, i was born and raised, nither my wife or me had any idea how inherently bigoted people we knew all our libes could be so bigoted we where litteraly ostracized because we where going to live in WV with those hillbillies. People physically threatened us, whished us death for moving to WV, called us derogatory names I didnt know existed. My wifes entire family but her twin sister disowned us.
        Disavowed us completely.

        I never went back. Imagine, your 49 years old, lived your whole life to that point, in one local, its your whole world, and not one person you know except one, stood by you.

        So it was more than leaving for a new life, it became the only life. There was nothing to go back to.
        Not a soul has ever tried to get in touch, even the two I had the minimal contact with lasted like a couple emails and that was that.
        We still try to understand what happened, what the dynamics are about.
        But there is no misunderstanding the hatefullness directed at us. Niether my wife or me had any idea, not the slightest inkling something like it was there lurking.

        Its like sailing off the edge of the earth, where the earth is flat, and the edge plunges down into a vast unknown.

        So we throw all or stuff in two largest size UHauls they rent, hooked the 3/4 ton onto a front wheel dolly i welded up to the back of one UHaul, and drove straight to our new diggs. One truck has my entire fab shop in it, its my whole life represented in this 10 lbs of shit packed in a 5lb box, got it backed up to my new 2 car garage shop. first thing is a 2500lb Bridgeport mill and a 15 inch swing lathe needs to come off. Standing there scratching my head how i’m gonna rig those boat anchors, using crib blocks pipes bars and planks, and two dudes stop, jump out, say howdy nieghbor, need a hand?
        Im like looking at these guys, trying to decide if I got the wherewithall to trust anyone, never mind two i dont know from adam, and i dont know, but i got the gut feeling they was good guys, and said you bet, but I got nothing to pay you for helping, they said dont need to pay for nuthin we are niebhors.
        Those two became our best friends, they made us family, they never once have asked about our pasts our care why we moved here. Talk about unconditional. We where adopted by their clan. Somehow we got no idea, we passed some test or something that day those two jumped out of their truck. We never had friends like this where we come from.

        One door closes another opens is what my wife says.

        So yeah, there was moments floating down the river on your raft there looked mighty nice. I’m still not sure what all happened back up there in NH.

        I see the Feral Mic is searching to escape, recognize things he’s mentioning, got to say I hope he gets out, seriously, and finds refuge. He is wise to do so by our lights. Too bad, NH is the most beautiful place Ive been. WV is right up there, its just different.
        The diff mostly is in people and culture and way of life.
        We never looked back as it turned out, of all the things thats what amazes us most. And how humbling it is to be accepted by folks here, how its effected us and changed us.
        Feels like Providence.


  4. I sat next to Demi Moore on a plane flight. She leans right but she is a moron. It was one of the most pleasant flights I have ever had. There was a lot of turbulence. There is a special kind of high when you have a beautiful woman with a death grip on your arm.


  5. I always remember this rant from 2010 and it’s never lost it’s value

    Dance, Monkey!

    Dear Hollywood celebrities,

    You exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you can scare the crap out of me. Others make me laugh. But you all have one thing in common, you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it.

    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a retard*. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera. And often when you are away from one too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage.

    I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.

    I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again.

    I don’t care that you think the BP executives deserve the death penalty. But I bet you looked cute saying it.

    And you? Really? I’m supposed to care what the director of fluffy tripe made for gullible people thinks of those who realize global warming is a scam? Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something blue and shiny.

    Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.

    So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!

    From here

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      • Hey. now. Writing and performing music is actual work; you gotta lug your own instruments and do your own setups, find your own gigs, etc until you get good enough to hire people to do that for you .

        But when I hire someone to sing, I expect them to sing, not talk. That’s me in the back of the room shouting, “Say that shit on your own time! Meanwhile, shaddap and sing!”

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        • No argument about that, Crazy.
          But, when I go back in time and think about a couple concerts that I spent hard earned money on (Bruce Springsteen, U2) and they start telling everyone how to think and who to vote for, it now today makes my blood boil. Didn’t really pay attention to it at the time. Wasn’t political, didn’t know much and didn’t care.
          Not so today.
          Older, wiser,and mad dog meaner.
          I won’t listen to anything from them,nor buy anything from them.
          Act, play music and do what you get paid for and what your famous for.
          Otherwise shut the f-/k up. You open your trap about your politics and beliefs, you lose me forever.

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          • Roger Waters from Pink Floyd.
            Has entire special effects shows just to bash Trump with while going on and on about how much he hates the guy and then tries to tie it in with a 40 year old Pink Floyd tune.
            STFU and play monkey.
            I didn’t pay $200 to listen to you snivel bitch.


            • Yup, I’ve seen it
              By far Floyd is / was my favorite band.
              Don’t miss Roger.
              His shows are pure commie.
              Too bad. He’s one of the best from his generation and to completely alienate half your audience makes no sense.


    • Thumbs up!

      Not heard of any of them here in West by God Virginia.
      Deliverence made sure of that.
      Good as that movie was, it was a very well done piece of pure bigotry and whole cloth fabrication. Nothing here I seen resembles whats in that celluloid fantasy.
      What it is, is a testiment to the hate and envy thats at the heart of pedo-wood. It tells the story of how we have been lied to, decieved and betrayed by the purest of malice and forthought. Nothing could be more deliberate.
      They be the real racists.

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      • Living in the Swamp South very rural areas of Alabama, close to where Deliverance was filmed. I saw none of that what was portrayed by the movie. People were of course leery and stand-offish toward newcomers, but, being friendly, approachable on their terms and not be a know it all damn yankee asswipe, they shortly were friendly, warm people and very down to earth and neighborly. I experienced while moving the same help that wvmtnmama described about two neighbors stopping and helping on another thread.


        • indeed man. Have to give you my total support on what you say.
          If theres one thing i learned and aint a day goes by, its standard simple way folks tend towards each other, folks around my neck of the South have everything to offer in the good will and charity department. I’d say much of what this is is derived from essential Christian charity. Love they neighbor. Kind of like days of old you fed a hungery stranger, could never accept anything in return, because your supposed to pass it on instead and its expected of you as a Christian soul, its just what it is. As humble as it may seem its a grand concept if everyone helps everyone everyone is better for it.

          My grandparents, if you needed a dollar more than they did, even if it was their last buck, they would guve it to you.
          When we met our new friends and family that memory would come up and it really made us feel welcomed.

          One winter things got pretty tight money wise, it was right after the first big industry wide layoffs the obots created to kill coal, been months since the unemployment ran out, managed to score a job running a D10 in the raw coal tipple pushing coal into the feeders for the wash plant, it was so long a drive every day between 6, 12 hr shifts and an hour half drive each way had little time to cllect cut split and stack firewood. was hoping to have enough extra coun to buy a cord to keep us going till it was possible to put up our own.

          Come home one evening, my old lady comes out, grabs my hand and drags me down back, shes silent, and got terlars in her eyes, im like oh no, something bads happened, well whats down back, but 2 and a half cords of wood all stacked up under the wood shed.
          Those two fellows showed up to help unload the shop equipment the first day we moved in, they chopped split and brought it down from their place and stacked it, never said a word, they heard we needed wood and took care of it.

          Like to see that in a pedo=wood movie instead of that portrayal folks of the south are inbred perverts.

          Bakes my noodle some moments how these people fuck with us then turn around and preach their moral superiority to us.

          Its themselves who are everything they project onto good folks.

          That girl’s got it right to suggest we ignore them. Cant hurt us or anything if we simply in solidarity disavowe recognition of their lies and filth. No longer put them on ivory pedestals.


  6. I just do not understand why these blogs keep playing what these celebrities say. There are a few that have sense to be heard based on what they own in business or support in charities, but most do not. Their voice is no different then mine.


    • Is it really?
      Is it more than yours?
      How about Phil’s,or Cederq? Nah forget I mentioned Cederq.
      The only reason that you even know what their opinion is on any topic is because they’re on tv.
      Because you agree with their opinion is why in your opinion their wisdom is second to none.

      They have no more wisdom than you or anybody else here.
      They have hair dressers and makeup artist and lights and cameras along with notoriety and because of that some money.
      Thats it. If it weren’t for that you wouldn’t have any idea who they were. Just like they don’t have any idea who you are.


      • All except for discarding me, (You made me cry) I have to agree with you Death and I agree with Suoiruq, which spelled Qurious backwards, caught you. There are some intelligent actors and actresses. I still don’t care who they are, they elected to swim and earn their pieces of silver in a vile and putrid industry. Irish’s soliloquy about hollyweirds entertainers is accurate. Dance and spaz for my sole entertainment and then go back to your normal psychosis…


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