Thanks For The Early Birthday Present!

Sometime while I was at work yesterday this place ratcheted up to over 4 Million Page Views.

I am quite humbled and very grateful that some of you find that what I fart around doing here is worth coming back and checking out every day.

I do try to post something at least once every day and at the moment I am on a 500 and something day streak of posting.

What can I say, it helps keep me out of the taverns.

Don’t even bother asking when my birthday is, all I will say is that it is coming up soon.

I’ll be 61 very cranky years old.

It’s mind boggling that I am still around because neither I or anyone in my family expected me to even make it to thirty.

Yeah, I was that crazy.

Of course I am paying for all that youthful indiscretion but hey, there are some great stories I can tell, if and when I can remember them. There’s a lot of water under that bridge and between the severe alcohol abuse and multiple hard shots to the head over the years, I’m lucky I can remember where I live anymore.

So back to this Blogging thing for a minute.

Due to the Left’s insanity and current agenda to shut people like me the fuck up no matter how unscrupulously, I am seeing a shit ton of bloggers abandoning Googles Blogger platform and WordPresses Free platform also. Maybe because people have been waking up in the morning to see multiple years of work gone forever because some oversensitive twat waffle got their butt hurt over some words and dropped a dime to the cretins running those platforms and they got the dreaded TOS violation.

Because of words.

You gotta be a pussy motherfucker to let some words bother you to the point that you think you need to silence someones voice permanently.

So people are bailing out and finding alternative platforms.

I am very seriously considering it myself.

I have a price to have it done.

I just gotta get it past The Wifely Unit.

I may just bypass that and do it on my own and take the abuse.

The trouble is that it’s not a one time payout. It’s quarterly and I am loathe beyond words to ask for any help.

It’s just not my style.

So keep your wallets in your pockets folks.

I don’t have any way to take donations anyway and I am still just thinking about it at the moment.

In the mean time, I would like to sincerely thank everyone that stops by here and especially my fellow Bloggers who link to me.

That makes a huge difference right there.

If this place does go dark all at once because some genetic malfunction decides my words are unbearable you will still be able to find me at the old site here.

49 thoughts on “Thanks For The Early Birthday Present!

  1. So, if I follow what you’re saying, it would be wrong for me to call Greg a prick for calling me a young punk?

    Bookmarked the other site
    Thanks for keeping us informed and certainly amused.

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    • But you are a young punk Death! You can call me a prick… and I would buy you a beer, I can be a nice guy too. I have gotten to the point in my cranky old ass age that when some one calls me names they are just acknowledging what I have come to understand about myself, I am an asshole and proud of it.


    • Oh I’ve been called worse. Much worse. Like Cederq here, I’m a cranky old coot and proud of it.
      And if referring to you as a “young punk” over mistaking aggies for Aggies (Texas references are a long way from here) is enough to get yer knickers in a twist, that’s a fair sight short of real obscenities. Let’s just agree to poke fun at each other and let the libtards be the ones unable to see a joke.

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        • I will cheerfully apologize for bent feelers. Certainly not intended as the term “young punk” is somewhat of a compliment in the circles I hang out in.


          • But you must understand that I know what a rotary phone is and how to use it.
            And, what 3 in the tree means and how to make that work too.
            Split rear, double clutch….. I can go on.
            I got pong for a Christmas present and that’s pretty much my entire knowledge of video games. Oh I tried the newer ones, I really did but it’s pretty frustrating getting your ass kicked by an eight year old.


  2. Has anyone told you lately that you have a great sense of humor?
    I laughed out loud at that shit.
    I haven’t forgotten your Bonnamassa either. Probably tomorrow.


    • Been awhile since I’ve heard anyone call me that. But , I’d describe myself certainly as a goofy fuck.

      Save the Righteous Brothers for Greg. He’s certainly dated himself and they’re probably more to his old farts liking. Matter of fact, if you ever get around to it dedicate Unchained Melody to him from me please.


      • I still laugh about the time I overheard my son and his friends using the word ‘gay’ to mean ‘lame’, as in “that’s so gay”. I’m still a bit pissed about ruining a perfectly good word all these decades later.


        • In gunsmithing school, someone showed me a picture of some pimped out tactikool Glock. I declared it “gay”. a fellow student pointed to another student, saying, “You know so and so is gay, right?” I asked the fellow in question, “Hey so and so, there’s a difference between gay, you like dudes, and quit being a homo, right?”
          “Absolutely!” he answered.


    • Phil, if Hollywood comes calling to do a biopic, what’s the title of the movie gonna be, and who’ll play you? My initial thought would be no good: John Holmes died decades ago.


  3. After what happened to several of the other “liberty” bloggers last year and the year before, deplatformed with little to no warning, it seems to make sense to plan for that eventuality, especially in light of the new regime in DC.


  4. I hate to say this but when the Peter comes on the 1st, I gotta
    square things with Der Google at least temporarily. I need
    to recover my contacts list and passwords. All of my
    recurring expenses (phone, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) are on aa
    autopsy. Then comes the commercial shit like Walmart,
    Ebay, bank, etc.

    Once all of that is done, an Email address change should
    be easy.


  5. Phil I am not like that either except when things like electrical come up I ask my neighbor for help but I have helped him with my skills. I let neighbors use my equipment like you help family and neighbors. It all comes out in the wash in local community. You don’t have to ask for money but people like to help because life ain’t free and people like you willing to spend the time here for our fun and entertainment has great value to us.

    Phil is a humble man my friends if you want to help just ask. Phil take it with humbleness and gratitude for it is a blessing. It’s okay to tell us no as well.


  6. Well fwiw. My own blog is pretty eclectic and tame compared to yours though my right sidebar tells it likes I sees it and is very anti-lefttard I look at it this way. No one reads past posts so I don’t place a lot of value on what I posted last week. If they delete me, I’ll just start up somewhere else and not get stressed over the missing content.
    Worse comes to worse and imo, we’ll find ya if they delete ya and keep reading.


    • I get what you’re say, trust me I do.
      But that brings up a question
      Does a guy leave comments on your blog that goes by the handle Johno ?

      See, cause that is important.
      What passes through that mind, once it’s translated & figured out, must be kept for posterities sake.

      Years and years into the future, those inhabiting the planet will be able to read what he spoke about and they will realize that at this time in history there was a man that truly understood what was going on.

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      • DR, you going for subtle insults now? If you’re fishing for comebacks, I’ve got a hard mouth like a barramundi. I’ll just let it go, until I think of something to post at Herr Unfuck’s blog.


  7. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I come back to this site because you continue to put a smile on my face. Keep being you Phil. Just know there are many fans here in Texas.


  8. If you admit to a mailing address which amazon can ship to, I will send a donation to the lathe project. I wonder if “General Delivery for Firstname Lastname at Post office street address” still works?


  9. Coincidence time: I’m less than a week away from my birthday, too. And I’m looking at either jumping off Google blogger or even if it’s worth keeping up a blog in this environment.

    Phil, would you drop me a line at my gmail account (SiGraybeard at)? Got some engine-related questions for you.


  10. Happy Birthday,
    Because I’m cheap my present is…
    WORDS! (Love what you do, God Bless ya Brother)
    – Apparently biden* has Decreed that NO ONE is ever allowed to say or use the term “China Virus” ever again…Because RACIST!
    I found a neat page to post on…It is the White House FaceBook page:

    And I posted the following:
    “What will the consequences be for the Chinese Communist Party that knowingly released the China Virus and murdered Millions of people around the world?”


    MSG Grumpy

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  11. Looks like we’re close to the same age as I’ll be 62 in July,
    It has become obvious to me that in a free society nobody gets offended by words of others and in an unfree society everybody is offended all the time.

    The good part about this age is I can retire any time I feel like it. Got into an argument recently with a VP that some of my career minded younger associates did not want to bring up and I think it had been a while since anyone stood up and told him some home truth about a problem. The thing is that he actually appreciated it. I ended up getting funding for a project that kept a bunch of people working for the last year or so while the whole world fell apart. The truth hurts but hurting is how we know to fix a problem.

    So Happy Birthday – you made it this far!


  12. Phil:

    Chris Muir, over at DBD does a once a year fundraiser. I send him a nice contribution because I like his wit and and satire and he actually will call me at home to discuss topics for the strip. You could do the same thing but have a way lower dollar threshold. It’s not charity or begging its letting people who enjoy your comments show their support. I’ve sent $’s to Miss Lisa (Kenny’s place) to help out when he was sucker punched last year by life. Our community cares, let us show it.



  13. Heeeeeyyyyy Cederq, Phil, SiGraybeard, rightwingterroris, Aesop and all the rest of you asshat wankers out there, welcome to da club. When we’ve reached the age where ewe don’t give a fat rats ass about what anyone thinks or says about us cause we’ve already realized it and quite simple don’t give a fat rats ass. We Have Arrived At The Top-O-Da Heap……
    Bbwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa, now where did eye put that give-o-shit tank? Oh yeah, I sent it to the scrapper bout 20 fukin years ago……..


  14. Here! Here! Phil.
    Happy Birfday mudderfukker.
    All That.
    You officially belong to the no way we make it past 30 never mind 60 club.
    Your in great company.

    Want to say in kind Phil, if shits goes south, really awesome to know you and my deepest respect and honor to you, my hats off and a bow to most honorable Sir.

    We where always going to have to pay for the internet, no such thing as a free lunch, no doubts the supposed free shit from faceborg to WP is part of the system of control via cabal.

    They are weeding the free thinkers out, piecemeal, like plucking the goose one and two feathers at a time, the goose hardly notices, one day the goose recognizes its nekked. Somebody stole it’s ruff of feathers. Thats whats been done to us wealth and prosperity wise, and no less rule of law wise, in order to try and deny us our individual and ordered liberty.

    What they can never do is steal our dignity of liberty.
    That can only be given away.

    As events accelerates there’s a sudden point, were it finally hits a shitload of good folks how evil incarnate the machine is and the amount of wealth and control and how they been fucking with us and how many good folks lives been devestated, destroyed, been killed, and most particular the truth outs the unspeakable depravity and horror what they have been using children for, will be so widespread and accepted, they will pull the plug on everything but pre approved websites, blogs and services.
    Might be impossible to hit the kill switch, too much infrastructure depends on the internet, but who can say with certainty.
    Its all about control and control is what they do.

    Resistance is always fertile.
    Lets Win!


  15. Have you considered re-platforming offshore? I just started a little blog and I went that way (via, but there’s plenty of them). My host is in the Netherlands. Trying to keep my blog completely unconnected with my IRL identity.


  16. Pre-Happy Geezer Day Bro… remember, it ain’t the years, tis the mileage… of course your personal odometer probably makes the Sprint look all showroom minty-new. I know the feeling, jes’ sayin’ Congrats on the 4 mil… I’m aboot 60K from my first mil… it’s tapering quite a bit though as the redirects from goolags blogger has ppl going to the new site, and I’ma still tryna lern’t thet ‘un there… think I need Spawn#1 to assist… dammit I’m old
    Congrats tho! Watch the mail!


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