No Cackling This Time, I Promise.

Yes sir, I am happier than a clam at high tide.

I was practicing on a hunk of scrap that I had butchered up with a cut off wheel.

I had already made a couple of practice passes, the dang end mill came loose on the first one right at the very end but I caught it before anything bad happened.

I am still waiting on several pieces of tooling to get here so I can use actual collets to hold the end mills but I scrounged up some T nuts and a used end mill a buddy gave me well over a year ago and just had to give it a whirl.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I see a few related side projects are going to be in order, some kind of mobile screening to go around this thing to catch chips for one. Mills and lathes are very messy and throw chips several feet in all directions. I have my vacuum cleaner sitting within reach to do some spot cleaning after each pass.

I also see that the gibs for the table that I thought I had snugged up need to be gone over again but as you can see, the machine does work.

I would like to thank Paul again for thinking of me when he decided that this machine needed to go away because I believe that I am going to be loving this little unit for as long as the Good Lord allows me to be able to use it.

13 thoughts on “No Cackling This Time, I Promise.

  1. You and the machine are no longer a virgin! Proud of ya Boy! The first chips are to be savored, save some and put them in a jar so you can gaze fondly years later… I envy you, wish I was closer, we could be best buds. Scares ya don’t it?

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  2. Beautiful!
    I just got a new cut-off saw from a buddy myself.
    Today I’ve framed in a hog trap for sale.
    Tomorrow I get to get my hand on some panel.
    Got in a whole 18 hours of official work this week, in Dallas.
    Took me a day not talking about it not to Fedpoast.

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  3. Climb milling? Do you want Irish to yell at you? I also know what to get you for your birthday, (whenever that may be) – a tripod for your camera. I almost had a seizure while you were cranking the table across.
    Most excellent, Phil. I am very pleased that this is turning out good for you.

    Whitehall, NY


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