RICO Their Asses

Everybody is all upset because Big Tech all got together and yanked the rug out from under Parlor.

How ya like that aye?


Except now, NOW, the Normies are affected.

Pardon me while I clutch my pearls for ya.

Devin Nunes is talking about going after all these tyrannical Tech Giants now with conspiracy charges.

What can I say?


38 thoughts on “RICO Their Asses

    • Especially now that Republicans are not in charge of squat. I even have my doubts about the Supreme Court.
      If heads were going to roll, Hillary would be in jail, Hunter would be in jail, half the FBI and CIA leadership would be in jail…..nothing is going to happen.

      I am beyond jaded at this point. My vote does not count, my opinion is censored, my rights are being whittled away at. When is the last time the government actually gave back a right it took from us?

      I am done.

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        • Absolutely. When the 2022 mid-term elections come around, boycott the whole shebang. Even if it allows the Dems to sweep the field. Because you know what? They’ll still steamroll a willing GOP even if they don’t. It’s time the RNC got more than a sternly worded email; they need an attitude adjustment upside the head with a brick.
          Frankly, I think this will be like handing over the helm of the Titanic in mid-iceberg strike. With Dems in charge, like they are in so many major failing cities, the fall will be faster and more devastating, and we get it over quicker. So rather than waste your time and resources on trying to support the GOP for the next few years, spend that time armoring up your own personal citadels so you can weather the coming Dark Age.


          • “So rather than waste your time and resources on trying to support the GOP for the next few years”

            The GOP has kind of passed the point where it changes from CPR to necrophilia.


          • That’s how all those traitorous fuckers loose their posh gubbermnint job. Not a single republican in office. ha ha ha damn wish we would have done that 20 years ago.


  1. A good idea, which means the likelihood of the Republicans to carry through on it are about zero, and if by some minor miracle they do, it will sputter out and amount to nothing but some grandstanding speechifying. Probably because too many of them get campaign money from the tech companies.


  2. Cuke Nunes isn’t gonna do shyte, he’s pandering to the masses to preserve his own place in the swamp. He been spouting off for years, complete talk with no action.

    We’re not listening anymore

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    • What all of these RINO’s; like Nunes, Lady Lyndsey and little marko, are doing is trying to fill a power vacuum at the top of the party and polish their resume’s for 2024 or their next Senate election run.

      We’ll be hearing a lot of blather from them for the next four years. It’ll be like listening to the toilet flush; makes a lot noise, but doesn’t accomplish much.


      • Now now Nemo ! … I wholeheartedly disagree !!! … The toilet accomplishes it’s functions numerous times DAILY … Ridding the public of all their shit is an extremely valuable function to society … And the noise from your toilet only lasts about 20 seconds , it’s always there for ya and you can always replace it within days if it starts to fuck up. They are so helpful that many people have two , three , sometimes four in their home ! …

        Politicians , however , make noise 24 / 7 , we’re stuck with them at least 4 – 8 years ( some for decades !!! ), they fuck up ALL the time and we can never rid ourselves of THEIR shit !!! … Who’d want 3 or 4 of these thievin’ bastards in their house ?!!! …

        I’ll take Crane over Congress any day !!! …


  3. EO 13838 and The Sedition Act are waiting in the wings. It’s all up to DJT now.

    Gonna be interesting to see what’s on the contents of the HDDs and laptops that were “snatched” by some “White Hats” last week during the “riots”.

    Stay tuned.


  4. Will there be committee meetings and tech CEO’s summoned to be bored by political speeches from committee members?

    Like the dozens of other times?

    Wait, I know, what does Q say?


  5. I can’t wait for all these sunshine patriots, RINO hacks and wannabes congress-critter types to come sucking around for campaign donations in the next couple of election cycles. Their cries
    of “it’s either me or a Democrat” will never work again. Back-stabbin’ little bitches.

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    • Nickels and dimes from the Unwashed ain’t what greases the political machine Big Money does and they ain’t particularly concerned about what the politicians tell the Proles.


  6. Add in that parler required a driver license scan and a phone number to use the site. And all that info went right to the feds. Use your imagination how that will end.


  7. RICO? Who’s going to enforce it? Even if someone does bring formal charges, can you find a court that won’t toss out all charges immediately, as utterly without merit?

    Funny thing, I just got a telephone call from the Republican National Committee asking me for money, like 5 minutes ago. I asked if my donation would be supporting Mike Pence, or Mitch McConnell, or Mitt Romney. Which great patriots, who stood for rule of law, who defended the legitimately elected President, would I be supporting?


  8. Nunes reminds me of that little weasel with the funky haircut….
    …what the hell is his name?
    Headed up the Bengazi committee, always gave “excoriating” browbeatings…
    Oh, yeah, Trey Gowdy.
    Lot of fucking good that guy ever did, along with the rest of the republica…er…quislings.
    It’s their club, and we ain’t in it.


  9. The creators of Parler made a fatal mistake. They used Amazon Data Services
    to host their site. They assumed that the future of computing was in smart-
    phones and tablets. They chose to go the Windoze 10 route and found
    a host that would also distribute their mobile apps. Amazon shut down
    both services. Twatter, Fakebook, and a half dozen other social media
    sites used the false flag operation (the storming of the Capitol) as an
    excuse to label Trump and his supporters as violent “right-wing extremists.”

    Trump’s Email account was canceled. The company that he hired to do
    his data processing also locked him out. Trump’s main strength was to
    keep data on his voters, rally attendees, mailing lists, etc. Even if he
    had assess to the data, he is still fucked! The moment Biden is sworn
    in, he will lose access to franking privileges as a former president. This
    is a multifront attack to prevent him from being reelected.

    A lot of us were trying to figure out what the Democrat’s end game was.
    Nobody could have predicted that the domestic and foreign corporatocracy
    would pull out all the stops to defeat him. Add foreign bribes that the RINOS
    and Democrats took, and the treasonous behavior by selling themselves to
    Russia, the Chi-coms, Ukraine, half the countries in the EU. Trump made
    a lot of inroads in his effort to drain the swamp, but he was no match for
    the forces arrayed against him.

    On the bright side, Trump has already vowed to create his own social
    media site but that is not enough. He will need to create his own ISP
    and build his own server farms. We have not heard the last word from
    a man who put his country first!

    We will not go gently into that good night.


  10. Invoking the RICO act requires an intact and honest Judiciary and JustUs Department. Neither of which exist. BOTH being wholly owned subsidiary’s of the American Communist Party Nee Demonrats.


  11. The minute the GOP is out of power, and has zero chance of effecting anything like change, they’re the toughest-talking SOBs on the planet.

    The minute they get to a position where they can actually do ANY of what they promised, they cuck so hard they make transvestite gradeschoolers look butch.

    Nunes is speaking fluent assgas, like all of them.
    Well, at least the 99% RINOs who give the other 1% a bad name.

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  12. anyone who has ever read a history book knows how this is going to end.
    time for courts and other non sense is past, as the whole system is rigged against us.
    so why waste your time ? better to improve you local network of people, check your zero.
    plan to what,when it does happen. remember, they like to response to anything with numbers
    on their side, it only when they not do they withdrawn. see bundy ranch stand off.
    but then again, they found who was there and pick them off one at a time.
    ditch you cell or get a burner with cash. use any car/truck made before 2007 and no gps crap
    either. old school is the way to stay below the radar. get a good compass and hard maps
    topo are great to have , if urban, check out the sewer lines- worked very well in the past.
    history is there to LEARN FROM. always have at least 2-3 ways out of anywhere you might be.
    up hill is good as people are lazy as a rule, rough ground is even better.
    get and stay gray.


  13. It is a valid idea but the majority of the Republicans have no balls. They are too goody-two-shoes who believe in the law, the golden rule, and everybody will play fair. They don’t have what it takes to defeat the pure evil of those that have willingness to break laws, embezzle funds, fu#k the mayor of San Francisco to get into the game, or the brass to steal an election.

    It is going to take some very patriotic people who have no problems with blood and guts and are not mentally bothered about destroying evil.

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    • “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

      And this is why the GOP will go the way of the Whigs.

      Quoting from somebody somewhen I don’t remember, possibly Neal Boortz: “Democrats want to get their agenda implemented. Republicans just want everyone to like them.”


  14. Oh, Phil…

    The reality Is Nunes is all bluster and this will go nowhere. Nunes can try to RICO the big boys like Amazon all he wants. But, when a site like Parlor violates the Terms of Use agreement by not policing its users, then they have the right to sever the agreement. The people who run Parlor let it turn into a cesspool of racist hate, insurrectionist appeals against the United States, and chillingly specific death threats. So Nunes can talk as much as he wants about RICO, but (a) the big companies have the right to hold sites like Parlor and 8Chan accountable to the agreed-upon Terms of Service. And (b), the visuals are that Nunes wants to punish companies for doing their due diligence.

    BTW here is a link to the court case that Parlor has brought against Amazon. Read it, you may learn something about how the real world works.

    Click to access Parler_LLC_v_Amazon_Web_Services_Inc__wawdce-21-00031__0010.0.pdf


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