They’re Skeered

DHS Issues a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin
WASHINGTON – The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin today after consultation with the intelligence community and law enforcement partners. There is currently a heightened threat environment across the United States that is likely to persist over the coming weeks. DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot; however, violent riots have continued in recent days and we remain concerned that individuals frustrated with the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances and ideological causes fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize a broad range of ideologically-motivated actors to incite or commit violence.

I couldn’t possibly imagine why….

47 thoughts on “They’re Skeered

  1. No they’re not.
    They want the people to be though.
    It’s an excuse for another false flag event and all part of the coming crackdown on the subjects guilty of improper thoughts.


  2. They haven’t seen a truly violent riot yet, wait until us redneck mother fuckers have had just enough and decide to fuck it. A pissed off redneck is the most dangerous weapon ever created.

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  3. Love the photo. I spent much of my yoot varmint hunting. A shot from the right is a three-fer. Those little buggers multiply like crazy. Sorta like the two legged ones these days.

    What Jack said. Too old to run and gun, more like sneak and peak.

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  4. Yes, they are skeered. The analysts are looking at all the data rolling in. I am quite sure that they have never seen, let alone imagined the sheer number of normies who are talking striking back. Imagine the emails, blogs, replies, texts, phone calls and posts they are having to deal with right about now. Key words are popping up left and right.

    And it ain’t just the ‘usual suspects’ and the fbi informants and plants. It is Joe Schmoe American. Alexa, where can I buy dynamite, kinda thing.

    Any of them with any sense realize the potential danger anyone related to is in. Any of them with any sense, reading posts and emails and google searches is seeing the kind of things people are looking into right now. I know if they happen to look at my shit they will be knocking on my door.

    I ain’t hiding and I just don’t give a damn anymore.

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  5. History revision in real time. The media made a big deal about the first
    Gyno-American treasury.secretary. I recalled that Romana Acosta Bañuelos
    was appointed by Richard Nixon. I went to Wikipedia and she has
    already been tossed into a memory hole.

    Her frozen burritos sucked but not so much she had to be erased!


  6. Glowies. Its from The Atlantic. Superb piece of gaslight projection and setiing up plausible deniability.
    They have to have some school they send these shitstains to to come up with this kind of technique and methods of creating propaganda.
    Thinking its Pulitzer/Rhodes Yellow media, 5th column colldge defgrees, or at the Frankfurt School, though #BillClintonIsAPedo is a Rhodes Scholar, and he epitomizes the commie art of the big lie, projection and the application of plausible deniability, he’s an artist at it. Hillary is a more Alynski/Stalinist type, imaginevthere’s complimentary aspects of both when they where running their regimevout of the white house which made them formidable foes to all who got in their way, still do to some extent.

    Any you guys remember how they went after the peoples militias that where springing up in the 80’s-90’s? Man they hated the militia with a passion. And any form of resistance to the cabal. They did everything they could to shit is down in Nh and Massachussets down there Dukakis when he found out he went mental. Militia I was in, we actually had legal dicumentation and went thru the constitutional process of the militia the army had to issue us military ID cards, we even had to muster up each year and the Inspector General of the National Guard inspected us.

    This is a really revealing piece.

    For my part, glowies are mercenaries, sure theres some in it for the power to hurt, and some are sycophants, but most are in it for the rapine loot and free goodies, fair weather armed badged legbreakers.
    Think about it, mercenaries are about the gold, the paymaster is where their loyalties orientate towards. The are soldiers persay, they violated the three great warrior virtues and commit the warrior sins, the most important is defending the helpless. The next, violation of their oath of honor.
    Consider, glowies now they jave it pretty good, they deem us terrorists, rabble and rebells, terrorists, sure, no mistaking whats going on here, regardless, the elemental fact exists, we all domestic terrorists, we are good folks, we aint shooting at anyone, yet, we still follow the rules, in spite of everyone else utterly violating those rules, and denying us the protections of those rules, while they hide behind them as a shield from our wrath, which is more polite and prudent than any kind of wrathful vengeance. In simple words they got it made, nobody is giving them the Waco treatment,or putting a Ruby Ridge on them, no LeVoy Finnicum ambushcades, or IHop massacres, nobody is restricting their access to weapons and gear, and its ok they are a criminal gang while we peacefully petition our government and are used as props in an act of grand plausible deniability, from which Attainders of Writ are arbitrarily invented from whole cloth in order to create an illusion of utter legitimacy for any possible act or crime they choose in the commission of malice a forethought treason, while projecting upon is what it is they are and commit, in order to justify what is nothing less than pogrom and Genocide.
    Be that as it may the reality is we aint even begun to fight. Its all well and good we portrayed as the arch villians, untill they face our wrath, its a cakewalk made in heaven for them.
    Now that basically spells easy, and if you adhere to the party line, they riegn supreme in all things tactical cyberspace intell/survailence. and materiel support.
    Would you think its teasonable then they have nothing fear from us Deplorable’s? None of us hurt or killed a glowiie or their overlords I can think of, None of us are shooting our rifles at them. we barely even wave our rifles in thevtyrants faces. And according to their yellow media allies, us Ungovernable’s constitute this old defunct racists minority, never is there any mention of 80 million of us voting for our chosen leader and protector, we do not exists, we are some dark tribal minority, all you gots to do is waych TV or browse a magazine, we are such a minority we no longer recievecrepresentation, and our codes and Time Honored Traditions, they are so ancient as to be nothing more than ancestoral memory.

    If this is the case then, what are they so afraid of? We aint some boogeyman with superanutated powers, we are unwashed ignorant knuckle dragging bitter clinging mouth breathers. In what universe could we pose a threat to the mighty legitimacy of the all righteous all powerful State and its impecable minons.

    That fucking crap aside they are scared fucking shitless of us. Its a large part of us who ain’t quite caught on how much power we posses, how ultimately legitimate we are in our persons property and liberty and its blessings.
    In some ways our avowed enemy knows us bettervthan we do.
    Thing is its solid military doctrine till its drops in the pot, we only need to be prudent men as we always are, maintain our composure, do not take council from our fears, and not lose our nerve. Thats all.
    It appears counter intuitive, but the logic is right in front of us, there is another fear they have for us, its born out our innate good characyer and virtue, they been poking at us baiting us shiving and bullying us for a mighty long tome, trying to sucker us into a fight on ground of their choising on a time which benefits them and denies us the same, and at every turn we look at them, and without even much thinking on it, choose not to waste our dignity of liberty on such a faint, allow ourselves to be conned and suckered into traps. Because that is the actions of ones with no honor, who violate all codes and oaths, theyvwwaponise all the things.
    In no way are we Freemen cowards, its requires the utmost prudence and virtue to remain brave, bank our cold anger, and bide our time will come when we will get all the fighting we could want. All ww have to do is stick together, keep our coll, and give the fuckers all the rope they will take, for each day they auto-delegitimizecthemselves, beclown themselves soil the beds they lay in, and at some point herr not too late they will blunder, commit such a mistake as to essentially leave themselves totaly wide open to defeat.
    Its the nature of such piwer of this tyranny they represent. Self destruction. You never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.

    Look, we scare them more by refusing to commit to their traps than if we go at it tooth and nail.
    Its not our rifles that are the weapons theyvare afraid of, thisecare simply tools, instruments, its the real weapon, the weapon between our ears is what haunts them, how we will wield our main weapon is what keeps them fearing us.
    Aside from the shills, whats the hurry anyways? Shit really goes south there be rivers of blood more killing than any of us can imagine. Destruction of everything.And its our lived ones who will truly suffer and rxperience misery and tribulation no one in living memory of us know.
    The God Emperor has emplored us to remain peaceful, calm, do the right thing, honor the rule of law. I trust the guy, he has never lied or dissimulated, decieved or mislead us, not once, and he has at every turn always done whats right.
    We can not go wrong trusting in him, after all we chose him as our leader and The Great Fuck You, he is our murder weapon, remember? Think what he went thru honoring the honor we entrusted with him.

    I believe, I have Faith we will prevail. When we all stick together, bind in common cause, nothing can defeat us. And nothing has.


  7. Didja notice how ‘false narratives’ are mentioned? The purpose seems to be to make ‘false narratives’ (anything labeled as wrongspeak) as the cause of any violence which may come to pass. Speaking freely is not only not tolerated but is now labeled as the underlying cause of violence which may occur. Therefore, free speech must be officially sanctioned and delegitimized.

    ‘B-b-but, with rights come responsibilities. One cannot yell fire in a crowed theater.’ Except one’s speech need not be so obvious to be declared unlawful. And it will not be you who determines if by your speech you are acting responsibly. This is a broadening of how speech is deemed to be inciting violence.


  8. No more than being “skeered” of a pack of feral critters. Some may be rehabilitated in FEMA vaccine/re-education camps (thank Jade Helm). Others whose brains have been totally consumed with trump wasting disease (stupidity) may require more severe measures to ameliorate.


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