Youtube Is The Best Sleep Aid Evah!

I don’t know what it is about that joint.

I like to sit here and watch all kinds of videos late at night when I can’t be making a bunch of noise out in the garage. Sometimes I’ll sit here with the headphones on and watch stuff on my day off too if I’m not feeling particularly energetic.

It never seems to fail though.

Depending what it is I’m watching, I may get in one maybe two and the next thing I know, I am waking up, it’s anywhere from one to two hours later and seventeen freaking videos have gone buy.

Whatever happens to be running when I wake up has absolutely nothing to do with what I was watching when the lights went out.

This doesn’t seem to happen so much with music videos, just the ones with people talking.

I’m going along fine, then it’s Charlie Brown’s Teacher and then it’s oblivion.

4 thoughts on “Youtube Is The Best Sleep Aid Evah!

  1. be careful, this is how they implant subliminal suggestions to become a Democrat ! – you’re ack choo ally being hypnotized !!! Have you noticed an increased desire to make things out of discarded pieces of scrap metal ? Or to restore old machines to “like new” condition? These are classic signs of subliminal programming.

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  2. Works but affects my dreams and makes me wake up feeling almost hung over. I much prefer to shut the damned thing off before I doze off. Succeed about half the time or so.


  3. I’m with you Phil. I will be watching South Main Auto or Scanner Danner then it’s 2 hours later and an episode of what the fuck is this is on.


  4. Most nights I watch youtube on the bedroom tv, with the ‘sleep timer’ set to 30 minutes. There is a guy who repairs guitars who has the most soothing voice… he doesn’t use power tools or a hammer, and his audio level never jumps.

    It’s interesting enough that if I’m not tired, I just watch it.

    If I need the nuclear option- Mr Carlson’s Lab

    It’s great content, VERY THOROUGH, if restoring old radios or tube gear is your thing, but OMFG.

    Another option I like, there are lots of people putting up “ambient” or “study” mixes in various musical genres, some 8 hrs or more long. Or if you’ve ever been a gamer, try searching for “skyrim ambient music”

    Good sleep is essential for good health.


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