18 thoughts on “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

  1. Already rumors flying that they are planning to arrest Trump, Don Jr., and Guiliani for inciting a riot and attempting a coup. They always accuse you of what they are guilty of. If you can arrest someone else for the crimes you have committed, you might be a marxist democrat.

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  2. The corona thing is easy to figure out. The dems are blaming only a hand full of republicans for not wearing masks and being a spreader. Really? Just test the unmasked men and if they test negative it wasn’t them. Of course they won’t cause they are trying hurt trump. No one really believes a flimsy face mask is going to do shit. In big groups hardly ever do they figure out who the culprit is. It’s time to divide the country. Hopefully the south goes conservative. I want to live in alabama.


  3. Mark my words, when the mid-terms roll around more than one of these shit-heels will be using the picture of them being floor animals to whine and cry for a donation.

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