The Eve Of Destruction Open Thread

I thought this might be appropriate.

One way or another this country as we knew it is dead.

I did what I set out to do here, I documented a bunch of what got us to this point but it looks to be a done deal.

Who knows what comes next?

I sure as hell don’t.

So what do you see happening in the near future?

46 thoughts on “The Eve Of Destruction Open Thread

  1. that’s easy. some poor guardsman/men get whacked by some fake insurgents, likely fbi or the like. or maybe even uncle joe himself. then total tyranny. usual excuses, yada yada….defensive training group got “suspended.” we’re screwed, bend over n kiss our asses goodbye. been a nice life, well not really. maybe it’l be a good death. til Valhalla.

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    • Till Valhala!

      Not without a fight like there’s no tommorrow.

      Ragnorak is a pretty good description of what will be.

      Armeggedon is an actual crossroads in both time and place. Its where for the first time non state actors chose to make a stand against tyranny.

      Clausewith said in war quantity has a quality all its own.

      WS Lind said in Warr, as in Hobbe’s therom of this kind of Warr, ie, 4th G warfare, there are three central emperatives; one is the insurgent side must have and hold territory, so too the aggressor, territory is essential to legitimacy. notice how Deash, or ISIS as they are commonly called by the media, number one objective is taking and holding territory.
      The great, late, RIP, Jerry Pournell noted all it required to defeat ISIS was a squadron of A-10’s, and one combat batallion of small unit infantry combat troops and in 30 days Deash would cease to exist. How so? Aside from being the most effective form of waging war to kill the enemy, this simple basic style of land combat did what no other form of waging war can, it took, then held terrtory from ISIS.
      Set aside all the Tactical/Cool buzzwords and discourse currently in vouge across cyberspace.
      Get down to the meatspace essense of our position as good folk who live and yes own property, ( territory, and property owned, being the first thing, not unlike another piece of property you own, say like that beautiful outstanding small unit infantry combat rifle, your AR or AK based weapon, they are property, its the first thing, an idea turned into ordered actuality, for essentially the first time in all of human history, where a civilization of people owned, and used freely, without fetter or inhibition by the state, property), when you get down to the crux of things, what the enemy is ultimate desirous of aside from absolute raw naked power and unlimited lucre, is land. T.E.R.R.I.T.O.R.R.Y.
      Territorry is where all wealth originates from. Control, own all the land you control own all the wealth, hence you ontain all the power.
      Thats what they think.
      Its classic tyranny inna nut shell, everything else is how you reach that objective.
      Except, there’s a few wrinkles in the actuality, the reality is something very different and absolutely tricky.
      Now think for a moment about all that.
      What other form of war is FreeFor capable of fighting?

      For now at least, cyber war, our you could say counterinsurgency cyberwarfare, is questionable, though it would not be surprizing it came out there’s one shit ton of countercyber Shitlords just as powerful just as effective as any counter insurgency fighting for freedom and self determination in meatspace.

      All this is war in 4th G war. And its new componant some are calling 5thG, or 5G, poetic or ironic? Or perfectly natural, as Warr, evolves?
      I vote for the evolution Warr, it fits like a shoe to the American dialectic of improvisation, creativity, outside the box thinking and just plain old fashion do the impossible; “git er done” mindset. Truly American style in spades.

      Territory; home territory has a certain kind of equity al its own, or all your, or our own, you could say.
      Bottom line America is our home. America is our homeland.
      Some nasty insects want it. They intend to take it.
      And you, and I are in the way.
      Forget the fucking nuances and politics.

      The second emperative in this kind of Warr is the moral territory or highground. Right now this, this too, is our property. To phrase it in other words; to deny your enemy platform, ( territory, the cyberspace territory of unalienable free thought speech and rxchange of ideas ), from which to operate, in which to voice its philosophy, politics, and itself, is a no brainer, we witness with our own eyes, DTG was memory holed today, is Warr.
      It is more complicated than we once percieved, of course, because we are honest respectable, good folks and good people do not do this and other nefarious things to other people. Its difficult to create in the minds eye a holistic picture, no how impossible, we just got to get used to this Warr and its strategies, how its tactics are waged upon us. That last is a biggie, obvious thought it may be it can not be overemphasized, as it applies to mind set and preparing oneself and together in legion as common cause, it must be a uniting feature of our collective consciousness, to the level where one sharp fellow in our past stated: Our Cause We Leave To God and Our Rifles. Thats mindset.

      In our age, in this Warr that comes to us theres two major territories you must hold, geographic meatspace and cyberspace. At least for now there’s two. Meatspace will always count as number one territory. The practical aspect of this dictim of emperatives is you got to eat, have shelter from the storm, assure the survival of your kin and tribe, sustainable village and community, and last but not least operational ground, haven too, from which to fight. In this Warr becoming a refugee is the worst position in which to find oneself and family. The whole point of pushing us white men of the west out of our ancestoral birth territory, our towns and countryside, is to make us refugees, to put us at disadvantage, homeless, without land and other property; read without resources to fall back upon, to not have safe haven, reason being you are then helpless, easy pickin’s, our race is then picked off in detail at our enemies leisure. Divide and Conquer. Its the dicktaters ageless strategy, only the details change thru history and circumstances.
      This stage is called Pogrom, a perfect example is the Ottoman Turk’s rounding up Armenian Christians and marching them at boyonet point into the dessert wasteland and let starvation illness and thirst do its thing. The japs did this with the march of allied POW’s after the fall of Battan. Why also, as a point worth understanding the US waged total unlimited no quarter war on Imperiel Japan afterwards. The fuckers earned it lock stock and barrel. Dropping atomic bombs on the fuckers was vitally relevent to such a war against such an enemy.
      Important thing to remember. For this is Warr.
      The tech masters, they are faceless monsters, humanless, amorphus creatures, cold, heartless, run by insects, a hive mind collective. Imagine in time they obtain tools of physical Warr, to be used in meatspace. Weapons of mass destruction. Cells of thought police with rifles, swarms who range hither and yon, seeking out enemies, eating out our existance. They have the basis of this formation of weaponization of all the things, they posses vast monetary powers, its only and simply a matter of acquiring the physical instruments of war to enter into the Warr for meatspace.
      Who is going to stop them from building up an arsenal of war material? Or more germane, who isnt going to assist and abet, inable this from happening?
      We all know from which quarters this evil will be realized and actualized. Same which has not done a thing to inhibit, and has encouraged such evil at every turn.
      As time goes on meatspace will become the vital territory in the Warr, it is naturally most vital because its where, what we require to live and survive comes from; dont let yourself be fooled, cyberspace is important, its where the war for hearts and minds across all the battle spaces is being waged, but at the crux of all it is meatspace that the enemy is most intent in its overall objectives, its prime objective, and ridding our meatspace of we who hold it across the countryside is the final solution. Really, The Final Solution. And genocide is the way. Dont kid yourself, they aint trying to shut us up by denying us platform in the territory of cyberspace, they are laying down the ground work for their advance into our meatspace, its pogrom of free speech, the closing off of communication between free folks so its much more difficult for us to work in solidarity, exchange news and intellegence, to keep us from unifying, this is this Warr, it kills so many birds with one stone its almost inconcievable to our moral law abiding good folk dirt people minds.

      Don’t discount it for a NewYork minute; the internet may have been the new wild west, totally unfettered, in certain ways it is even now, but the transformation, the control and iron fist monoploies such as the social platforms and the systems/hardware infrastructure, has purposefully been built up to build up an entire generation of the targeted human race, to then once its become acclimated to this global village grapevine, to yank the fucking rug out from under us and leave us without antifragile means and methods of communications between us which threaten our enemy, and leave us strong traditional ways of talking with eachother across the land thats our territory.
      Its actually prety basic sound strategic doctrine in war, deny the enemy its communications, which in military terms is inclusive of not just comm’s, but supplies, material, manpower, ie, free movement tactical and strategic, timely positioning of soldiers munitions weapons and their support systems. In basic terms to inhibit or deny the enemy the ability to fight you effectively, or not at all. Theres also the moral aspect, of causing the enemy to feel defeated, that resistance to tyranny is futile, to de-moralize.

      Once you as FreeFor and any free person for this matter understands the enemy, it is far easier to not only fight back but to develop anti-fragile ways and methods and most important of all things, to possess faith and winning mindset.
      Remember the most powerful weapon, the most effective weapon is the one between the ears, all else are instruments of the main weapon, our minds.

      Warr, is before all things, war for hearts and minds.

      BFYTW is a great place to start.

      Lets Win!

      ( PS,
      Bring out the resistance is futile retards!
      Bring out the cockroach lurkers who are consumed with taking council from their fears!
      Bring out cabal’s shills!
      Bring out the cabal agent provocutuers!
      Because you know such thoughts are cryptonite to globo=pedo)

      Resistance to tyranny is not only fertile its the most legitimate thing possible.

      “I Won’t!” are the two most dangerous words in the english language.
      Well, maybe Fuck You is.
      After all this IS America, and nobody can tell you what your priorities are, and in America, fuck you, BFYTW, is always a choice.
      But you get the drift.

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      • Yep. Both my wife and I are in agreement. Ragnarok before boxcars. We’ll take a death guard with us.

        Come for our guns, cut off our money, deny us our healthcare, it’s on. On like Castle Doom until I can’t respawn any more.

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        • …in a pile of hot brass with your face to the enemy stacked up around you if your gonna leave this mortal plane, at least.
          There’s worst ways to die.
          I’m had a good life, America gave me more than any man can reasonably ask for, its getting towards the end, crusty old fucks like me and Phil, we got no patient for stupid shit, can’t speak but for my part, I ain’t afraid of dying, it’s coming sooner or later, as Horatius at the bridge said, how can a man die better.
          Funny how history has a circular nature to it in our Western Culture. Interesting how the enemy has not changed much in 2000 years, as its been the same enemy around at least that long.
          Can’t truly say why, but “its on the eve of destruction”, its going to get its arse handed to it this time but good. Something is telling me, it’s unassailable. Maybe its just time, and it all couldn’t happen any other way.
          Learned this in school back when you got taught these things, we had to memorize it, here it is in part. The complete verse is worth reading, its original from Lays of Ancient Rome.
          Sextus reminds me of the pedo=elites and their child/human trafficking. The rest, well its a no brainer who they remind us of. There’s a fucking cesspool of them along the American Rubicon.
          Horatius really saved the west, Rome would not be if for his courage and honor. There’s a statue of Horatius in Comitium to this day.
          We are all Horatius at the bridge now.

          The timeless contract of Rex and Dux has been violated all to hell by the sonofabitches, 1859 and Vietnam where bad for their betrayals, whats coming, the violations of our codes in order to finish us off makes those a fucking fart in a mitten in a hurricane.

          (full verse):

          Horatius At The Bridge
          Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (1800–1859) XXIV

          Fast by the royal standard,
              O’erlooking all the war,
          Lars Porsena of Clusium
              Sat in his ivory car.
          By the right wheel rode Mamilius,
              Prince of the Latian name;
          And by the left false Sextus,
              That wrought the deed of shame.

          But when the face of Sextus
              Was seen among the foes,
          A yell that rent the firmament
              From all the town arose.
          On the house-tops was no woman
              But spat towards him and hissed,
          No child but screamed out curses,
              And shook its little fist.

          But the Consul’s brow was sad,
              And the Consul’s speech was low,
          And darkly looked he at the wall,
              And darkly at the foe.
          ‘Their van will be upon us
              Before the bridge goes down;
          And if they once may win the bridge,
              What hope to save the town?’

          Then out spake brave Horatius,
              The Captain of the gate:
          ‘To every man upon this earth
              Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
              Than facing fearful odds,
          For the ashes of his fathers,
              And the temples of his Gods,

          ‘And for the tender mother
              Who dandled him to rest,
          And for the wife who nurses
              His baby at her breast,
          And for the holy maidens
              Who feed the eternal flame,
          To save them from false Sextus
              That wrought the deed of shame?

          ‘Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
              With all the speed ye may;
          I, with two more to help me,
              Will hold the foe in play.
          In yon strait path a thousand
              May well be stopped by three.
          Now who will stand on either hand,
              And keep the bridge with me?’

          Then out spake Spurius Lartius;
              A Ramnian proud was he:
          ‘Lo, I will stand at thy right hand,
              And keep the bridge with thee.’
          And out spake strong Herminius;
              Of Titian blood was he:
          ‘I will abide on thy left side,
              And keep the bridge with thee.’

          ‘Horatius,’ quoth the Consul,
              ‘As thou sayest, so let it be.’
          And straight against that great array
              Forth went the dauntless Three.
          For Romans in Rome’s quarrel
              Spared neither land nor gold,
          Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life,
              In the brave days of old.

          Then none was for a party;
              Then all were for the state;
          Then the great man helped the poor,
              And the poor man loved the great:
          Then lands were fairly portioned;
              Then spoils were fairly sold:
          The Romans were like brothers
              In the brave days of old.

          Now Roman is to Roman
              More hateful than a foe,
          And the Tribunes beard the high,
              And the Fathers grind the low.
          As we wax hot in faction,
              In battle we wax cold:
          Wherefore men fight not as they fought
              In the brave days of old.

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  3. First they’ll come for the guns and any ammo. Then they come for people that they just don’t like, while making the rest of us cow tow to their ever increasing oppression. Just like every other totalitarian regime of the past.

    The play book isn’t new. The players are.


  4. I am hoping, for the sake of the ENTIRE U.S., that this inauguration goes off with out any issues and that the security is overblown. But I doubt it.
    I am sick to see those two take office as the next guy, but it is what it is. I have lost total faith in politics (as if I really had any to begin with).
    But, with that said, I will defend Biden to the death to keep “knee pads” from taking the helm.


    • bidens dead man walking. if they don’t false flag him they’ll give him “the covid” so kamala takes over. they’ll bring up a scandal on her so Pelosi n Hillary can assume power. gonna be a load of laughs.

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  5. Flying blind right now…my blog was nuked sometime after midnight EST this morning. Working to get something back up again. Nuke reason: violation of TOS. No specifics.

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    • We hope you have a backup plan. If you manage to migrate to another host, let us know here if you can’t post a forwarding address.
      I half expect we’ll see a lot of our interwebs going dark in the near future. Phil’s masthead above has more truth than snark to it. But they always said that the internet was designed to treat censorship as damage and route around it. We will see.

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    • memory holed dirt people same day as Chateau, we where about the first, seems the WP insects commited the first trial runs, like R&D, into shadow banning de-throttling and inhibiting the commentariate’s ability to discourse freely unfettered.

      Welcome to the party pal, as the man said. You where dead nuts over the target, you are a real honest blogger, no shill or agent provocateur false flag blog.
      You always spoke from an honest heart, thats the most feared and dangerous of all things. Something you said or alluded to triggered the insects. Something so dangerous they pulled the plug. Enough of your white raaycist running dog capitolist terrorist privilege.
      And guns.
      You espoused the virtues and means of the citizen warrior spirit and readyness.
      Cruzades Bithchez!
      An unholy Christian apostasy.

      As Max V stated years back, BFYTW!

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  6. We all know they are going to control every vital resource. Next will be depopulation with the help of china. I worked hard to subdue my evil twin. May have to let his ass out of the basement.


  7. Man, we ain’t even started fighting and some of ya’ll are surrendering.
    Meanwhile I am over here making sure I have everything I need to cause mayhem in a myriad of untraceable ways.
    Just because they say they won 1) don’t mean they won 2) certainly don’t mean it is over.


    • Respectfully Charlie Hargrave, I don’t think so, most people are sitting back and observing and formulating and coming to grips with what they now know is how to pledge and sacrifice their meager cache of ammo and who to trust and will back them. It is quite common that people go through what the five steps of grief, acceptance is the last and that is when we will be deadly and efficient, a coldly angry man is the most dangerous predator on earth…


      • Cederq is right. Don’t underestimate Americans. We have a lot to lose, so we’re waiting to see if it can be fixed via legal means. If not, and the enemy oversteps, kinetic operations will most likely begin rapidly. Patriots will make a lot of mistakes at first but they’ll learn fast. Once they start they won’t let up until the last enemy is neutralized.

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        • They dont understand two things about us, they underestimate we are naturally born prudent Freemen.

          And regardless of how ruthless they are, they do not understand how mean us good folks get when our codes are violated.

          Frankly, to parphrase a great coin, we ain’t begun to fight. Its real easy to think you are all front of the bus and everything when the folks you been fucking with and spitting on have remained prudent, turned the other cheek as any decent people will for the sake of simply wanting to be left the fuck alone, and have remain civilized for all the good reasons, including preservation of good government as first principles.
          Mistake that as inability to fight back at your peril and strut around like king shit you got this, these white raycists are cowards. Yeah, go ahead, do that, just remember, cold anger and unintended consequences is a cold merciless bitch with a bone in her teeth.

          It requires courage, honor, and the great virtue of prudence unlike any to stand back and take it for greater things than self.
          Push men past that endurance of prudence and you find out you got a fucking tiger by the tail thats gonna rip your head off and shit down your throat, go thru your organization and ranks like wet asswipe.

          Everyone seems to forget, we are the only people who fought a slave revolt, and won it.

          Me, you, a shit ton of us, armed to the fucking teeth, and not, we come from a 2000 year history, a culture of people who have kicked every ass thats tried to destroy us and our civilization.
          And I see absolutely fucking zero reason how thats changed.
          Except this go around, we got the finest infantry combat rifles ever devised in history to fight with.
          At the end of the day, it all comes down to guns. Who has guns who dont, who controls guns and who is controlled by the gun. Most of all, everything else is bullshit, a clown show warm up for the main event.
          Because if we where not Freemen armed to the fucking teeth they would not be playing these retarded games and slinking around like cockraoches in the dark trying to fuck with us, they would have gone for it.
          Yeah, they talk a big game, buts so far all I see is threats and real careful use of threat of and use of power to hurt, like only chickenshit fuckers who fear us and what we are made of, and are trying to pick us off pracemeal, like plucking the goose one feather at a time.
          And this whole muh social justice and their poor wittle victim stance act crap, its worth about a bucket of warm spit.

          Oh yeah, censor us, right, thats really gonna make us armed to the fucking teeth shitlords run home to mama’s basement and hide in our safe places. Thats what faggots and weasel shitstains who betray their fellow Americans do, run behind the deep states skirt to hide behind what they deny us for protections, against the very thing they are themselves, then send out the armed badged legbreakers to intimidate us, shoot some guys wife in the head while holding in her arms his infant son, shoot their ten year old son, or burn 75 defenseless woman and children to crispy critters in a bunker in Waco, or an ambushcade on a deserted snowbound road in east bumfuck Oregon, to execute honest brave Ranchers to keep them from spilling the beans on all the same shitstains who just orchastrated an election coup to hide their complicity to embezzle and launder 100’s of billions of wealth we ourselves created.
          Oh yeah, yeah.
          Whats to fear but an out of control world wide cabal of thieves and murderers.

          The day you are afraid of fighting this is the day you are no longer, A Man. No longer a stand up American. You dont need a rifle, the weapons that matter are courage and honor. Doing whats right and needs doing.
          And being impossible? Go Fuck Yourself with a rusty razor.
          We are American’s.
          We do the impossible. Its in our blood and in our bones. We dont even have to think about it.
          We do the impossible like nobodies business. And get change back for cold beer and a cheese burger with our friends.



          • Oh, I like ice cold beer and greasy as heck cheeseburgers! Now that is just worth it to kick commies’s ass and then call it a day sitting around that campfire and regal each other with war stories…


      • Thumbs Up Cederq!

        If the man is so prepared, makes it a question, why he would instead stand up in solidarity with like kind Freemen, instead of concern troll rubbing faces in his self proclaimed superiority?
        Something kind of stinks about it. Is it a new level of shill trolling, concern trolling, to disguise efforts to put down Freedom and its actions?
        Like why is he even on here to begin with commenting if thats his message; we are all fucked nayh nayh eat shit and die.

        Slick, but its still nasty. And good folks with honest motives and intentions do not say such things to eachother.

        But trolls and shills live for it.


    • “Man, we ain’t even started fighting ”

      Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. Our side is sort of like the Romans in the middle of the Cannae encirclement noticing that its starting to get a little crowded around here.


      • That Roman General, can’t remember, V something?, put those Legionnaires in a real pickle at Cannea, every way they turned they couldn’t get out from those storms of arrows, not long enough to form files and attack.
        One account mentions it was running out of water in that desert that really put a hurt on them.
        Not many Roman’s escaped wasn’t it?


  8. I have always wondered how the end times of the book of the revelation would unfold around me? Eye’s wide open, evil is now positioning for the take down. I am still in denial that it’s upon me. Want to wake up Thursday to the news Trump pulled off the biggest upset the world has seen.
    I still believe and hold out hope till the bitter end.


  9. The shit is about to hit the fan but we will because they will overplay their
    hand. It started with the cancel culture and will end in a totalitarian police
    state. Social media is purging conservatives off their platforms. This has
    reached comic proportions. Banks and insurance companies are canceling
    the accounts of anyone right of center. The Democrats are also warning
    private enterprises they should not hire anyone in the private sector not
    hire anyone in the Trump administration and private enterprises to fire
    anyone who is not down for the PC and multicultural agenda.

    The new Socialist Party is promising reprisals like reeducation camps and
    gulags. The lunatic fringe of the Democrat party is even calling for
    extermination camps. This will come back to bite the Democrats on the
    ass especially when they come after our guns. These fuckers are drunk
    power and the sky is the limit. This end one of two ways; The left will
    radicalize the right beyond the ability to cheat or their attempt to take our
    firearms leading to civil war. We represent the largest army on the planet!

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  10. I agree with all the above.
    Can’t really argue with any of your perspectives.
    Always said that I thought it was an intelligent gathering place here.

    The only immediate positive thing I see for the future, and I know it can be short lived is that Phil’s music library seems to be the improving.

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  11. True, the single most powerful word is – NO
    We are now, as of tomorrow, living right smack dab in 1930’s Germany, act accordingly. Confiscate every round and weapon, armor, optic, etc., left, uh, laying around cause those who possessed them are unable to hold onto them, use them to supplement your own and deprive TPTB of them.

    It has often been said that violence is not the answer. History teaches us that when oppressed, violence is the ONLY answer, else you be mandated as slaves under those who would rule over you. Realize that the only ruler over you, is God. Treat Him accordingly and ask for His guidance and forgiveness in all that you do. Believe in Him!

    Time to fight back like you mean it. Do not obey, do not co-operate, do not comply with any fraudulent gov or any of its agencies.

    When the governed become ungovernable – Let Them Herd Cats…….

    They do not care about the Constitution, they do not care about rule of law, they lust for power for powers sake, and from now forward they will do absolutely anything to maintain it.

    You are endowed with God given rights, let none take them from you. You do not need permission, you have those rights by your very humanity.
    Long Live Our Republic

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