Time To Cut Back A Little More

I have been railing about what passes for news for years.

Not only was I right, it’s way worse than I imagined.

8 thoughts on “Time To Cut Back A Little More

  1. I only turn that mess on to watch the weather, any longer than that and the wife worries about the safety of the television. Then I turn it back to something more believable, like bugs Bunny oor ScoobyDoo


  2. I have not turned on a tv in quite some time.
    But blogs and news site I hit daily have more than kept me in the loop.
    Things seem to be spinning out of control on multiple levels in multiple directions.
    I have always been pretty good at duck and cover, but I think this one is gonna be a bit more intense.
    Civil disobedience will be kicked up a few notches. Not so hard to do really.


  3. Don’t even have one.
    Don’t even miss not having one.
    Its the common denominator that I’ve seen in family and friends that have no idea what is really going on. It’s not called the boob tube for nothing.


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