Cute But It Begs A Couple Of Questions

Where do you keep the ammo and is there a back bumper to stand on so you can fire the damn thing?

I can also see that thing walking around from the recoil.

Nice Isetta though.

13 thoughts on “Cute But It Begs A Couple Of Questions

  1. I believe that one gets filed under “concept car”. By the time it gets through Committee the production model will be a VW diesel Rabbit with a lever-action .22 on the roof….

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  2. The car is an Isetta. It came from the same company
    that made the Iso Griffo. The Isetta is under powered
    shoebox and the whole front is the door. The dash-
    board and steering wheel swing out with the door. The
    Griffo is a Euro-muscle car with a big-block Chevy
    V8. The top end is about 185 mph. They are rare
    and very expensive in restored condition.


  3. Brings up questions, asks questions, doesn’t beg them. That phrase has a specific meaning and that’s not what you mean here. You ought to know that by now.

    Does the shooter sit on the roof with legs hanging inside?


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