Trying To Navigate The Wasteland Of The Former United States

Uncertainty is the operative word of the day.

Nobody knows what the actual fuck is going on, what’s next down the pipe or what we are supposed to be doing to protect our way of life.

Right now it is literally One Day At A Time.

Hunker down, try to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

All the while it seems there is suddenly a large uptick in the number of Shills, Trolls and other lower life forms sewing the seeds of doubt and hovering below the radar just waiting for the opportunity to unleash their own special cocktail of misery on the unsuspecting.

With the current climate of thought and speech control, speaking your mind on a public forum these days can be hazardous to your well being.

Never the less, I for one ain’t going to shut up until I am cut off from any avenue of expression.

Those who would try to stop me can take a running fuck at themselves.

In the mean time I worry just like any other rational human being but instead of letting that consume me I also try to make time to try and think of contingencies and alternative things to do that will have a positive outcome in the end if given half a chance.

I have been around way too long and been through so much shit that I think I can truly be described as a survivor.

The Wifely Unit just came in the house and announced it is lightly snowing outside.

It really is a Dark Winter at the moment but Hope and Spring are eternal.

I have a lot of faith in my fellow countrymen.

There are literally millions of us who are going to do whatever it takes to be around after this current Clusterfuck gets relegated to the moldy pages of history.

I sure as shit ain’t counting us out by any stretch of the imagination.

We as a people are some of the most innovative and hard working people on this planet.

Left to our own devices we are also some of the most generous and peace loving people.. It is those with Delusions Of Grandeur and an insatiable lust for power who corrupt and pollute our preferred way of life.

The world seems to work on it’s own timelines and rhythms though.

This too shall pass as they say.

In the mean time I am busy trying to make a living but my spare time is not all spent playing on this computer….

It seems sometimes that I am fighting the battle for survival all by my lonesome but then I have to stop and realize that I am far from alone.

I am actually in very good company.

41 thoughts on “Trying To Navigate The Wasteland Of The Former United States

    • Bologna. I don’t get within 100 feet of social media and I can Clearly see how America has been FUBAR’d with a capital F

      Been going on a long time but it’s over now. No one in a position of control over any of this will have anything to do with it. Not the important stuff. We don’t even have a fake two party system anymore. Most of government and the judiciary, LEO’s and all the rest. Not enough Americans in those positions to make a difference.


    • Mike, I, like kidme37’s comment I don’t get 30 feet with the social media programs of fecesbook, twatter, parlered, gabby, any of them. I only comment on blogs and never, ever hit surveys or any of that blather. If they think they can program me with my vulgar use of language or my comment bulk I am sure I am twisting their algorithm into convulsions. So if ads and sales opportunities pop up I ignore, I do not buy online, I do not make my decisions on what I read on the internet unless I check them out by another means. Have you given it some thought that two can play that game? That possible some of us fuck with them and throw curves? Two can play that game. I for one go to heavily liberal shit blogs and fuck with them just because I can. Like Phil’s motto below his mug shot, BFYTW…


      • Dude, like AC said few days ago; “We are at such peak clown world, you can’t even tell what is real or not anymore.”

        Can not but think, shits so fucking fucked up because TGE no matter what all amazing things he accomplished, he upset the institutional order. At the very least, because its been unbalanced it very well could be its collapsing. And what we can see, and thats not very much, are signs it’s Kaput. Just its got a lot of inertia and its a process.


  1. I don’t see a lot of uncertainty. They hate us, they want us to die. They have been and are going to do everything in their power to eliminate us all.

    I will not bend a knee, I will not back up, I will not stand down.

    I will die standing if necessary to protect my wife, my children and my grandchildren’s future.

    I don’t fell as though I am standing alone, but stand alone I will if necessary.


    • You ain’t alone.

      They strive to cause us to think we are.
      They can not win because we have common cause and when the time comes we will become Legion.

      I’m Spartacus!


    • “They hate us, they want us to die.”

      Not quite. They hate us, but they don’t want us dead, they want us humiliated and terrified. Like it’s revenge for all the terrible stuff that happened to them, for absolutely no reason at all other than bigotry and blind hatred. Never for any reason.

      Killing someone is easy, but it’s only a brief moment of power. But forcing a man to refer to the person known as Rachel Levine, MD, as a woman (for example), and being able to ruin his life for failing to do so, THAT’S power you can savor each day. Incidentally that’s why they promote freaks and mentally ill persons 24/7. I’ll bet you (gold) dollars to dogshit that no actual shot caller on the Left truly thinks of Rachel Levine as a woman. (Sure, the purple-haired idiot on the street might, but not the Big Reds.) But putting persons like that front and center is an opportunity to humiliate us continually.

      Also, the Big Reds are smart enough to not really want us dead. Someone needs to grow the food, truck it in to Real Civilization like NYFC, or SF, or Boston, and to keep the electrical grid going, etc. Expertise in running Hedge Funds, or a Chair Professorship in Gender Studies, does not translate to food on the table and heat in homes.

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      • You hit the proverbial big spike on it’s head. They needs us more then we need them and they know it. They know they can’t run the machines and wire/plumb/build the mansions they have their eye on to own. They know not how to farm or raise meat, and will they sit in a truck for eleven hours to deliver all their evil hearts desire. Yes, they do want us beaten down and submissive, not dead, they get a vicarious thrill and orgasm out of humiliating us deplorables. It is gonna suck to be them, soon.


  2. All I can say is, I’m spending a lot of bonding time with the Dillon 550b.

    I will NOT live on my knees, but will happily die on my feet.


  3. Hey, Phil. B from Middleoftheright.

    Yu can use

    Still working on making the blog look right, but the migration is done. I’m learning the ins and outs of WordPress, but I have functionality right now.

    If you would, check your email. I’d like to know what template you use.


  4. Got into a fight with the wife tonight at dinner.
    With the kids sitting there watching.
    She’s got this .gov surveillance tool watching us, which I’ve made no bones about hating.
    So, we get to talking during meal time with the kids about Mark Twain.
    She says he’s a great black author.
    I about spit out my food.
    The fuck? Mark Twain is no nigger. The hell?
    Oh, no….the whole night is ruined and I’m hollering all sorts of bad thought.
    She goes and asks the Alexa.
    The cunt Alexa says the Mark Twain is 97% black.
    The fuck, says I.
    Have to jump up and show pictuers of Mark.
    The kids, they understand.
    Looks like a white dude to them.
    The wife, she’s pissed, as am I.
    It’s all lies, I know it, you know it, shit, I half believe that the wife knows it to but chooses to believe the lies.
    The fuck?


    • Oh Rightwing you have it bad, I do not envy you.

      “A woman is the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised, to bedevil the days of man.” Author Unknown

      I have been waiting a few day to post that! Thank you RWT!


    • It all goes back to trying to navigate the wasteland.
      Tensions have settled down a bit, mostly because she went to bed.
      She can have her own idiotic ideas, and suffer the cognitive dissonance, but don’t be spreading that shit to the kids.
      It wouldn’t be so bad but for the friction of now not working since before Christmas, watching the world and my homeland disintegrate in accelerated speed before my very eyes.
      Finding meaningful work?
      This is reminiscent of ’12-’13 when the zero got re-elected and killed the oilfield in the GOM.
      Only this time it’s worse.
      Not to be a douche, but I’d feel better when the festivities break loose and everyone is in the same boat.
      If noting else mortgage companies will become irrelevant.


    • RWT if you run the wifi in your house log in to admin and block it. My wife got the amazon thing and my daughter hooked it up. I blocked it. She said it doesn’t work mom. Heh


  5. Nobody knows for certain what’s coming for the pike……with the exception of the criminals in charge right now plotting and. conspiring.. But the odds are certain we won’t like it. We must make sure the criminals in power are JUST AS UNHAPPY with what happens to them. Make their criminality have a price.


  6. Never liked InstafFaceTwit in the first place. I came up with what I call the Banality Theorem which states that the grand total interestingness of humans is way less than the bandwidth of social media. Nobody gives a fuck about a picture of your lunch and most opinions expressed are just echoed by people who never have an original thought.

    The stupidity crisis combined with the breakdown of the family killed the country and it’s gonna be hard to rebuild. Just think, we live in a country where there are people who think Biden should be in charge of something. Wow.

    Right now I’ve gone to ground and pulled the hole in after me. Had an emergency retina detachment repair a week ago Sunday that goes back to a hit to the head I took a few years ago when I had a seizure. They did some more laser work to it today and I can’t take anything like a hit (or recoil come to that). Current home defense battery is a 10-22. Getting better but it will take time.


    • .22LR is a perfectly deadly cartridge. Just doesn’t have a lot of impact stopping power. Place yer shots carefully.
      As for the eyes, that brings up an often forgotten element of preparedness: Keep your medical issues up to date whenever possible. Teeth cleaned, eyes examined (there’s a WHOLE lot more to an eye exam than new glasses), hearing aids if you need ’em. And any meds you need should be stocked as far ahead as ingenuity and your prescriber will allow.


      • I agree with everything you just said. I had a full blown medical eye exam 4 weeks prior by a top neuro ophthalmologist. Next thing I know – detached retina. I’m not too proud to say I was terrified but it’s getting much better.
        While I’d prefer to use a 12 gage for defense I do love me some .22LR and it’s pretty much what I can use right at the moment if needed.

        I have a relative who killed the biggest whitetail of his life with one shot from a .22 short. Don’t tell the Game Warden!


        • I went in for new glasses last spring. I’ve since had laser iridotomy in both eyes to prevent something called acute angle closure glaucoma. That and I’m on a nightly eye drop to lower pressures. My dad is still kicking at 91, but is functionally blind, and I want to do everything possible to prevent that. I picked my opthalmic surgeon with great care.


  7. To the best of my understanding, the installation of this new regime has no standing. The military is now in charge and strategically placed through out the country. Trump has exposed and is still exposing the rot of the powers that were….He surrounded himself with his enemies, so all could see how deep the cesspool runs. The angst true Americans are now feeling must be endured a little while longer, so we will not forget the treachery of our times. When the truth finally comes out , the riots will start in the big cities, but the military will shut that shit down.I think there’s light at the end of the tunnel…. but what do I know?


    • Like many others, I’ve spent too much of the past few months keeping my head down to avoid becoming a target. Last week though I decided to stop living in fear … and that’s what it was; I was afraid to take anything like a stand in fear that someone might take offense and physically attack me. At almost 87 years old I’d be an easy target.

      I had a bright red “Trump 2020” hat that I had only worn around the house. One day I took it off the hook, put it on and went shopping. My wife questioned me as to whether or not I was willing to wear it in public and risk a confrontation. I considered hanging it up again “to make her feel better,” but with some trepidation I headed out.

      Mind you, I live in Portland (the belly of the beast) so trundling along on my electric scooter, I took special note of all the ‘Black Lives Matter’ yard signs and when I finally got to the store I wanted I realized that no-one had seemed to notice what I was wearing except one man who said “Nice hat.” I wore it again yesterday and today too. Again, one person commented favorably as opposed to zero negative remarks.

      That red hat won’t last forever, but while it’s still around I’ll wear it proudly. I’m through hiding!


  8. Biden is using a page out of the Ubangi playbook. Not 3 months
    after he was sworn in, a FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) document was
    distributed to all government agencies. It stated that veterans, gun,
    owners, private militias, Christian’s, etc. were to be considered
    national security threats. Someone leaked the document. At
    least we know know who is pulling Biden’s strings.

    This time it’s much worse! George Orwell got one thing wrong. Big
    Brother did not come in the form of a government agency, but a
    cabal of private enterprise. The American people willingly invited BB
    into their homes. People are being deplatformed, banned and even
    even losing their jobs if they are Republicans or Trump supporters.

    People also invited digital snitches like Alexa into their homes. Our
    smartphones and GPS equipped cars track our every movement.
    The KGB, Stasi, and Hitlers SS cum in their pants over modern
    computer technology. The first course of action should be to
    start a movement to get every moderate and conservative to
    delete their social media accounts. Hit them in their pocket book!

    Remove the Google Maps app from your smartphone and find a
    way to disable your cars GPS system. Buy maps or use Map-
    Quest and print out your destinations. When the roundups and
    gun confiscations begin why should make it easy for them to find us?

    People inside the Biden administration are openly calling for
    reeducation camps. We know what comes next, gulags and
    eventually death camps. If you have to bug out consider a
    passive GPS system. A smartphone is lik a tracking beacon!


    • Leonard, selecting ‘disable’ GPS or Google Maps only prevents you using it, the cunts still track you to sell your data. Your other idea of old style navigation is best. People say “Oh, but I need my phone for business reasons.”, or “I need to be connected to modern life.” Well then get out of that business, leave your connected modern life, it’s all globo=pedo sham, to be stripped from you at their whim and will.


    • GPS *is* a passive system – let me back up and say that a GPS ONLY system is passive, it can be “spliced” into a system that can transmit the co-ordinates to who knows where. Cell phones, eh? And, if you turn it off, is it REALLY off??
      The solution is simple, you simply TURN OFF the phone and put it in a foil-lined bag. Sure, you won’t receive any calls, but is that such a big deal?
      Potato chip bags work rather well and are cheap! Clean out the grease and salt first, boyos…

      Just one of many things to consider.


      • P.S. – Our PTB are thinking of a “Miles traveled” road tax. See me if you want details on easy ways to spoof/destroy those systems…


      • I’ve been told that even turned off, a cellphone will continue to log position data, and can upload it as soon as it’s turned back on. And it’s often not GPS location data, but simply cell-tower location data. The foil bag is an impromptu Faraday cage to prevent any radio signal in or out.
        I don’t have a vehicle GPS, but if I did, I’d look into a disconnect for its antenna. Ideally a switch that could re-enable it if needed for an emergency.
        Out here in the Oregon Outback, there are a lot of “no signal” areas. Our phones will suck their batteries down in a matter of hours as they keep trying to connect to a cell tower, so we either turn them off or leave them plugged into their chargers.


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