7 thoughts on “Kinda Reminds Me Of Starting The Sprite

  1. You have to dance in a puddle too to appease the water sprite fairies also? No wonder you want to get rid of it. No wonder also the rumor of the pink tu-tu….


  2. I’ve heard the only reason the Brits don’t make semiconductors is they can’t figure out how to make ’em leak oil. After fondling Brit jet motors for years, I have to agree.


      • That’s what my dad used to say about the Wright-Cyclone radial engines on the B-17/24/36’s he used to work on!

        I was taxiing up to the avgas pumps in the Coeur d’ Alene airport when a PBY came up to it and asked to be first in line, so we let him. While fueling, I looked at the (relatively small) oil leak under each engine, and remarked, “Wow!”. The Flight Engineer said, “Yeah, I just can’t get them to quit leaking!”, at which time I informed him of what my dad said about the engines (The PBY used the same radial engines as the bombers). He thought that was worth remembering.

        They were notorious for that.


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