8 thoughts on “Who Let Her Out Of The Kitchen?

    • No, my daughter is better looking AND not stoopid enough to bring two live wires together. Matter o’ fact, she’s a little bit scared of ‘lectricity. As she should be.
      Gotta respect it, y’know!


      • Just razing ya buddy, just razing ya! I would have thought you would have taught her better then playing with hot wires…. PS: I wouldn’t be saying your daughter is pretty around these nerd-do-wells around here…


        • Indeed it does. I got hit with 44KV learning to fix color TV’s, God watches over fools and small children ’cause my heart didn’t stop or go into Fibrillation…
          I was 15 at the time.


  1. She shorted a hot to the ground or neutral. Here is what it looks like in high
    voltage. Two Chinee racking in a breaker. They might have lived if they
    were wearing Satans beekeeper 40 calorie PPE. It looks like they never
    took arc flash training:


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