6 thoughts on “I Swear It’s The Stone Cold Truth

  1. Half a second? My eyes have been scoping your boobs for at least three minutes and have taken at least two minutes to check your ass out. Your eyes will be gotten to eventually. Believe me, I am not into women that quick, being the old fart fuck them I am, I want to see you cook and eat a meal first and then want to check out your bedroom and bathroom to make sure it ain’t over run with feminine products and toiletries…


      • Actually Johno, I do not like kids and will not date women that have them or older women that either have custody of their daughter’s kid or claim to me that their grandchildren are be all and end all of their pathetic lives…


  2. Darlin’, there is only one thing I want “into you”. I’m only here for a good time, not a long one. Especially seeing as how when I looked into your eyes; I saw the back, of the inside, of your head.

    Like Cederq, I will have been checking out a nice looking woman for quite some time, and not even get noticed for it. There is an art to being a discreet lecher. If she sees me looking, it is because I wanted her to catch me. All part of the game, I don’t get to play anymore. The wife tends to get annoyed.
    No sense of humor.

    Whitehall, NY


    • Damn wives are like that, no humor at all… I too thought the same, there is no soul there. I look at gals today and I wonder at times what is keeping her skull from collapsing.


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