13 thoughts on “This Has Wirecutter’s Name Written All Over It.

  1. “As soon as I saw Midgets Half Price I thought of him.”

    You’re not the only one. One evening we were driving home from dinner and saw two midgets out walking their dog. “Hey! Didja see that?” asked the Pretty Korean Girl.
    “See what?”
    “Kenny!” says she.


  2. I dunno. That looks like some kind of Euro license plate to me. Maybe one of the UK countries or a former UK protectorate like Jamaica mon?


  3. Some of the best slogans (fictions and real) involved law
    firms. From the 80s computer game Leisure Suit Larry:
    Dewey’s Cheatum and Howe. From a Frank Zappa lyric,
    the divorce firm of Roper Bender And Raper. Finally, an
    actual London divorce firm. They had signs at bus
    stops that read: When you absolutely need to ditch the
    bitch call…..


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