Works For Me

I ain’t in the mood to rant and rave about the latest stupidity the Democrats are busy pulling.

Impeaching Trump again is more important than any other thing possible to them.

Fuck them.

The clock is ticking you motherfuckers.

20 thoughts on “Works For Me

      • Agreed, it’s most likely a smoke screen anyway, to placate those people that support Pres Trump but can’t or won’t see through the bullshit as all of us here can. Excepting the trolls that have recently been sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.


        • Fucking trolls! They don’t get that we are the real VICTIMS! We know the TRUTH! And we’re ANGRY! And we have GUNS! And ammo, lots of AMMO!


    • Female answers that question. Newly elected makes a statement. Huh, not like there are some pissed off former voters in the state of Georgia, but then again female. She trying to make a name for herself, brilliant. On a lot of list to keep her relevant to funny.


  1. Why would you want to wear a bra on your face? Wouldn’t it be funner to smash your face into the boob that once had been held by said bra? Works for me…


    • I’d just as soon wear a bra on the back of my head, forcing my nuzzle right into the nubile bresticle… yummm…..
      Only way I’d come close to wearing a face diaper is to wear a shemagh, and then only cause it b a necessary safety device when using monkey wrenches. Flinging monkey wrenches about tends to get shit in yer eyes ya know, and I see an abundance of monkey wrenching coming to the forefront of our civil discorse presently…… just sayin…..


  2. When you write “The clock is ticking you motherfuckers” what exactly are you trying to say?

    WordPress guidlines

    Calls to violence.

    We prohibit content that incites, encourages, threatens, or promotes acts of violence against individuals or groups of people. We also remove content that glorifies acts of violence or its perpetrators. This does not mean that we will remove all hyperbolic or generally offensive language.


    • Hey Mike, you ever heard of .zip files?
      I have backed this joint up. I also have THREE other blogs .
      Threaten me with a good time?
      Allow me to metaphorically spit in your eye.
      Fucking lickspittle POS.


      • Mike thinks he is smart. He doesn’t know much about the innerwebz like the fact his IP address shows up in the bloggers information. Lots of truly smart people on this blog that know people Mike. People who work in tech.

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    • Mike, Mike, Mike ….You haven’t figured it out yet. These guys are harmless. Phil runs the He-Man Liberal Haters Club, a cross between Spanky and Our Gang and South Park. They cuss a lot and brag about how big their ammo stockpile is.
      They are gullible enough to believe everything Putin’s Butt Boy in the White House tells them, but mostly they just like to dry hump their AR variant and swear.
      Phil isn’t documenting the death of America, he and his fan boys are a cartoonish version of it. It sure is entertaining.


      • Phil, ya gotta another pussy leftist commie trolling your skinny ass. I am beginning to think they must think you look good in skinny pussy jeans and your manly beard… with your skinny ass we are gonna send you ‘tators to bulk you up boy. It is amazing they are so bold now, talking smack and all. Llort or wart or Adolf or what ever your name is, I can surmise you have never been hit in the face or stuffed into a locker at school but ya keep it up and that is exactly whats awaits your future. Ya wanna know why keyboard commando? BFYTW…


  3. Phil’s “Concern Troll” is back, I thought I smelled dog shit when I came on to the blog. Squatting now in dog poop are ya mike? When ya ever gonna learn do body especially on here gives a rats fuck?


  4. You guys are missing the point. In the vid, the cute girl is now braless, and the gross cow will soon asphyxiate, but at least for now her mug is covered from view. Win-win!


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