The Uni-Party Circles The Wagons

Fifteen seconds into reading this just reinforced my conviction that we need a Third Party in this country to rally behind so that we can start picking these RINO assholes off first and then go after the other Shit Weasels.

Of course the very first thing we need to do is dig up the masters of the election stealing machine currently running at wide open throttle and yank the controls out of their hands.

The Memo: GOP and nation grapples with what comes next

“This is the beginning of the divorce,” former GOP congressman Carlos Curbelo told The Hill on Friday, as aftershocks from insurrectionary violence two days before reverberated across the nation.

Curbelo, who represented Florida’s 26th District from 2015 to 2019, was predicting a final and permanent split between President Trump and the Republican Party.

His assessment took another step toward reality a few hours later when Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) became the first GOP senator to call for Trump’s resignation, even though there were then only 13 days left in his White House tenure.

“I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News.

Murkowski also mused publicly on her future within the GOP. 

“If the Republican Party has become nothing more than the party of Trump, I sincerely question whether this is the party for me,” she said.

On Sunday, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) echoed Murkowski’s call, telling CNN  that Trump’s resignation would be “the best path forward.”

The Republican Party, and the nation at large, are grappling with related issues. 

The GOP is mulling what it should look like, and stand for, in a post-Trump era. For the nation, there are questions about whether the boil of extreme militancy has been lanced, or whether last week’s violence was an ominous harbinger. 

“At the level of American party politics, I think this is a turning point, a watershed — and the beginning of the end of Donald Trump as a major figure inside the political system,” said Larry Diamond, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University who has written extensively about threats to democracy. 

Yet Diamond also cautioned that, when it comes to the danger from far-right extremists willing to engage in violence, “the boil hasn’t even begun to be lanced, and the poison is still growing.” 

I have some shocking news for Mr. Diamond.

You ain’t seen nothing yet asshole.

We literally haven’t even gotten started yet.

39 thoughts on “The Uni-Party Circles The Wagons

    • We need no parties voting no longer matters. I wish I could have brought myself to believe Carlin that voting never mattered, I just couldn’t do it.


    • Research the Whigs. And, it will all become clear.

      Just because the elephants shit in our mouth, and call it warm chocolate, doesn’t mean we have to believe it, or take it.


  1. Over at itain’tholywater last week, someone said something about principled magatarians. Don’t you think Magatarians would be a great name for our new political party?


  2. The problem lies with the change of Senators being directly elected instead of the way the system was designed of them being chosen by the elected governors of each state.

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    • I am in favor of an Art V convention (and for some un-Godly reason, the GOP ‘leaders’ oppose it) to address this, and several other topics. With nearly 30 State houses, and over 37 States in favor of said convention, the main subscribers of the Constitution, need to look at it, debate about it, and make changes that are needed.

      All the GOP leaders, and the glad-hand ‘think tanks’ say its a bad idea – it would allow the loony left in, and get their ideas into the elder document. I say nonsense – the many States would have to vote on any change(s) made, before presenting to congress.
      My favorites (from their platform) are
      – balanced budget and debt reduction (with wartime allowances)
      – term limits for Congress and judges (even the Supremes)
      – addressing the ‘clause’ abuses, and a definition of using the whole meaning of a passage, not just select word ‘passages’
      – reverting the elections of Senators to the purview of the State Governors, instead of a popular glamor show.
      – the role of US Code and its relationship to the Constitution.
      – cleaning up the ambiguity of several Articles, notably the 14th and birthright citizenship.


      • Again of no value until after the swamp is cleared. The shit weasels will run the show otherwise and you will not like the result. Unless you see this as a recruiting tool for the Hunting Party …


    • I am reminded of the suggestion that after every election, the loser be taken out behind the chemical sheds and shot. And the winner.


  3. Only 2 options – divorce without alimony (secede a bunch of states and be sure to grab some coastal land) or armed revolution. Americans are too stupid to elevate a 3rd party. Plus the whole process is beyond repair when you can end up with morons like Hank “capsize” Johnson or Alexandria “Can’t do simple math” Cortez, and many others, it is beyond repair.


  4. The game is rigged beyond reform. Why do you think there is a 95% re-election rate for incumbents? There is no possibility of another party beyond the Uniparty until after….we burn it all down. There hasn’t been a real election in many years. Juan McCain and Romney were hired to be gracious losers and they played the roles well.
    We know how real elections are done. Photo ID, proof of citizenship, paper ballots securely archived for recount (initial counts can be machine read, but any objection to a given machine demands physical recount). A secret ballot is important, but you only get one after proving you’re eligible.
    We are ever so grateful to Donald Trump for his singular talent for exposing the rot and corruption for all to see. The target list expands by the day, and your last line above Phil is spot on.


  5. Now just you hold on there Phil, those two senators are squarely bought and paid for! They and at least 28 more of them have some peccadillos or substantial skeletons in their respected closets. The democraps and ccp expect that when they buy and paid for a shill they stay bought. Now, those rules of course don’t apply to them, they are lucifer’s handmaidens, so they can lie and cheat and accept graft to their hearts bottomless depths.


  6. Didn’t I say this same thing late last night/early this morning.
    The Republican party of today is the moderate wing of the Democratic party of yesteryear.
    We, the Conservatives of tomorrow, must establish our principles now and cast out, unfortunately, every politician that doesn’t measure up.
    Form the CNC now, like yesterday.
    1. Swear to uphold the U. S. Constitution as it is written as of 01/01/21


  7. What comes next for the GOP? Same thing the always do: surrender to Left, collaborate with the Left, fellate the Left, and hope against hope that this time the Left deigns to honor them by finishing on their faces. Tried and true battle plan.

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    • You left out “Hope your constituents never find out how you’ve whored yourself out to the opposition”, “Hope your constituents forget about it before the next election”, and “Fundraise and campaign on reversing the legislation you just helped pass.”


  8. “We literally haven’t even gotten started yet.”

    Ya, about that…

    I guess you guys could always use string and tin cans to communicate.

    Oh, and BTW, even Alex Jones, AKA the king of the conspiracy theory, thinks you guys are nuts. Take a moment to think about that…


    • What Alex Jones thinks, or even whether such is possible, is to small a subject to be measured with existing instrumentation.

      Go back to Democrat Underground, and tell them you’re not getting any traction on conservative sites, Mike.


  9. The sad reality is we are LONG past ANY peaceful solution to what is happening. The left
    has just committed the crime of the century. They have succeeded in creating a system whereby
    they control the results of EVERY ELECTION now. NOBODY who they do not approve of will
    EVER hold a meaningful office in this country again. A second or third party won’t make a difference. If the commie criminals at the DNC don’t like a candidate that person won’t win….
    PERIOD. There will be no voting, protesting or suing our way out of our predicament. The ONLY
    path back to freedom requires blood. LOTS OF BLOOD.

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  10. Unforgiven would be a better song. Maybe someone needs to make a music video of Trump showing him through the years and through his term. Unforgiven in white would look good on a all black American flag,nice banner to fight under huh.


  11. Third parties are a recipe for disaster for genuine conservatives. The last
    time a third-party candidate acted as a shill for the Democrats. Despite
    his Southern drawl and trite phrases, H. Ross Perot was not a populist.
    He has a hard-on for the Bush family because W put the kibosh on
    an airport deal in Texas. Despite his populist rhetoric, he was a progressive
    who made his fortune on government contracts. He was a member in
    good standing of the corporatocracy. He had a seat on the Christic
    Institue (a collection of lunatic leftist conspiracy theories.) He also
    sat on the board of Planned Parenthood along with Bill Clinton’s lesbian

    Earlier, he a shill for the Democrats who took advantage of GHWBs
    violation of his no new taxes pledge. Hitlary Klongon’s pedophile husband
    won the 1992 election by a narrow margin because Perot siphoned off
    5 percent of the Republican voters. Perot did it again in 1996 but Dole
    and Kemp were such stiffs that hardly any Republicans voted for them.

    A third party will destroy the conservative movement. While almost all
    Democrat voters are low information types, we have the same dynamic
    working against us. The donk voters are basically clueless as to the real
    agenda of the left. On our side, moderate Republicans will stick with the
    GOP giving the Democrats the one-party state they have been lusting
    for since FDR.

    Tradition Democrat election fraud in blue states involved “finding” enough
    votes in Republican districts to put the Donk over the top. The 2020
    election involved a new tactic. They did not win by finding Democat
    votes, they won because they shredded legally cast Republican votes!

    We need a new course of action. First, every state with a Republican
    governor and legislature needs to replace the Dominion voting machines,
    ditch the mail-in vote bullshit and pass voter ID laws. Then we need
    to crush the Democrats in the House and Senate in the 2020 midterms.
    Third, we need to kick Lisa Madkowski’s ass to the curb and replace
    her with the Caribou Barbie, and Pat Toomey in 2022.

    The left will go apeshit once they have a unified government. Their
    overreach will alienate a lot of voters. The best we can do at this point
    is limit the damage.

    PS It is imperative to take out Mittens in the 2024 primary and replace
    the RINO with a genuine conservative!


    • Meaning no disrespect, Leonard, but if we don’t get through the next three months without society going 2 orders of magnitude kinetic, your thought on the course of action will mean nothing.


  12. It seems to me that DJT is waiting for hte final analysis of the HDD of Pelousy’s laptop and other drives that were “removed” from the Congressional Building during the “riots” last week.

    I fully expect, with great anticipation The Don dropping the hammer Real Soon Now, with The Sedition Act and/or EO 13848. ‘Twill be a glorious day…


  13. Don’t hold your breath waiting for invocation of insurrection act. Orange Man Bad already signaled his defeat promising smooth transition on the 20th.
    This country hasn’t been a constitutional republic since Lincoln destroyed it and now it isn’t even a nation of laws. Look to California, you can steal up to 900 dollars worth of merchandise from a store and they flat out will not prosecute despite the existence of laws against Petit Larceny and Grand Larceny.
    The future will look like other historical examples of single party rule. Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba. All of these so called revolutions were followed by mass extermination of any one who disagreed. It will be no different here.

    And worse, no one will actually do anything to risk their “lives, treasure or sacred honor” to stop it.

    I hope the chains of bondage weigh lightly on the shoulders of this nation.


    • @Anon-y-mouse – I have some advice for your cowardly self- Don;t get in the way. Insurrection Act or no, Trump will not give up, and neither will his voters. You should cower in your basement like a brain-damaged piece of shit senior citizen who is running for President-elect. The future will be as spicy as Ghost pepper habanero sauce. Out of seventy five million angry Trump voters, if only 3% are willing to fight, will be enough. We have squirrel guns and deer rifles. BTW, 3% of 75 million is 2.25 million. You are correct about Lincoln, though.


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