5 thoughts on “I Can Relate To This

  1. The cat’s not the only one that likes smacking Chihuahua’s around!

    Stupid dogs have two brain cells, one that says eat/sleep, and one that says bark/poop. I don’t have a particular love for that breed.

    Good Kitty!!


    • Chihuahuas are 50% hate 50% tremble. They are nasty, mostly. The cat won and will win, because unless the Chichi kills him, when the cat bites, massive bacterial infection for the dog. Unless they have some immunity to same. My own cat caused me to be hospitalized after he bit me when I saved him from an attack by a large dog. I lifted him out of the dog/s reach until the dog could be corralled, and when I put him down, he was so freaked out he bit me on the web of my hand. 12 hours later I had a red streak running up my arm and they admitted me after presenting at the ER and gave me a few days of intravenous antibiotics.


  2. That’s why I love cats. The dog knows he’s going to get smacked, he just doesn’t know from what direction or how hard or when. Cat’s have that feline zen going, they know how to get the most fear out of their prey and still surprise them. When it come time to go after the commie/liberals remember the cat.


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