Joe Biden Is The Nicest , Most Honest Guy And He Is Going To Be The Bestest President Ever!

Now then, any of you guys wanna play poker?

40 thoughts on “Joe Biden Is The Nicest , Most Honest Guy And He Is Going To Be The Bestest President Ever!

  1. Actually, it’s going to be interesting to observe how the Biden/Harris team make America a unified and healed nation with the best economy ever and the lowest unemployment and black and latino support in the history of mankind.
    The world wide healing and elimination of CO2 they provide will keep libtards purring like cats sleeping on your laptop.
    And whatever else CNN and the Nobel award society can come up with.


  2. Cederq, standards: you do?? Well there are a whole bunch of fat, frumpy Leftie single mothers, now at various stages of pregnancy, to testify that said standards are way lower than even their saggy near dried-out old suckbags. Must be why you keep shifting around, dodging the paternity suits!


  3. What I’d like to know if that picture was taken BEFORE or AFTER you wrote the post.
    I say that because I wonder how long it took for you to relax from the gales of laughter…


  4. Phil thats a great pic of your mug. Remind me never to fuck with you.

    Couple items that are pretty interesting.
    US Army 2 star General: “…a peaceful transition to military power”
    video clip here:
    He’s a regular Army General, wearing a mask up to his eyes, and the brim of his cover is so low his eyes are in the dark, and his voice sounds like its coming thru a distorter to hide his identity.

    Then there’s this from AC today after his daily brief was posted. If you haven’t checked this guy out your missing probably one of the best critical thinkers in the alt-media.


  5. That is usually the visage I bear when listening to my Uber SJW lefty brother in law prattling on about what-ever-woke-snit-issue-du-jour while I visualize unloading a couple rounds of 147 grain 9 mm hollow point into his skull.


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