This Is Actually Pretty Ingenious

A solar and wind powered generator that uses the waste energy of the wind created by the buses passing by to generate electricity.

24 thoughts on “This Is Actually Pretty Ingenious

  1. Been testing for over 2 years now, and it also acts as a weather monitoring/earthquake sensing station. There is a similar project happening in Scotland. My guess is it while it will work as an experiment it won’t pay for itself in any residential use.


  2. If I was a young dude and buying a house for a long haul, I’d do the Tesla solar shingles (look good) and whole house battery. In any case I couldn’t care less about clean energy. And if anyone else cared they’d be building thorium molten salt reactors. 100% safe and they’ll even eat the waste of conventional reactors and many times more thorium in the ground than uranium anyway. The whole energy thing is a hand job until it becomes n economical advantage.


  3. From the moment Jimma Carter fell for the green lie, these “energy
    alternatives” were so larded with federal and state subsidies that they cost
    more and produce less than conventional coal and natural gas plants. The
    amount of energy necessary to produce 1 horsepower is a cunt hair below
    746 Watts continuous Motors and engines all follow the same energy output
    rules. Just to fuck with America, the Euroweenies measure output in

    Everything about the green lie is bullshit! Rather than building new generating
    capacity, Marxifornia started paying power hogs like papermills a shit ton of
    money to shut their plants during peak Summer periods. They even worked
    with power companies to bribe papermills and other large companies into
    accepting “free” CFL fixtures that they passed on to the taxpayers CFL
    replacements for fluorescent tube fixtures didn’t save shit!

    After getting about 1/4 million dollars of free shit at taxpayer expense, I
    did the math, and only the VHO (Very High Output) eight foot fixtures
    uses more current than the CFLs and it was a very minor diference.
    All the rest used more than the old fixtures. The only savings came from
    motion sensors and photocells. In other words it was as black as a
    coal miners asshole at night unless someone drove a forklift or walked
    through an area. Areas under skylights used the photocells.

    They do not put out as much light per watt, the color is not as good and
    we electricians had to replace the tubes more often and the sensors adding
    to maintenance costs!

    PS when will the gear-heads stop calling automobile engins motors?

    PPS This “bus powered” system could not provide lighting for a small
    mountain cabin!


    • Only us geeks know how to analyze on a cost/benefit basis, and CFLs failed miserably. However, it DID bring LED lamps on to the market, and I just LOVE ’em!

      ICE vs. Electric-powered cars. Hmmm. Gonzaga University did a cost/benefit ratio for the Commuter car that we are building here in Spokane ( and found that an electric commuter car was a beneficial idea – i.e., it was actually worth it! They looked at Operating Costs, Production costs, and Maintenance and Fuel costs – the whole schmeer. And the way it’s built conforms to NHTSA crash tests, so the bloody thing’s safe. Now, if we can get the per-unit cost down to $20K/car (which would be accomplished by mass production) You’d see these little buggers everywhere within a short time!


      • The problem is and always has been limited range and the time
        it takes to recharge the batteries. Despite marginal increases
        in battery power density, the 1905 Robers Electric Car had the
        same 40 mile range as a Chevy Volt. For short distance commutes,
        I agree with you but if you drive 30 miles to work, the company that
        you work for accepts taxpayer funded chargers to make up the
        difference you are shit out of luck!

        Elon Musk is the modern version of Elmer Gantry or the Music
        Man, meaning he is a world class con artist. He made outrageous
        milage claims for his “pure EV.” A Ford Model T nearly beat a high
        end Tesla in a race beteen Michigan and Taxatwoshits. The Model
        T suffered a breakdown that took two hours to repair. Even a
        Tesla electrial engineer said the Tesla would lose the race.

        If you ever worked for a company using electric forklifts, you
        will know they have modular battery packs. Elon “Elmer Gantry”
        produced a video in which one his best models was driven
        behind a curtain and had the battery array changed out in
        10 minutes. That model took 2 mechanics 12 hours to
        complete because that model did not have a modular
        battery pack. Why did he do it? The higest teir of
        federal and state subsides went to vehicles with modular
        battery packs that can be swappe out within minutes.
        The same can be said for his solar PV business.

        Elon Musk is the modern H Ross Perot. He makes more
        money on government subsidies than on sales of his EVs.
        Now consider the nationwiled infrastructure and how much
        that will make him. Another thing to think about, Dr Dixie
        Lee Ray (former head of the AEC) and one of most
        brilliant women in American history. In her book, Trashing
        The Planet, she wrote about “renewable energy” an

        To sum it up, the wind does not always blow and the sun
        does not always shine. They both suffer from the same
        25 percent efficiency as an internal combustion engine.
        She also stated that in order to produce enough electricity
        to power New York City using Solar thermal or PV arrays,
        it would require more area than the city itself.

        Without subsidies this scam cannot exist. All it does is
        increase the burden on the American taxpayers. The
        solution is to allow private energy companies to build more
        generating capacity, One cannot power an industrial
        economy with increasing populations by conservation.
        That is, unless the end game is to send us back to the
        stone age or take us to the closing pages of Atlas Shrugged.


  4. As with all Solar and Wing powered electric generating schemes, the operative question is, Will it ever produce enough BTUs to replace the BTUs that were expended in manufacturing the device? This BTU count has to include all related infastructure. Such as foundations and transportation to the site.


    • Cogeneration was the greatest contibutions of the 20th century.
      Oil refineries, chemical plants, papermills, and even hospitals
      were using it . The concept is great in theory and it was working
      in the state of Marxifornia for while. If you need heat or steam in
      your process, you could sell the electricity to the grid. Some
      assholes in the legislature added some fine print that capped
      the residential and commercial price. Due to a sharp increase
      in natural gas prices that would have been over in a week or
      two, causing the small operations to shutdown for “maintenance”

      Supermarkets make a few pennies on a can of vegitables. What
      if the government tells you have to sell that product and take a
      10 or 20 percent loss? It is the same with the energy companies.
      I worked for two papermills and did dozens of jobs in the industry
      as a Millwright. If an oil refinery or a papermill uses one Watt
      of energy to power or one gallon of gas or deisel to power
      their own equipment, they run afaoul of the Grim tax Reaper.

      They have to buy electricity from the grid and purchase fuels
      from a third party so the federal and state governments get
      their tax vig! The Democrat party is not not stupid. They
      give a pass on the big corporations because they pass
      the taxes onto their customers. The small and intependent
      operators get boned in the ass and eventually declare bankruptcy!


  5. Yo Phil,

    JK of AR here.

    As I recall you had something up awhile back about a generator from Harbor Freight that was “pretty good, never failed.”

    Friend of mine visiting is wanting my unboxed Generac but I’m thinking yours maybe the better option (plus I don’t have to do credit if you know what I mean about Arkies) anyway What’s the one you said was “pretty good & dependable” not so long ago?

    Harbor Freight as I do recall.


    • The one I had looked pretty much like this one,

      I wound up giving it to my brother. The big difference between that one and the one I had is the electric start option. The one there doesn’t look to have that and there is a huge jump in price to get that option. From $350 for a decent generator with a pull start to $700 for a real good unit with both pull and electric start.
      Depending on what your buddies needs are you can get the little jobbies you can carry around for just running some lights or a full blown unit that will run an entire house.
      Harbor Freight has a pretty wide range of generators these days and pretty much all of them are trouble free as long as you maintain them.
      Hope this helps and it’s good to hear from you again.


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