There Is A Whole Lot Going On Right Now

Let’s start with this that I am copy pasting from The Liberty Ledger,

More Global Chaos

Posted on by MWitt

There is some major chaos going on Globally right now. Where is the MSM? Not 1 major news network is even reporting any of this! They are ignoring the massive military occupation of our country and focusing on a man that doesn’t even know his name. I can’t wait for him to be taken down publicly. SO here is what’s new.

The Dutch government has resigned. The press gives different reasons. This has to do with Trump cleaning up the swamp and getting rid of the Deep State.

Estonia’s Prime Minister resigns amid a corruption “scandal”. Which of course he denies.

Germany’s Angela Merkel steps down. This amount of resignation, going around globally NEVER happens at the same time. This definitely coincides with what is going on right now.

The entire Russian Government has resigned. They state it is due to Putin’s changes. We know that Putin is an ally of ours, and so I am sure he is working alongside Trump to get rid of the corruption.

Due to all the arrests in Italy, the government is in complete collapse! This is getting real and all in the last week! Anyone who is still in disbelief about what is going on, this pretty much clinches it. Never has there ever been this much chaos globally or domestically. Why in the hell would there be over 20k troops in DC for a virtual inauguration? Why would there be troops being deployed in most of the country? This is escalating and it is escalating rapidly. I hope you have your popcorn, this is getting good.

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Just those items alone should be front page news.

Angela Merkel stepping down is HUGE news alone.

She is NWO/Deep State through and through.

Then of course we have the 25,000+ National Guard troops who have locked down Washington D.C. tighter than a tick on a coon dog’s ass.

National Guard deployed around Sacramento in preparation for potential unrest

Armed soldiers and armored Humvees were stationed around the California state Capitol, and at the federal courthouse and state Superior Court building.


Amid growing security concerns, California National Guard troops were deployed throughout downtown Sacramento early Saturday to protect property and maintain safety during potentially violent protests expected through Inauguration Day on Wednesday.

Oregon National Guard deployed to state Capitol ahead of potential mass unrest

(The Center Square) — National Guard members have been activated to defend the Oregon state Capitol in Salem in anticipation of mass unrest following the second impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

The development was announced by Oregon State Police (OSP) on Wednesday after Gov. Kate Brown granted a request by OSP Superintendent Terri Davie to deploy the Guard to the state Capitol.

Davie said on Wednesday that the OSP will continue to take a “neutral role” in patrolling protests at the Capitol building and protecting the right to free speech.

WSP troopers, National Guard members deployed outside of State Capitol ahead of legislative session

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington State Patrol troopers and National Guard members have been deployed to the Washington Capitol ahead of the opening of the legislative session on Monday.

Last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol and storming of Governor Inslee’s property in Olympia did not deter Washington lawmakers from planning to convene on Monday.

The troopers are stationed at the Capitol in anticipation of protest from pro-Trump supporters. According to the Associated Press, a right-wing militia has encouraged members to occupy the Capitol when the Legislature meets.


National Guard deployed to state Capitols ahead of Inauguration Day

Capitol buildings across the nation are barricaded out of concern over violent protests this week. The TSA ramped up the number of federal marshals on flights and agents are performing more random gate screenings.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

The scumbags who have been yanking our chains for almost an entire year are

SCARED SHITLESS that maybe We The People may just decide to go pay them a visit in large numbers.

The censorship by Big Tech went full afterburner last week.

They want us silenced , divided and kept in the dark.

Everywhere I look I see signs of a full on panic by these Commie enablers.

That should tell you something.

Of course right on cue, a bunch of idiots are showing up to justify all these precautions.

Armed Protesters Begin To Arrive At State Capitols Around The Nation


Armed protesters have arrived at multiple state capitol complexes across the country Sunday morning. This follows a special bulletin from the FBI last week that warned: “armed protests” were being planned at 50 state capitols and the US Capitol in Washington, DC, ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. 

While the protesters are being identified across various platforms as members of a so-called “boogaloo” movement, they largely appear to be generic anti-government anarchists – some of whom call themselves “liberty boys,” and others who oppose the conservative Proud Boys. Their sudden emergence surrounding the inauguration is curious to say the least.

Make no mistake, these “Boogaloo Boys” are no friends of mine or yours.

36 thoughts on “There Is A Whole Lot Going On Right Now

  1. I have no idea who MWitt is or how much credence to put into his recent blogposts. There are a whole lot of things going on that definitely DO NOT ADD UP. And as I have said many times about Alex Jones, he may be a raving loon, but he’s been correct more than he’s been wrong. In any case, the countdown is getting very, very short….only a few days. I half expect our semi-open internet here could go dark at any time. Where we find credible information from here on is anybody’s guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, those aren’t “Boogaloo Boys”. Just having a Hawaiian shirt doesn’t make you one, either. No more than having an image of Pepe, or a OK hand symbol, makes you a white supremacist.
    Aunt Teefa LARPing as what they think Patriots look like.

    Whitehall, NY


  3. This is not a shock to me. Ronald Reagan said, ‘give me two terms, and I
    will bankrupt the Soviet Union.” People around the world respect strength
    in a leader. Reagan was off by a few years, but when he took office, there
    was hardly a Democratic country in Central And South America. When he
    left office there was hardly any socialist or communist or socialist nation
    in the Americas.

    As great a disappointment as GWB was, after 9-11 More than half of Western
    Europe elected conservative governments. The EU was forcing them to
    take in unchecked and unvetted Muslim “refugees.” Rapes, robberies,
    pedophilia, assaults, and terror attacks skyrocketed. Poland was the
    lone holdout and they have not seen a terror attack after they told
    the EU to go pound sand. Hungry, Italy, Austria, France, and other
    European countries are reaching their breaking point. France, like
    most European countries, have PC laws that make it illegal to
    criticize or demean Muslims. In Paris, the streets are filled with
    homeless goat fuckers and have more human shit in their streets
    than San Franfagshow. They used a hike in Gasoline prices
    as an excuse to create the “Yellow Vest” movement.

    Some woman at Hyde Park in London attended an event at
    Speakers Corner. She notified cops on the scene that the
    towel head was doing their 5-times a day ass in the air
    prayers, yet Christians could be cited for praying on public
    property. The next day, she was arrested at her flat and
    questioned by the police. Europe is getting so sick of this
    they formed conservative political parties.

    If enough children in Europe die in terror attacks, rest assured
    that the people will do what their spineless politicians, they
    will grab their pitchforks and torches and do it themselves.
    Germany and France know a few things about mob violence.
    The Brits, Scots, and the Irish will soon follow.


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  5. Well, in MI the .gov Gov Whitmer has been selected as DNC vice chair. I grew up in MI and I can say that by all reports that she is universally hated. Especially what she has done concerning the kungflu. I have to wonder how many other .gov Governors are also universally hated. Makes people have twitchy trigger fingers.

    On a plus note I have to go to Dallas for work on the 19th and 20th.
    Fucking great, a crowded liberal bastion.
    I will be making sure that I can get the hell out of there in a heartbeat.


  6. Boogaloo Boys wearing “black lives matter” sweats and fag flags on their vests?
    My ass is pretty friggin tight. They’re gonna have to use a leaf blower to blow that smoke up my ass.


    • Upstate South Carolina has better weather, no mosquitoes, and no humidity. Fresh Moonshine so if it gets bad, y’all can get drunk and shoot her guns off. No really. I moved from California and the only thing I miss is great Mexican food. Some good here, just not great.


  7. Where is the MSM? They are out there reporting real news, not propagating conspiracy theories.

    For example, Merkel announced that she would not seek reelection as leader of CDU at the party conference in December 2018, but intended to remain as chancellor until the 2021 German federal election. This news has been in the public domain for a couple of years.

    As for the Dutch government and Estonia’s Prime Minister, they got caught with their pants down and it was reported in MSM. When the news went public they paid for it with their jobs. The Dutch did the honourable thing and resigned, unlike Trump who doesn’t know what honour is. This didn’t happen because of Trump cleaning up the swamp and getting rid of the Deep State, he has bigger things on his mind like staying out of jail and not losing everything he owns.

    As for the censorship of big tech, you may want to look at this:

    Trump et al were “censored” after being warned to stop being idiots numerous times. FYI, as President, all Trump had to do was drag his fat ass a hundred paces and go down a floor to make any statement he wanted to in the press briefing room. So much for censorship.

    I love the conspiracy theories about the January 6th riots on the hill. One of my favourite conspiracy theories is the one about how the left infiltrated the riot on capitol hill on the 6th. Only an idiot would believe that those on the left would get dressed up like those on the right and raid the capitol to try and change the outcome of an election their side had already won.

    BTW, even Alex Jones has had enough of this insane bullshit.


  8. Sure is a lot of crazy, deep state shit going on. This evening as the sun set it got darker and the temperature dropped. What can’t Soros buy?


  9. Closer to home:
    Don’t trust the state police.
    They obey their paymasters from state capital.
    They WILL follow orders.
    They might have took an oath to the constitution, but BFD.


    • Everything and everyone is in question.
      Especially if you ain’t been around for a while.
      Hell, I sometimes question myself with all of the disinfo that I read.
      Local meatspace, baby.

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  10. From what I recollect of the street environment of most major cities in Michigan, they probably ought to just station those NG troops there permanently.


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