In Case There Was Ever Any Doubt, A Web Search For Antifa Dot Com Now Redirects You To The Whitehouse Website

If you don’t believe me try it yourself., go ahead, Google it.

24 thoughts on “In Case There Was Ever Any Doubt, A Web Search For Antifa Dot Com Now Redirects You To The Whitehouse Website

  1. Trump’s letter to pedo=joe, he handed off on walking out the white house door for Maralago.

    Might be a LARP.
    Be just what the master if the troll and shitlord in chief would do.
    Its totally LMFAO funny either way.

    This stuff makes me believe there is a grand design.
    Is it me, or are you guys recognizing what complete total clowns these latest usurpers are?
    I mean, slept the best sleep in months, peaceful, woke up with a sense things will turn out very well, nothing particular, except the total clown show is transparently ridiculous. Was thinking it would be a great opportunity if the FBI were to come knocking on my door, so I could have my clown horn ready, give it a couple squeezes, laugh my ass off, and slam the door in their faces. Be really delicious to tell them straight in the eye, remark, now buddy, why in the world would i be stupid enough to talk with the largest organized crime gang that exists? Are we done here? Because I’m done, see ya.

    Alynski Rule’s Biatchez.

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      • Fight to live another day to fight again.
        Avoid getting sucked into straight up force on force battles, its total OODA Loop way or the dirt nap.

        Ain’t no large nation state safe, working from far away, going to be sending support and arms to us domestic rebells. We is all we have. Nothing to scoff at. Improvisational guerrilla war is us.

        Understand, its no councidence that. we been set up.
        We will be the first true grass roots authentic insurgency, ah, allow me correct that please, We Are, the only authentic grass roots insurgency, (they have made sure the stigmata of that sticks like glue to us in preperation), who will fight a State Tyranny alone, unaided, totally self armed and equipped, open source leaderless organized, but for a myriad of small units across the whole land, working independently, in common cause, for our homes and country, and freedom.

        All insurgencies in the last two centurys have been supported by remote nation state interests, without exception, like North Vietnam, which was totally supplied by the Soviet and chi-coms, along with our own fomestic traitors in the seamp and media, providing succor for the commies.
        In all cases all historical “insurgencies” have been proxies, with the only exception it seems is the Great Nation State of Texas. Before it got suckered into joining the Union.

        We have purposefully been put with our backs into the wall. It is by design. The intent is we will work without outside help, making for short work to take us out. The general idea that is.
        Believe you me, Brother, they remember the Colonial Patriots had the French and some other minor outside support which may have been all the difference in the final outcome.
        Our enemy has a 2000 year memory. Why do you suppose states like Mass, Virginia, North Carolina, NH VT have been converged and infiltrated with statist soros usurpers in every facet of their state governments?

        No 1775’s. No 1859’s. No 1609 Jamestowns. No French Indian War Captain Stark’s and his superb 4th G infantry warfare combat soldiers, to fight later at Kings Mountain and other decisive battles, as the Lee’s did, and turned the tide of war for liberty.
        There’s a sound doctrinal reason why the North East Corrider been turned into a geographical police state choke point, to stop the movement of men and arms of future insurgency, and to quell any future uprising from historical places, which are part of and birth places of the only successful slave revolt ever fought.

        Fight on your ground, at your time of choosing, strike where they do not expect, hit their rear and soft centers of power and support, always use the flank and defilade, remain tacticly prudent at all times, strike hard strike strike fast conserve men, and live to fight again.
        Thats how we will fight successfully. Not much option about it. But the great American fighting spirit is epitomised in fighting cut off, surrounded. Its a true fighting spirit, virtue of character and can do mindset attitude.

        Its what you get with Freemen of The West as citizen soldiers. The Colonial model of The Whole of The Militias is predicated on this. Its why the clinton regime set its armed badged legbreakers loose on Ruby Ridge, the 80’s-90’s Citizen Militias, the Branch Davidien’s, the Western cattle Rancher’s, and the latest redux, we the Insurrectionists formely known as The Tea Party, Deplorable’s, now we are the Ungovernable’s as our God Emperor has been deposed. For a time.

        Oh yeah Dude. We are in for some fun. They cant back down, time is perishable, it can not be resupplied, its use it or lose it. They squandered 5 years betting the house on She who They thought She could Never lose.
        One awesome aspect, its one fucking target rich environment. Alexander the great summed it up oretty goid, he who defends everything defends nothing, and no battle plan survives contact with your enemy. Besides, us armed to the teeth Insurectionist’s, as The Dutchman said it, we still get to vote.
        Nobody has ever gone up against so many shitlords armed to the fucking teeth, like us.

        Honestly, i keep asking what are these clowns thinking? Is their military/use of force plans controlled by ideological doctrainiare, overseers? Its one thing running black bloc terror operations, protracted struggle ay what and all that. Make everything political as possible in all ways. You get that straight out of the comintern handbooks. Hell, the regime change quislings of the Christians In Action secret squierrel club wrote most of them. Paint by number terror, low intensity conflict, when you are operating free without return fire, thats one thing, but when your assets start to get the dirt nap, and have to work around no go zones and insurgency counter denial of terrain op’s, its a whole diff kettle of fish. Its stuff where you need ordered organized counter insurgency assets, and those are never high quantity resources, in fact the same clowns, been purging the ranks of that soldier and military thinking/experience. Besides its a high perishable commodity, which has a serious learning cirve to maintain never mind create after you shitcanned it. And the cabals mall ninja psycophant legion are not true counter insurgency grade material.

        Having difficulty trying to piece together what OpFor has for a cogent realistic practical, effective operational plan.
        This is decisive warfare to the tooth.
        Yeah, the technical warfare end of it they got the money and weapons, the respurces, they own that battle space. Still small unit infantry combat is small unit infantry combat. They have to take out terriitory, hold it, protect it. No matter what they got to take a kid with a rifle and boots and pit him on that ground, and keep it.
        Its a big ass fucking country. It ain’t Serbia or Ukraine, Iraq or the Levant. Its the USofA. 3 time zones, 8 weather zones, 4 environmental climates, with big ass mountain ranges, amazon size rivers up the ass, every sort of optimal insurgents dream geography, with all the natural resources one could desire for self sustainable underground grass roots operations. And a whole nation of high skilled makers and craftsman, a million mom and pop and garage machine and metal fab shops.

        Who the fuck is making the command decisions to grap the tiger by the tail and spin it around over their heads for a look see thinking when their finished the tiger will go back to sleep?

        Its a serious question.
        Are these fucking clowns this fucking ignorant or blinded by their absolute arrogance in their superiority?

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        • I think it a combination of arrogance and ignorance. They truly think us deplorables, uneducated, pliable and domesticated.
          Their whole lives spent sipping cocktails and scheming and plotting, but never really doing, always having it done for them.
          They truly have no idea the hell they have unleashed upon themselves.
          Dribs and drabs, here and there. Death from a thousand cuts I believe it is called.


          • what you say makes a lot of sense, way you state its good too.
            Theres just too much goid in this country, too many good folks, its been like a splinter in my mind, how you could not see that and not have the critical thinking to see the implications, the inferences, you got to have lost some cheeses off your cracker your gonna bring an iron fist and jackboot down on it without retribution on a scale has no comparative on history.

            The question, could they be, are they really, that fucked in the heads?
            Time for a self sanity check. Are my eyes telling me what im seeing?
            So as you say, yeah may be they are.
            Thanks, really appreciate you and your comment.

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    • Some master hack pulls off a master troll?
      Phsycological warfare is like tracers, they work both ways.
      Perfect timing, have the hack ready freddy, at 12:01 hit the BFYTW key, the clown shows so busy rushing the offal office they dont notice for hours or days antifart is linked right to


      Alynskis rules for radicals are like tracers too.
      “Ridicule is your most potent weapon”
      Pick the target, freeze it, islolate it, hammer it ruthlessly.

      Trump mentioned couple times about luck, he whished joe good luck, how he will need it. How they had done, were doing such a good job and he had faith in their ability to do the right thing. Snark.


      • Actually no. has been linking directly to the biden for president page for weeks now. At noon today they redirected to


      • …and here it is 08:40 AM on 21-JAN and the link is STILL UP. So either the Biden team is too stupid to recognize when they’re being trolled OR it’s intentional. Time to send them an inquiry asking them WTH? or maybe we should tell CFP and let Kane take the bull by the horns. Yeh, that’s the one.


  2. I think the phrases ‘far left’ or ‘radical left’ is inaccurate.

    Based on everything I see, that bunch is the middle of the political spectrum.
    Deplorables face far greater threats than a bunch of screaming pansies and gender-study princesses.


  3. Ok we lost totally Illegitimately are we going to lay down and die?
    Those of you who lost the will to even vote. I get it, so did I, no point, but you can make them FEAR us, and they do after the capital excursion. “Suck it up and drive on” ( for those that have been in the military). “Keep the skeer up” to quote a military genius. Why Do you think there is so many people at the capital right now and not after the blamtifa fuckfest?

    It’s a shit sammich, no doubt. Voting isn’t the answer. Everyone here knows what that.

    The media controls the Populous, start there. Traitors are a close second. Democrats are what they are.

    If the won’t respect you you must make them fear you. There is no other way.


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