7 thoughts on “This Is My Front Yard In About A Month Or So

  1. I’m from Illinois. Was on a job in Auburn,Wa.
    about 15 years ago. Very beautiful area.
    Saw a lot of weirdos
    The plants obviously loved the climate
    The Muckelshoot Indians look more like Mexicans


  2. Was working with a Cherokee who grew up on a Res in Wa. He warned me never go into a Res. They had fireworks shacks along the road between Auburn and Enumclaw


  3. I won’t see those until April. Weird winter in Massachusetts. I have a flock of robins, phoebes and barn swallows hanging around. Weird to see the robins and swallows at my feeders…

    The weather has been messed up ever since we went to the Moon and kicked up all that dust.


  4. A month or so, even April, hell consider yourself lucky. True it’s been abnormally warm this Jan but I still got bout 4 ft. of that white shit laying around everywhere. Weather has been as fuckered as the entire social situation for the last few winters, the nu year starting out pretty much just as hosed as the last one was. Now with the erec-shun past and the big chairs filled with dipshit numbskull and jar jar fat ass, I’m fully spectin Mad Max to show up sometime around July or so, just in time to throw a wrench into next winters preps………


  5. Baby Brother used to hate mowing his lawn. It’s not that big, but he is, and he’s lazy. Hasn’t changed since he was 12. Weeds a foot tall. I almost need a machete to get from the curb to the front door. I’m too busy to get on his case, so I teach in other ways.

    So every time I went over, I’d pluck a couple of those from his yard, and blow the seeds off to parachute all over onto the rest of the front lawn. 😉

    ’bout a month later, he’s bitchin’ because his lawn looks like a vacant field, only thing missing is a homeless encampment and stolen cars up on blocks and stripped. Mind you, this is in the decent ‘burbs, not out in Hoot ‘N Holler, BFE.

    He’s a little thick sometimes, but he learns.
    His tiny little lawnlet is now the pride of the neighborhood. Looks like a friggin’ golf green.
    He still has no idea what happened.


  6. Rejoice that you have Dandelions, it is an herb that is native to Europe. They were BROUGHT here by early settlers as a Spring Tonic Pot Herb to aid in health after a winter of ever depleting root cellar stored foods. In Pre-1800’s family diaries Spring was know as the Starving Season. Dandelions shows you have uncontaminated by Roundup fertile soil useful for growing heirloom vegetables. Too many proven uses for ALL parts of it to list, including anti-viral anti-flu (COVID) uses.

    Golf greens like swimming pools are over rated when the trucks stop delivering groceries to your stores. Under socialism every little bit you can grow or wild craft-salvage will be valuable. If things get frisky the Trucks will STILL stop rolling and food will be far more difficult and expensive to get. Truckers are brave but not stupid, they will not drive through robbers and road blocks from both sides of the Civil War 2.0


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