WordPress Does Another Round Of Deplatforming. Bookmark My Alternate Sites Now

They took down Defensive Training Group and Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines in the middle of the night last night.

I’ve already had a Troll threaten me with the TOS ban a few days ago so I know damn good and well it;’s just a matter of time until they push the button on this place too.


Ya can’t stop the signal Mal.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve in anticipation of their fuckery.

First off, ,

The Vulgar Curmudgeon is still up and running.

Bookmark it and if this place goes dark, stop by there first.

Then I have another one that has been dormant for a long time that I think I am going to start posting at because I think that you will agree, the name says it all.

Antidote To Tyranny.

Then there is a third option if they don’t just ban my IP outright to try and shut me up,

Bustednuckles V2.0

Yes I know, they are all Blogger sites.

If worse comes to worse, one or all may give me time to scramble and find another service provider.

That shit costs money though.

I have backed up this site a few times and have already tried to export the files to some of these other sites but the transfer stops every single time.

It’s a huge file and I ain’t a tech guru. I have no idea why it’s doing that.

Again, if worse comes to worse, I may have to open the .zip file onto a thumb drive or external hard drive and do it piece meal.

That would take a huge amount of time and effort though.

In the mean time, be prepared to see more and more of our voices silenced as I believe these Commie Fucks are just getting warmed up.

They are absolutely giddy with their ability to shut people up using the cover of the Left.

If anyone has any ideas that a simple mechanic type dude could implement I’m all ears.

If you haven’t started reaching out to anyone even close to being local at this point I think you need to start scrambling to get a network going.

For now, you can get a hold of me through the blog by hitting the contact form at the top and filling in the blanks.

41 thoughts on “WordPress Does Another Round Of Deplatforming. Bookmark My Alternate Sites Now

  1. Will do. I’m Thee Frugal Curmudgeon so don’t take that one.

    If you don’t follow Pete Santilli .mobi or the X22 Report (Everything X22 tab), check out their sites. They use a “landing page” with links to all their “alternate sites”.

    A site that is call “What does it mean .com” has a list of alternatives to Big Tech part way down their page at “This Is An American Resistance Information Website”.

    Telegraph and Gab seem to be the most recommended options right now. Don’t use Signal.

    Brighteon .com is run by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and is funded by him.

    Of course, you old dog you, will have a learning curve to use any of them. And then you have to migrate your followers.

    Check out Porkbun for very cheap domain registration and get your own domain. Start there and then link out to your other locations.

    I hope this helps more than overwhelms.

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    • Yeah most of that went right over my head.
      I’ll be getting in touch with people who know more than just how to turn a computer on like me to see if I can get some help.
      They will probably know what you are talking about.
      I appreciate you trying to help me very much though.

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  2. As someone put it on another site we pretty much have to consider ourselves as occupied territory and behind enemy lines now. I wish my father was still alive. He lived through five years of Nazi occupation in his youth. I got a few stories but there were more I know I never heard about. But he would be able to give some practical advice now that I would never have appreciated ten years ago. Who would have thought it would come to this here?

    Here is a post by Anonymous Conservative on how to blog anonymously. It may have some helpful tips for what your trying to do. He seems to know what he’s doing. Good discussion in the comments, too.


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    • We might be in occupied territory, but this time there is a difference. The occupiers homes and families are within our reach. Sooner later, an oppressor has to make a decision to go to work today or stay home and guard what’s his.

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  3. for site back up consider parsing in smaller bits. Larger data loads could be blocked by provider, exceeding bandwidth or a security feature designed to combat hackers.

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  4. I think the main objective has been to shut up the open wild west of liberty of free speech in our digital age, the Colonial Era method of communication between free folks; the pamphlet wars, posted in town and village centers and at town pens, it being the simple comment thread on blogs.

    The trolls shills and agent provocateurs infesting all manner of open free speech on the webs made it evident for years now. All you had to do was watch the skin-suits of hate and subversion these foul cabal insects wore on WRSA to understand the almost unimaginable scope of fear and contempt globo=pedo and its minions has for Free dirt people, to speak and think without their permission. We are the Ungovernable’s. Such audacity, the utter outrage of our motive power and can-do attitude, how dare us defy.

    Wrote a piece on this in 2007 for The Post&Email, it was my first totally independent piece of citizen investigative journalism, because it just completely gob smacked me what being able to put your 2 cents in publicly without any limitations back in those days was. It was amazing to me really. Still is. This made our great country a village, and we will see, it leads to the defeat and extermination of an organized evil which has infested our Earth, God’s green Earth, for centuries, as the epic lyrics in Sympathy For The Devil says.

    The rest is of course something couldn’t be any more obvious.

    When they memory you Phil, shit will have dropped in the pot in totality.
    Thats my redline I know its time and all limitations are null and void.
    Because if these insects turn off the lights here, it means it has gone existentiallypersonal, like there’s no limits how far they intend to go against us good folks who, all we ever asked for was simply to be left alone. It is us our them. Nothing else. Period.

    Not that I personally have any doubts whatsoever where all this is heading.
    It’s a line they will cross, and by doing so, signifies nothing nor anyone with a good bone in their body is safe or sacred.

    Up Their Arses Boy’s

    It is not Satan Mick is singing about here.
    It is cabal.
    It is something so foul, it permeates every facet of our lives.
    It is everywhere.
    It infests everything.
    You see it when you go to the DMV, when you pay your taxes at your town hall.
    When you turn and smile at the person behind you in line at the supermarket.
    When you see some strange person looking your way, or driving the car that cut you off and slowed you down, the one where you work that heads up the HR department who cancelled your health insurance, by accident, the family friend who molested you, a co-worker who smiles to your face and meanwhile sticks a knife in your back.
    It is everywhere, its been there long as you have lived.
    It is incomprehensible.
    Because good folks do not do such things to each other.
    What IT is is beyond any rational normal thinking.
    It hides in plain sight.
    And it is there to fuck with our minds, herd us in desired directions, de-moralize us, subvert our thinking, destroy our time honored traditions, wreck our codes, and eliminate our 2000 year culture.
    Because, its pure evil in every sense.
    And we, us American dirt people, from our Athenian, Greco, and Spartan Roman, Christian ancestors to right this fucking second, have defeated it at every turn in all its time.

    We will again.
    Nothing so evil can be left to exist.
    It’s afraid like no time before, people’s are starting to catch on, something isn’t right, a Zeitgeist is forming, a preference cascade is developing, a great gestalt is born and its taking its first breaths, people are becoming aware as never before, it is in the purest meaning of the word, a Paradigm, a sea change in thinking, which can not be permitted, at all costs, because operating on the fringes of darkness is its greatest strength. If it become known, what IT is, its defeated, it can no longer operate.

    And this one guy, named Donald Trump, dragged it kicking and screaming into the sunlight of the truth.
    All The God Emperor offered us was The Truth.

    You know what it is I speak of.

    “Sympathy For The Devil”

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul and faith

    I was ’round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    I stuck around St. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Killed the Tzar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain

    I rode a tank
    Held a general’s rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made

    I shouted out,
    “Who killed the Kennedys?”
    When after all
    It was you and me

    Let me please introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    And I laid traps for troubadours
    Who get killed before they reach Bombay

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, hit it

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s confusing you
    Is just the nature of my game

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    Cause I’m in need of some restraint

    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

    Um yeah
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, um yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    Um mean it, get down

    Woo, who
    Oh yeah, get on down

    Oh yeah
    Oh yeah!
    Tell me baby, what’s my name
    Tell me honey, can ya guess my name

    Tell me baby, what’s my name
    I tell you one time, you’re to blame
    Ooo, who
    Ooo, who

    Ooo, who
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who

    Ooo, who, who
    Oh, yeah
    What’s my name
    Tell me, baby, what’s my name

    Tell me, sweetie, what’s my name
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who

    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who
    Ooo, who, who

    Oh, yeah

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  5. Phil- from your 1-10-21 post on Vulgar Curmudgeon “…and yank the controls out of their hands.” I completely agree. How the hell we do this? Maybe I’m missing something.

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      • This looks Brave, avoids the whole HTTP digital piracy domain, made the jump to becoming a total replacement, using safe IPFS protocol, most promising, by-passes the centralized masters of the universe centralized monopoly server controls.
        Lot of sound reason to trust VD’s advice, he’s the king of alt-platforms.


        Beyond VPN right?
        So maybe its your answer to implementing new security measures without needing an MIT degree? Looks that way to me.

        Talking about Alt-Platforms and advantages of open source, VD’s Info Galactic, Planetary Knowledge Core, which he and his team set up and heads, is outstanding.
        It’s like this entire world unseen of info, its a real dandy, like a time machine back to before the revisionists and humanists started memory holing and revising science and history, wonderful, with present time research and historical accounting tolled together, what wikipedia was sold as instead of the revisionist shithole of lies and subversion it is. Every time I’ve used InfoGalactic has resulted in excellent results. Heres the main page link:


        Took a while for it to get going, the last 6 months its really bloomed into the best single source knowledge source exists. The resources for health and medicine alone have helped me to completely turn around things, to the point my Doc told me my latest blood work has showed “Remarkable changes with return to normative levels she is amazed to see”. All I did was follow research linkage within the Planetary Knowledge Core, reference a latin definition book, and pick out holistic therapies with the highest efficacy rates. The shit I read is like an entire previously unknown venue, ie nobody is thought policing publication of research and findings and best ptactices.
        This shit is totally relative to everything, even the most esoteric stuff, especially the esoteric, its the OODA Loop of knowledge.

        Been looking at VD’s UnauthorizedTV and got to say it too has really taken off as a true alt-tech platform, time to give it a whirl as we cut the TV mind programming cord years ago. The costs are totally reasonable, in light there’s zero commercials, its a fucking bargain unmatched. UATV documentaries look outstanding, the series on Mid-Evil history is supposed to be a real eyeopener, the latest Tolkien documentary series gies deep into the mythology and Tokein’s reasoning.
        Been using The Castalia Books publishing when-ever I can bypass Amazon and its book burning monstrosity, which now they have bankrupted almost every book seller in the world has begun its version of Reichstag bonfire.

        Even Gutenberg Press is saying its facing severe pressure from the SJW convergence insect army and foretells it won’t be much longer before its overcome under the constant assault for its badthink of publishing only the truth verbatim, recorded down the ages, as the world has known it for eons.

        Vox Day is a true visionary, alot like TGE, who puts his money where his mouths at, if he is telling us something its because he has the knowledge to back up his words. A true case of ignore it at your peril. Not many like him and his core of associates and the unique teams of counter cyber/lawfare warriors that have coalesced to resist and fight this 5th G CyberWarr being waged against us. Its a war for hearts and minds first.

        Do you know Vox Day is a Mensa prodigy? Something like a 176 IQ, but even more so a practical nuts and bolts genius. I put great faith in what he is accomplishing. The guy is a serious as a heart attack interconnected platform/networks, warrior/leader.

        Another awesome development came to light last week, where it has been revealed the MIT fellow who originally invented the internet has been working with a team for the last 18 months in discreet quiet, creating an open source Alt-Internet, where control of your info and data is organic, a foundational component, completely at your finger tips, its built into this new web, exactly because the WWW has been hi-jacked by cabal’s cyberspace insects, which the man states “The intent is world domination”
        Notice it is published in the Indian Times:

        The Guy Who Built The World Wide Web Is Building A ‘New Internet’, Where You Control Your Data
        by Gwyn D’Mello
        Updated on Oct 01, 2018, 16:55 IST


        Resistance to tyranny is always fertile.


        Looks like they got the whole Clinton crime regime of armed badged legbreaker/hitman White Mice organ at the eff bee eye out rounding up hundreds of targeted MAGA undesirables.
        They are claiming they have interdicted straight off MAGA participants phones, approx 240,000 selfies taken on the 6th. Understand thats a quarter of a million American’s they admit to being into the core of their most private affairs, and imagine what resources they are employing to select out specific digital pics pertaining to the 6th, on phones from as many diffent area codes and local prefixes. WTF batman.
        Then a human brain must analyze and make a final determination about. Only place has this level of structured manpower which can do the job in a couple days time due to the time sensitive imperatives is the chi-com’s military cyber warrior command, may be the rural internet cruising farms/plantation they man with rural subjects too.
        I think its the same source of the collective commentary shills and trolls. Probably cadre who have been raised deliberately in America so they then when inducted into the chink .mil machine, have a native grasp of the American vernacular and online culture.

        Yet nary an antifart has been busted, in fact what I can see, none, big fat zero, more like they are “brought in” from the cold, probably the ones they need to debrief asap to obtain key, more, and corroborating intelligence, and for Potemkin legacy media optics, they are not targeting only MAGA folks, then release them back into the fringe of operational gangstalking darkness. It’s Psy-Op’s and use of threat of, The Glorious Gulag For You Comrade, all the way. Or is that the Goolag…

        There’s been the 5th column/yellow media Pulitzer & Rhodes instituted since the comintern intelligentsia infiltrated academia and journalism in the 30’s.
        This f-bee-i shit needs a new, appropriate politikal designation signifying the day, along with insidious nature, of this cabal white mice organ, “The 6th Column”.
        #BillClintonIsAPedo is a Rhodes Scholar.
        A Rhodes is now managing Fix News, another Rhodes is part of the infestation within the pedo=joe kamel=toe trojan horse regime, while a prior Rhodes brother from the previous cabal regime is opening his globo=pedo pie-hole. So many Rhodes not taken?

        I expect former eff bee eye director cum tranny pedo=hoover’s white mice, to shift into overt operational stance, come out of operating as its done for decades along the fringes of darkness and become an open police state agency doing the bidding of the open cesspit and its latest regime.
        Brave New Dystopia.

        Uh Uh. Not. Their Dystopia is Not My Utopia.
        It’s no country for us old curmudgeon’s.

        They are gonna have to do something here after the election coup. 80 million good folks know they been denied their unprecedented mandate. That translates into too many leaks in globo=pedo’s dike to plug and new leaks are forming at an increasing, on the cusp of logarithmic, rate. The stage of hitting the sources of the leaks has arrived. No doubt its been long prepared for, what we are seeing makes little sense on the face of it, is the things they can not hide. Some probably they want seen.
        Something really must be done about the Soros/Clinton/Gates/Branson regime change organ. They are back in true operational form in Central America already. Now that the trojan horse has its meathooks back in control of its federal money laundering system, they will ramp up operations. Be the perfect thing to nuke from orbit. Long past time.

        The use of State’s National Guard cadre is really interesting. Its seriously complex in its implications, and a harbinger of a next level of the encroaching police state. Has the stink of cabal’s higher order Bolshevik style centralized amerikan Nomenklatura class network all over it. It’s got all the other neo-bolshevik elements. And they really need trained, structured, infantry combat boots, on ground resources. What more expedient than using NG?
        Plus it never hurts you make war pay for war, and what better than to co-opt what your enemy paid for and supports? Taken right out of their home towns and countryside. Never mind what weapons and munitions can fall off the back of the truck into black-bloc cells hands. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Order out of chaos. And shit-stain Ayer’s manifesto dictum that 25 million MAGA raycists have to be liquidated so he and his collective can rule over the rest remaining.
        At the height of World War II, the conflict in the European theater, produced one million civilian casualties, as in dead casualties. And who knows how accurate that number is, but its unimaginable destruction and river of blood.
        So, you got to ask yourself, it comintern shitstain willie predicts its 25 million dead American’s as a baseline minimum, and thats from his 1960’s manifesto, the liquidation estimate has to increase with the US population increase, never mind the present 20-30 million illegal alien invaders, but never the less, lets stick to 25 million of us given the dirt nap, thats killing, genocide on an industrial level, against an armed to the teeth fully aware of what they are about good folks who are born into liberty, in no way can we be compared to the Kulak’s and those who perished in Mao’s great cultural revolution, none of those folks where properly if at all armed citizenry, with the blood of Liberty in them. And all that portends of just how shit-stain Ayer’s delusions can be taken to their ultimate conclusions. Might as well detonate Neutron bombs over flyover nation, wait for the brief half-life of residual radioactive decay to drop to safe levels, claim the infrastructure and industrial plant secure, and call it a day. If course all those alien invaders remaining and heading for the border, you can put to use to bury the millions of dead bodies, or maybe leave em rot, after all, you now have all the territory and its natural riches to hand for centuries. Now need to rush.

        These fuckers have transposed the standard operating doctrine of “Take The Countryside and The Cities Will Follow”, which eventually they must try to take the countryside. Can it be attempted effectively with NG troops, who are born/raised in the countryside, they are tasked with interdicting? Dollars to donuts its a fail, but a calculated fail, in order to create the Kubaki theater to justify bringing in the UN Smurfs, they to get their arses handed to them by the great honorable leaderless resistance, and then the truly vile mercenary foreign contract battalions dressed up as “international peacekeeping forces”, because those terrible racist Ungovernable’s in MAGA land need to be forced in the box cars and buses, and liquidated. Justifiably of course, its for the children and climate change.

        No question they have raised table stakes in every sense across all domains they control.
        Again and it can’t be overstated or said enough, it’s meatspace out in dirt people land that is central.
        They are attempting to get around the problem of 100 million armed to the fucking teeth Ungovernable’s and their true grass roots organic home base support system, without creating the existential mistake of a grass roots, leaderless, open source resistance, which no one nor nothing has the resources to fight. The eventual truth of that is they can not avoid it. They are only mitigating its early stages unintended consequences. The more delusional cabal is about FreeFor’s grass roots audacity actually the better. As its said never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistakes.

        Been having a running dialog with a certain delivery company driver, some interesting things have resulted. The last 6 months 1 ton of small arms ammo has ridden in his van, his route is about as rural and unpopulated as it can be east of the old Miss. Maybe upstate Maine above the line at Machias and the start of the numbered townships is more rural. A customer who has a ammo reload operation says he has a permanent customer presence in his parking lot that purchases every round he produces they can get him to sell direct on the spot, its got so desperate for ammo he is getting threats of violence to his face because some think he is deliberately refusing to sell to them. Also mentioned there’s mention in the trade 70 million totally new first time gun owners have materialized since Richmond Va. 1-20-2020. Its figured conservatively if every of those 70 million buys only two boxes of boollits, at 50 round each box, you do the maths. My calculator produces a number: 7000000000 WTF is that called?
        7,000,000,000 Billion, is that 7 billion? Seventy Thousand Million boolits?
        Whatever no wonder there’s no ammo to be found unless its triple the cost of 1 year ago.
        Same gent mentioned he has to increase his prices up-to 30% to cover the increase in wholesale component costs and shipping.

        Dude. Thats many a booloots 2 shoot at something. Just a years new booloots.
        These folks aren’t about the newest popular fad or hobby like beenybabies or my little pony.


  6. Fuckers don’t realize that if they take our words away, we’ll have to resort to gunfire to be heard. And I’ve got a lot to say.


  7. Off-topic, but I just spent several days repopulating a 2TB hard drive filled
    with my DVD collection. Even with store-bought DVDs and physical backup,
    it was a grueling job. I have many high capacity bare drives and the DVDs
    to recover from a hard drive crash. The idea was to fill a NAS media server
    with (4) 4TB drives.

    Now for the one TV series, the one series I needed to copy from disks,
    (this will require a Wayback machine.) How many of you guys remember
    the old British series The Avengers? The one and only female sidekick
    was Dianna Rigg as Emma Peel. The Limeys were kind enough to issue
    a series of DVDs called The Avengers The Complete Emma Peel Mega-
    Set. Not a single episode with Honor Blackman or Linda Thorson.
    As a horny teenager, Diann Rigg was the only one that stirred my
    blood. I think most of you guys will agree.


  8. I use cyotek webcopy to pull a copy of a running blog. It takes a while, and it’s kinda rude to do to someone else (but that someone DID say to make preparations for his possible disappearance.)

    The bigger the blog, the longer it takes.

    The default choices seem to be sufficient.

    (note that it’s not something you can then re-upload and be back up, it’s a way to capture the content)

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  10. I learned long ago Mr. Cederq that when you whakamo nuff commies, they quit comin, so there’s that to look forward to, seeing as how we all could use some exercise anyway, and squinting through optics is good exercise for the aging eyesight. Then there’s the munkee rench throwin contest to begin shortly on a national level. Then there’s the parking of trucks competition commencing, date to be announced in the next hunnert days or so..
    All to follow the drive to see how fast we can turn a country into a Venezuela look alike…… I keep having dream of data & control centers/hubs erupting in flames for some strange reason, can’t quite figure that one out but it must be prophetic somehow….
    We’re entering into the realm of soon to be living in “A World Made By Hand”, which ain’t at all out of possibilities……. I gotta quit listening to them damn rascally little brown job Byrds, They make a hell of a squeaking noise and really disrupt my thinking, not that that part works all that well either…. 2021, the whirled of Madus Maxus be upon us mates….

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    • I hope you realize I was being sarcastic, and I agree it will be fun watching what goes down, up, sideways what stops working and what starts working. Old tech will be our friend…


    • How did I get so lucky that you found my little corner of the internet,? Shouldn’t you be out helping some poor transgendered soul figure out which bathroom to use?


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