The Coming Awakening

There is going to be a MASSIVE Red Pilling of the American Public coming whether the Deep State tries to avoid it or not.

As a matter of fact, it is well under way right this minute.

The blatant theft of the last Presidential election, the absolute lack of any meaningful response to it by ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY, is going to eat away like a corrosive acid at the back of peoples minds from here on out.

As soon as the results of the decisions and mandates being made by The Usurper start manifesting and we start our slow slide into Venezuela and these things start getting unmistakably noticeable by John Thumb In His Ass Public then the true grass roots resistance is going to start in earnest.

It is inevitable at this point.

Then we are going to see just how much of the true American spirit there is left in this country and just how creative the younger generations can be because this is going to wind up right in their laps.

Old Boomers like me and my generation can only do so much and hopefully some of that will be a large transfer of knowledge.

The younger generations hate our guts but at least some of them will be smart enough to figure out that not all knowledge comes from a few finger strokes on a keyboard.

Maybe, just maybe that wrinkled up crotchety old bastard down the street has a few things going on after all.

We also tend to have a few more resources at hand.

One way or another we are going to find out.

The new illegitimate government has already vowed to come after us and I’m sure they are gearing up to do just that.

We are going to see just how good at herding cats these fuckers are.

Because there are a shit ton of us cats out here.

14 thoughts on “The Coming Awakening

  1. Too little, too late.

    The Dems lost a shit-ton of votes that went to Biden. And yet nothing happened… Open fraud and theft of votes and nothing happened.

    People keep saying “We’ll vote them out in 2 years and in 4 years and and and…” Vote? Like we’ll ever win an election again. They stole the 2018 election, they tried to steal the 2016 election, they stole the 2014 election, they stole the 2012 election, they stole the 2010 election, they stole the 2008 election, they stole the 2006 election, they tried to steal the 2004 election.

    Every year since, well 1994, they’ve gotten better and bolder at stealing the vote. Every year. The 2020 elections? They didn’t even bother hiding the vote theft during the primaries. It was just as bad and blatant. But…. “Baa-baa-baa, weesa gonna votsa themsa outsa officesa, baaa-baa-baa.”

    Nope, won’t believe it till the bloated corpses go ‘splat’ off the roof of the Capital where they’ve been hung as examples of traitors. But my fear is we’re going to be the bloated corpses.

    Awakening? The outer districts in the Hunger Games were awake. Fuck, in Communist China right now the Ughars and Mongols are awake and fighting and what good is it doing for them? What, after 8 years of the Ughar Homodor, on the almost last day of his administration, the US finally comes out and calls China on their shit?

    What about calling out California or New York or Illinois or Michigan or New Mexico or Blue-Colorado or Washington (state and district of) or Oregon or Hawaii or or or or…

    Red pill all you want, I won’t believe it.


  2. A long time ago, somebody on the internet said that if voting accomplished anything, they would make it illegal. That person was wrong. They made it irrelevant. Plan accordingly.


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    • Dude, you poor bastard!
      What a fucking nightmare.
      I guess I’m kind of weird in yet another way.
      If a computer dies on me or I lose my data I just shrug my shoulders and move on.
      Like Carlin used to say, it’s just stuff.


      • Yeah, but I spent years compiling my media library using
        ANT Movie Database and I would lose thousands of DSLR
        pics going back 10 years.

        PS Do you or any of your readers have a line on.a good
        real-time backup software solution? Too much of the
        shit I have looked at today are cloud based. I wouldn’t
        put a picture of my fucking cat in the cloud given the
        big tech/big government environment.

        I used see USB HD based external drives that came with
        installed backup software. Old school local solutions
        are what I’m looking for.


        • I back up to a 1TB solid stage drive, but I have no where near the library you have Leonard. Sorry about your ‘puter problems… life is a bitch then like Phil, ya go out and buy another.


  4. I can tell your pretty much correct Phil, lot of people my neck of the woods who long as ive known them never said much in any way of such matters are actually expressing particularly lucid and rational concerns. Not much question they understand theres a whole lot of stuff thats not only just not right but so out of hand FUBAR peaceful redress isnt gonna cut it.
    They are also pretty much of a mind there’s not much for it but its gonna be a fight, so much so theres not much to discuss about it, that put your hrad down bite the bullet and make your stand.
    Its not anything about advocating violent or extreme measures, its thats what is coming toward them, and its what it is, and you do what needs doing.
    Quiet cold resolve. With some pretty deep disgust in the form, how its unacceptable that it has been maliciously forced upon them where it doesnt have to be this way, is deliberately taken out of the equation.

    Put good solid folks who live the way that good folks stay out of trouble live, keep their mouths shut, do the right thing no matter what, and only want to be left alone with what scraps are left after bad folks steal and swipe just about everyting, you pit there backs up against the wall, tying them to a whipping post, as scape goats, used as a form of plausible deniability to take everything not nailed down, it creates a kind of resolve, in people who havent an iota of fear in em. And it aint only the men folks, its the Ladies, our women folk, only like they can, who understand the score. Its them who are going to make the call, we make our stand here, we got you men’s back, and its time to count coup. We draw the line and its on.

    I got no way to describe it better than that. Can say when our old ladies get like that aint no doubts about shit.
    Takes a serious lot of stupid bullshit to get them in such a state. Your like wow, thought never see this day. In certain ways its actually prety cool, but it aint either if you get my drift. Serious business.
    The Ladies are like that, funny creatures sometimes. I aint making fun of them here on that score, take it dead nuts serious. Its good to know they got our backs. Its gonna be bad enough as it is looking. That kind of support is good to have and depend on, but more so there is those who care about you. Thats gonna count for a lot when shit gets really nasty and you got to do shit but for the grace of God good men fear to go, cause some of that shit is hard to come back from. Killing time once you go there, some dont come back from. This aintvlike some war where you go fight in a farcoff place, and after you go back home, this is our home, these fuckers it aint enough they got to take everything, they want to destroy everything, its ours, we never started any of this crap, this is our homes, our country, there was nothing wrong with it, we was good to it, it was good to us, and now we are the enemy cause we only want to keep and perserve what is and always been whats righfully ours, to begin with.

    It dont get any more fucked up then that. This is why its war to the knife, to the tooth, and who in their right mind has any desire for that, other than it is what it is and you got to fight, its honor and virtue stacked up on top of literal survival. Thats where the fuckers are pushed our backs up against the wall.

    Its certain lots more complicated, but when you get down to the nitty griity its no more complicated than theres no reason, no purpose, nothing worth giving this motherfuckers an iota of mercy or quarter, we gave everything already for the sake of going along to get along, and even that sacrifice and tolerance and especially prudence was not enough, and even worse, we are charged with being bad folks for doung that last disgusting bitter pill for the sake of something better anything better than going at it to the knife and nails.

    Well, aint like the sonofabitches werent warned. We all certainly gave them every chance reason and excuse to simply back the fuck off and leave us be.
    They want a fucking fight, a fucking fight you shall get.
    Dont start bitching when you find out you made the worst fucking mistake anyone in human history could make fucking with us men of the west. Ladies too. Even us free men dont screw with our old ladies.

    Aint really much to say about it for all that. We all got a lick of sense have understood whatsxat stake and is barreling down the pike at us. They set shit up so we was in a position where it was always too early to shoot the fuckers, sly ruthless bullshit thats what it is. Managed that by really fucking with our codes is what. Maybe it dont matter, maybe it does, who the fuck knows, but do they understand how truly fucking mean good peaceful christian minded folks like us get when you violate everything we got?

    Im glad I aint one of those fucking insects, its not us gonna end up exterminated before this business is done. Thats the kind of war they are jonesing for, and like the man says careful what you whish for, you might just get it.
    Aint a matter of might. Its inevitable.

    Only thing i got a question about, its nobody can be that stupid to fuck with us like they be, and that right there for me at least says everything.


    • Once again you have driven the nail to the head with one blow.
      When the wimmin’s say enough is enough then it’s On Like Donkey Kong and there ain’t No Quarter.
      Total Scorched Earth after all is said and done.
      In the Old West one of the most gruesome deaths a man could have the misfortune of dying was at the hands of the Comanche squaws.
      If you done pissed off the Conservative Women of this country to the point they say GO then you have done fucked up in a terminal fashion.


      • Not realy dude, i only probably said what we all intuitively already are sensing and understand on the amygdala gut level. Its evident in a lot of comments here. But its darn hard to articulate clearly.
        And thats a really good thing, means folks are getting more in sync on the same frequency, its the preference cascade goes on when the Zeigeist happenes.
        The God Emperor, he be the master of the human troll, a good troll of course, and understands us better than we our selves. We be lucky waaaaaaaaay more than we appreciate now, the guy showed up and put it on the line for us all. Any woman worth her salt as a red blooded American female might understand and appreciate that in ways us mens dont because we are thinking like women, naturally, like it worse inversely vice versa. They arent the ones who wave spears and rifles and run off to battle. Diff instincts diff motives. Real different.

        Dollars to donuts lot of the Ladies very much admire and care about Donald Trump, after all the guy is an Alpha dog, definately a gentleman, a truely successful man, and decent hearted soul. How is is treated by our enemy could not have made the girls comfortable in the first, as time passed and it got downright sadistic, criminal, wouldnt surprize me the ol’ maternal/nurture instincts kicked into OD.

        My wife and her best friend really admire the guy, its no way idol worship, its not political, those two dont have a political bone between them, its they see Trump as a good man with virtue and integrity.

        After 5 years of the clown stupidity and now this election coup, well, enoughs enough especially now their openly threatening everything such woman stand for. Add in watching the nasty cabal shills like nancy palsi and the other hags, and the foulness of the yellow media kunts, their unrestrained depravity, i imagine its a certain kind of humiliation, to have the worst kind of beasts of you sex/species foisted upon you as models of virtue signalling and lofted to positions of moral superiority. Its got to rankle and turn your puce in way us Mens dont experience.
        Though from a personal perspective, aint much more in a man, and even using that designatir for the fucking faggots and shitstains running shit, sometimes it requires moments of grace you never knew existed not to let hatred get the better of you, for the scum and villinay who betray and violate us.
        You know like, fuck this shit its time to take out this garbage and burn it to ashes with thermite. I just dont want to let blood rage and berserker madness get the better of me exactly because of these fucking auto-degenerates really should be hanging from lamp posts long ago till their carcasses rot and fall away.
        So imagine, whats it like for the Ladies right? After all they be the gentler and fairer sex, at least the ones not turned into psyco’s by programming them into having them murder the little lives inside them, not to mention the other forms of mind fucks used to destroy the matriarchy of our culture. There’s a universe of diff between the two types. A fucking gulf.

        When the woman folk tell us its time to take care of this thing, like you say its on like donkey kong, (and nobody is paying much attention to this either, thats a kind of disenfranchisement in itself).
        Dont mess with mother nature.

        Don’t fuck with The Matriarchy.

        It says time to jump boys, and we will be asking how high woman?
        Thats when it begins.
        Guess the question is how close are we to that? Like that warning on your off side door mirror?


  5. …and just to ad insult to injury, on his very first day, The Usurper shit canned somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 high paying jobs by revoking the Keystone pipeline permit (I’m not sure what he did was actually legal), halting construction of the southern border wall, and starting to revoke permits for Nat. gas and oil drilling in the ANWR and fracking permits in the lower 48.

    If you like paying $5.00+ a gallon for gasoline and a higher per therm price for Nat. Gas, The Usurper is your man. The Saudis, the Iranians and the Russians are just licking their chops at all of the oil and nat. gas they’re going to be selling us over the next four years. Not to mention, that food prices will be going thru the roof when transportation costs start going up astronomically.

    BOHICA and it’s only Day 2 of the next four years.


    • Yeah, but just think, The God Emperor showed us what its like without these cabal shitstains and their shills wrecking everything to profit off our misery and loss. Thats not be accident. Think too, how he emplored us to be nice in spite of the assholes, dont let them suck us into their relentless traps and ambushes, but to have grace and perservere, remain prudent. Million good reasons for that. But theres some special aspects to it and they really matter, they count big time, Trump’s trying to get us to see it from a better perspective. Yeah is for shit what they do, they didnt waste a second, truth is all this fucking out of the gate bullshit, it could only happen because they had it prepared weeks months in advance, it dont get any more foul premeditated than that and time tells no lies, its aabsolute.
      So you take this all in contrast to President Trump’s honorable honest actions and leadership, and these fucking cabal insects really look to us like they never before seemed to us, dispicable, totally absolutely unacceptable, and its all to FUCK us over.

      Folks say bah! What plan. Follow the plan, some joke we been played for suckers.
      That either shills, or people who cant believe in good things can happen, takes all kinds ya know right?

      Theres plans and then theres plans. Like you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.
      Or my favorite by Tom Baugh:
      ” Its not that you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, its not you teach a man to fish you feed a village, its that the idea is even possible in the first place”

      Dude, we been subjects of a war on our hearts and minds long time now, in effects its been about denying us even the idea America was, and is this incredible place where there’s so much wealth and prosperity, so much happiness and security, that nobody can fuck with us, we be too strong and vital people.
      These fucking insects been bit by bit, cut by cut, creating a fake United States, and making us the villain. Its about control. Absolute power.

      Is it a wonder why they killed JFK, Andrew Breitbart, LeVoy Finnicum, Randy Weavers wife Vicky, why they ran guns to the Mex catels and rammed airliners into the twin towers, or all this latest shit, including 24-7 hate Trump?
      They do not want us to know the truth of things.
      Because they know they are dead motherfuckers if they cant keep us down.

      Trump totally defied them and irrevocably altered the dialectic.

      It Is The Plan.
      Its how you beat these fucking scumbags. Then you fucking shoot them.


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