Democrats Are Drooling At The Prospect Of Taking A Very Big Bite Out Of A Very Rotten Apple

Since I know, You know and They know that the last two elections were very blatantly and In Your Face stolen, the second Joe Biden and those two sleazeball Democrats from Georgia take the oath of office, this country will be running under an illegitimate government.

All of our most important government bodies are already corrupt, including the Supreme Court.

The Three Letter Agencies are basically criminal syndicates anyway.

We have already been told in no uncertain terms that since the Democrats will have the levers of power in all 3 branches of government, control the Presidency, The House and The Senate, that they are going to go on a wild spree passing their Wet Dream Agenda.

The only problem with that is since it will be an illegitimate government to start with, every single piece of legislation that gets turned into law will be the fruit of a poison tree and thus be Unconstitutional right out of the gate.

Of course it won’t matter where the rubber meets the road because they will have the full power of the United States Government behind them to prosecute those laws.

Just another example in a mile long list of examples of our current Two Tiered Justice System.

This will not go over well with a certain demographic.

We are very quickly running out of boxes.

There is also a very real lack of supply for the last one currently.

I really don’t see the current most likely chain of events having a happy ending for many, myself included.

The only thing that I find comfort in lately is the knowledge that there are 75 to 80 million other Americans out there who are just as ornery as I am and who will be throwing sand in the gears at every opportunity to keep these Commie bastards on their toes.

And if it comes down to it, who will show these fuckers just exactly what we are made of when push comes to shove.

Let the naysayers shill all they want, the last thing anyone on this planet wants is 70 million pissed off and heavily armed Americans coming after them.

That’s something else that I, You and They know for a certain fact.

25 thoughts on “Democrats Are Drooling At The Prospect Of Taking A Very Big Bite Out Of A Very Rotten Apple

  1. One minor correction, Phil. The House and Senate are one branch of government, The third branch is the Judiciary. Thank God and DJT we still have that. DJT was able to put three people on the Court including that hot little papist.
    You’re in good company. DJT didn’t know what the nuclear triad was and he has the nuclear codes.


  2. Hate to tell the fuckers, but I’ve been hoarding ammo and reloading supplies for a while now. I have enough to know that I won’t be running out anytime soon.

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  3. Actually, the 2016 election was also stolen, but not enough was stolen to make a difference. Why do you think Cankles was in such an uproar over it? She was assured the fix was in, until it wasn’t.

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  4. The number of people functionally disenfranchised by the steal is around 75 million, but not all of them realize or are willing to acknowledge it. The other day I said to a friend, “Of that 75 million, probably 10-20 million now have zero trust in the system, and 1-2 million are angry enough to go to 4G warfare.” That said, the number of folks actually prepared is another order of magnitude, or more, smaller. Pissed off does not equal ready to rock.


  5. Back in the 70’s the Weathermen stated that it would be necessary to eliminate 25 million Americans to usher in the utopia. That was 10% of the population then.

    Now, with a few tens of million imports loyal to the .Gov teat. the urban yoots, and the permanently brain damaged through indoctrination rest, which 10% of the current 330 million are destined for the slaughter?

    And how will the Vernichtungslager be built? Covid camps.


  6. Been without inter web for awhile now, weather issues so I’m a bit lacking on news etc. I’m thinking we have been fucked for around 100 years now, more so lately when TPTB started getting outright blatant about it. Remember when gummint was instituted among men to protect our God given rights, it was their primary reason for being, not so anymore, we are regarded as simply fodder for the use of the ruling proletariat.
    The past election was fraudulent by any sense of anyone who actually has a functioning brain. Which leaves out all who would lead us down this globalist commie socialist path of economic decay worldwide.

    Please read this post as well as many prior posts regarding the steal. (Should be on you list of go to sites for Constitutional information).

    From the various states using compromised voting machines that have been proven, in real time, in front of various state legislatures, to state legislators willingly allowing their voting laws to be illegally changed by courts, governors, attorney generals.
    Add the Supreme Court violating their oath of office and not following one of their prime obligations “to hear disputes between states”, (they are the only ones that can do that).
    Add into the equation, blatant voting violations by numerous voting districts in many states,
    Add into that the sworn statements of many voting irregularities by witnesses to numerous to count.
    Boarding up window to hide the fraudulent counting.
    And on and on and on. And NOTHING IS DONE about any of it.

    Once bejing Joe & jar jar kneepads get installed in office the entire gummint comes under the heading of an illegitimate gummint, NOTHING THEY DO IS LEGAL.They were elected by FRAUDULENT MEANS! They have zero validity.
    And yet I’m afraid there will be only a token resistance from the majority of people to worried about their “safety” to say jack shit about any of it. they will simply apply Vaseline liberally. (might be time to buy stocks in Vaseline, if the economy holds together for longer than 6 months, although I’m betting it won’t last a year).

    Time to push back big time by simply refusing to obey any laws, regulations, edicts from any gummint agency whatsoever. Simple non compliance is the best way to proceed without getting yourself bushwhacked in the interim.
    We are headed down a very dangerous path with the technology available to all of us and especially available to gummint forces, watch your back boys and grills. Think data centers, control centers, communications hubs, first priorities for deactivation, applicable to all sides.

    This is where we are headed in the not too distant future. Take heed!

    When the governed become ungovernable – PUSH BACK ! ! !


    Long Live Our Republic

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  7. well, there are lots of little things that can go wrong at any moment , and the dot gov is a big mess
    barely runs half the time. so. how does one throw a wrench in the machine- learn from the clowns
    that work there now- slow down anything that helps them in anything.

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    • The insanity of mask edicts actually make tossing a wrench into the works a bit easier.

      The list is endless of little things each of us can do daily and randomly to screw with it all. Yes, .gov is already incompetent, in efficient and slow, now just imagine for a moment what a few million determined and unhappy Americans can do in little ways to bring all to a halt.


  8. We’re attending a gun show on Saturday and I can guarantee two things will be present.

    Ridiculous prices and police cars with license plate readers.

    I’ll let you know if I’m right


  9. If anyone remembers the disputed 2000 election, federal law required that
    each state legislature had to use the rules in place on election day. In 2020,
    the changes were made at the last minute making it impossible to mount a
    legal challenge. The American people were fucked in the ass with a sand-
    paper-covered condom, because the federal law was, not violated. An easy
    fix would have been for the state legislatures to be required to enact changes
    at least a year in advance of an election.

    We did not even get the courtesy of anal-lube, a kiss, or a reacharound!
    Only a state legislature can alter the voting rules. No governor, secretary
    of state or campaign official can usurp the powers delegated by the
    US Constitution. We got played BIG TIME!


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