The Treachery Is Total And Complete Now

A lot of things happened from the time I got home last night until I just got home this morning.

We all heard and saw the Capitol of The United States of America get over run by it’s citizens.

The implications of that are staggering.

There were also some unfortunate deaths that happened during that melee.

A 14 year Air Force lady was shot in the neck by a cop and later died from her wounds and 3 other people died from “Medical Emergencies”.

First blood was spilled.

The thing that should have everyone’s attention now though is the absolute and total betrayal by our Congressmen and women, who actually voted to certify Joe Biden as the duly elected President to be of this country.

In spite of the election fraud that was so blatant that Stevie Wonder could have seen it facing out to space from the dark side of the Moon.

This tells me that there are several hundred sworn Traitors in our highest offices in government.

Every. Single. Motherfucking. One of these Low Life Cocksuckers who voted Yes for that has now committed Treason in front of God and the entire world.

There is absolutely no other word for it.

The Biden administration is an illegitimate coup come to fruition.

There are still fourteen days before this travesty becomes official and right now it seems the only ones who have President Trump’s back are We The People.

No one knows what is going to happen between now and then except Mr. Trump and possibly a few close advisers.

If it were me I would Declassify every piece of dirt that the NSA has on every single one of them, Democrat and RINO alike, get on Marine One and watch the place burn as I went on vacation.

Somehow I don’t see him just walking away though.

The only other possibility I see at this point is a Military Coup.

If that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine then you don’t fully understand the full ramifications of that play.

Gimme what ya got in the comments.

61 thoughts on “The Treachery Is Total And Complete Now

  1. The Democrats spent the last 4 years tantruming and trying to overturn 2016. Including 6 months of riots, looting and arson with over a billion dollars in damage and numerous lives lost and the media and left cheered them on. Suddenly they’re concerned about American society. 😂😂😂😂 Seriously they’ve done 4 years of this now. They normalised it and now they’ll live with the consequences if they survive that is . As I’ve said to many enjoy cos paybacks a bitch.


    • Trump is not going anywhere, not just yet. During the ruckus at the capitol building, Military Intelligence seized Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Coonfirmed by General McInerney in this video.

      Sources also say that James Comey sold secrets to the Chinese. Arrests and jail is coming for some traitors this week. This is why the democrats and RINOs want Trump out of office before January 20th.


  2. Biden won’t be in the office long, maybe two months, then he will “retire for medical reasons”, or something. And then it will get sporty.

    Pres. Trump’s tweet on the transition was suspiciously formal, there is more going on than we know, as you mentioned, Phil.


    • RETIRE?

      You’re thinking like a normal decent person. Stop it. Think how the enemy thinks. Biden is an opportunity. He still has uses. He’ll be inaugurated, then put forth a number of proposals, such as increasing the number of Supreme Court justices, increasing legal immigration and simlutaneously not enforcing any current immigration laws, etc. There will be (token) pushback on some of these by RINOs (a form of political kabuki).

      When the pushback-ed issues are stalled, someone will assassinate Biden. It will be a mentally-unstable white male veteran, using an AR-pattern rifle[1]. The assassin will be killed resisting arrest. (Whether this man will be a lone wolf, or if his computer will be found to have a list of supporters and contacts has not yet been decided.) Anyway, President Harris will then exhort Congress to pass the laws still being debated, “in memory of that martyred great public servant, Joseph R. Biden.”

      THAT’S how Biden will be “retired”. Remember, for all his (ill-gotten) wealth and position, he is still a subhuman tool to the “elite”. Just because a horse has pulled the cart for its owner its whole life does not mean that the horse gets to retire to a nice pasture for its final days. The horse can be sold for dog food.

      [1] The AR-pattern rifle will have a scope and probably a suppressor. Because we need to whip up outrage against those too, not only Stoner’s evil evil child. Come to think of it, the shooter will probably be wearing body armor as well. This will allow him to survive a center-of-mass shot. After being shot COM by a brave officer, the crazy vet will then shoot one or two of the arresting officers. Those totally unnecessary deaths will be because the crazy vet had armor.

      Joe’s Law will ban semi-auto rifles, scopes, suppressors, and body armor. We must pass this bill in honor of the late great President Biden.


      • I think you forgot to mention his strident Christianity, pro-white racism, and anti-abortion stances.
        But The Usual Suspects won’t.
        If they can’t find such a patsy, they’ll invent one out of whole cloth, and make the missing boogieman a fugitive, sparing themselves the mess of any actual suspect.

        When you can pull hundreds of thousands of votes out of your nether parts, one lone gunman MIA is nothing but a parlor trick.


        • “If they can’t find such a patsy, they’ll invent one out of whole cloth, and make the missing boogieman a fugitive, sparing themselves the mess of any actual suspect.”

          And a “fugitive gunman” is a wizard idea if you want to go after ever AR in the country. Remember the Beltway Snipers?


      • Your description is one of the possibilities I thought of, Mike_C, or did you not stop to consider why I put that in quotes and also typed “or something”.

        My reply is not a question.


  3. Phil, I’m not sure where you stand with regards to eschatology, but an oft asked question by citizens of your former coun try is, “where is the USA” in the end time prophecies? Well, we are getting the answer to that now. Take comfort from the fact that The Lord’s return is ever closer, and all accounts will be settled. Be strong, stand firm, take heart.


  4. I don’t see much of anything going on.
    Sadly, we have raised a bunch of wussies that would trade their liberty for a certain sense of safety.
    The current masking of America tells me all I need to know.

    Think about this:
    Canada has a population of about 35M.
    We invade Canada the same way South America is invading our southern border.
    20M conservatives move to Canada……..we own it.
    With a conservative majority of about 35M out of a total population of 55M, we install a “new” Constitution that mirrors the one trashed by the swamp in the US.
    Further down the road, the heartland, home to a majority of deplorable patriots sees what’s going on north of them, and decide to join us.
    After that, it’s only a matter of time until the coastal communist/socialist enclaves collapse into third world shithole status.
    Another scenario:
    Of course, if the US doesn’t get it’s fiscal house in order, (a long shot at best) the shit hits the fan and a widespread depression that makes the thirties look like a cakewalk descends upon us all.


    • “We invade Canada …”

      A sizeable number of Canadians will get a say in that. Our deplorables have a lot in common with yours but we’re not Americans. You’re seriously talking about invading and occupying another first world country? After the shit shows in the Afghan and Iraqi shitholes? And we would just have to ask China and perhaps even Russia for help and we would get all the support and weapons and training we need. Not to mention people coming from all over the world to take one last whack at FUSA.

      Stay home. Get your own house in order. The last thing Canadians want are more “refugees” who eff’ed up their own country and then come here looking for the gibs.


      • Ya like trudeau has made canada great again? That loser has already sold you numb nuts down the river. You want chinese communism, have it, enjoy. More of a sh*t show up there, obviously….


        • Well, invade away, dipshit. That would be the fastest way to invite the rest of the world into North America to try and pacify and stabilze the situation. You took away all the goodwill and support of a few million people within a hundred miles of your border and made them enemies. A lot who would have gone south to fight with you because we face the same enemy here. You’re not thinking things through.


      • Gibs? Who wants your gibs? Not us. Besides, it’s not invasion, it’s immigration. Your Trudeau is one of those open borders guys, isn’t he? So we move in, a couple million a year, bringing whatever fiscal assets and skills we have. Much preferred to the broke illiterate third world hordes, right? So after a generation, when it turns out we’re actually the majority, and the root cause of Canada’s biggest and longest economic boom ever, then we start to push harder politically. And it will turn out that the people who now live in the whole central part of Canada are closely aligned with the people who live in the whole central part of the US. The people who make things, like food, cars, clothing, furniture, homes. The coasts of both countries will always be were the plastic people make artificial things, like stock prices and commodity futures, and double mocha lattes. Sure, there will be some farmers, fishermen, small factory folks there too, but their ethos will align more with the Great Centrists than the coasties.


        • “And it will turn out that the people who now live in the whole central part of Canada are closely aligned with the people who live in the whole central part of the US. ”

          No shit. You think we don’t know that? But you’re going to throw all that support away by invading? And giving the perfect excuse for China and the UN to intervene and physically invade North America to stablize the situation. At a minimum providing supplies, weapons and support to the Canadians fighting your invasion?

          You’re not thinking things through in the long run and bigger picture. You are considered friends and allies to many Canadians. You have a lot of good will. We are facing the same enemy. Don’t throw that all away. Think bigger.


      • I hope you misspoke and wish you said come on we would join you because the alternative will be worse than it is now up there. If you did not misspeak and support that plan fuck off we don’t need to save your ass in the cold.


        • New Hampshire was tried. Remember the “Free State Project”? Didn’t work out.

          NH as far north as about Manchester is just Massachusetts North now. And Manchester is increasingly full of Africans (not American Blacks, actual sub-Saharan Africans-from-Africa) and other third world immigrants. Nashua and Salem are practically Boston suburbs, and Keene is a den of liberal nutbaggery all on its own.


    • Screw that! I live in Florida and I’ll stay warm. Even if the economy tanks and the infrastructure goes in the toilet, I won’t freeze to death in the cold.


  5. “Rioters” allowed to just walk out and go home? No body searches for stolen documents, laptops, hard drives? Pictures of clean white unwrinkled papers strewn about sans footprints? And the best observation: plain old glass windows? We got better security at the local schools.

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    • Sweet Jesus, they let those Paki IT scammers, the Awan family, get away with anything they wanted.
      You think they’re going to look for false flag operatives in this rally?


  6. nope. the trumpster has already pledged a peaceful transition. its over, and so are we. i knew this day would come but i never wanted to admit it to myself. I’ve been fighting this fight for over 40 years but now i’m done. i’m tired, so tired. time to retire to the “good life” what’s left of it. have fun.

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    • Did he? I am sure we all read the same thing. He didn’t concede only said peaceful transition. By the grace of God he comes out swinging and the peaceful transition he referenced he meant for himself. Long shot maybe but this guy always goes for the long shot.


  7. Which way for the military”coup”? If Trump acts with the military it is a legal, law enforcement action. Otherwise, it is an illegal coup. Clarity, not agreement. h/t Prager


  8. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    -2 Chronicles 7:14


  9. Know we know why even the “benign” IRS obtained thousands of Military M-16s and millions of rounds of ammo during the Magic Negro’s reign. It was an insurance policy even before Trump took the stage. If anyone expects the Military or Law enforcement t come to Trump’s aid they better think again. The Deep State is a huge club and Omnipotent. The Democrat and Republican politicians aren’t the only members. The thousands upon thousands of Federal, state and local bureaucrats hold stakes in seeing the club maintains ruling status as well. Law enforcement, teachers, firemen, EMTs engineers and other municipal members like their material comfort lifestyles funded by their paychecks and they all know where their bread is buttered and those paychecks + retirement funds come from. Please remember I’m just the Critical-Thinking messenger. I don’t agree with the messages. I just call ’em as I see ’em.

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  10. Meanwhile in SC….
    With the advent of a Harris-Biden administration, Cuckservatives and RINOs will all
    be following Lindsey’s lead.
    Even my other Senator, Tim Scott is following in Graham’s footsteps and calling for an
    investigation into election integrity that is pretty much guaranteed to never take place.
    Tim Scott as you might be aware is lauded as one of the “new” conservatives in DC.
    He also took $67K from lobbyists to go along with the vote to fast-track brother Obama’s
    Trans-Pacific Partnership bullsh*t.

    Stay vigilant Y’all


  11. I didn’t expect the riot in DC and around so that changes things if it keeps on. Formerly, I felt that there would be a peaceful transition and no revolution. Then from time to time some enemy traitor would be sniped and then there would be a serious crackdown on us.


  12. When protests are meaningless (always have been) and now voting is meaningless, what is left?
    imo, divorce (secession of enough states) or armed revolution (not gonna happen)

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  13. Ain’t nobody coming to save us. Trump isn’t in some Super Seekrit bunker rallying troops to come save America. He is being held incommunicado under house arrest. He is being told if he doesn’t shut up and play along a family member(s) will have a “tragic accident”. If he won’t cooperate then they’ll have traitor Pence preside over the festivities on the 20th. Any tweets or other postings ostensibly fromm Trump will have been ghost written and curated by the left. Trump is President IN NAME ONLY. Pence in collusion with the left is running the show now. It is now either 1776 or it will be 1984…..forever. The time to talk is over. The left doesn’t care if we talk. They only respect one thing. POWER….as in physical force.


  14. Repeating my two cents from another blog:
    To quote Mal from Firefly: “May have been on the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”
    This battle is over. PDJT told me it’s over: “There will be an orderly transition on the 20th”.
    The battle may be over, but the war is NOT. As I said in an earlier comment, a war is over when one side is either obliterated, or accepts defeat and surrenders. We are not obliterated and we are not surrendering. From here on it’s going to get a whole lot uglier as we are down to the last box of options. We become an insurgency of guerilla warriors.


  15. Declassifying everything on these cocksuckers is one thing; getting it distributed is another. The heads of the various agencies can slow-walk the process for two weeks and then the directive to declassify and distribute goes away.

    But I agree with you, “scorched earth, it’s all yours Biden, good luck with it.”


    • Thus, is why the news of Assange not being extradited from the UK, and, allowed bail to walk free.
      He has links, he has resources, he has a network, and now he has friends – more than yesterday. And, he still has data. You don’t think a MASSIVE data drop of, oh, US GOV DECLASS docs being dumped into the open breeze would not be welcome on WikiLeaks? With the rest of the Anonymous crew? The Chans?
      No matter how much they close down the net, the grey net would get stronger, more dangerous to their power, and a deeper threat.
      Plus, with Flynn free, he has friends and resources. I would not doubt that No Secrets Anywhere has no love for Clowns In America – and would have some role in ‘data seepage’.
      There are ample proles upset that their triple-C-S standing was used like TP by elements in power with no regard to their commitments, trust, and responsibilities, but did it for personal gain, power, and danegeld. Quite pissed. They do the same thing (hell, even contemplate it), they go dark, and probably never heard from again. Those with the juice walk free, protected.
      Just a thought, but how do you make frog soup, without letting the frog know? One. Degree. At. A. Time.


  16. Yesterday was one of the darkest days in the history of America. tRump and Company fermented a crowd of supporters into a group of rioters. Under tRump and Company’s cajoling, the rioters stormed the capitol. This act of sedition only served to motivate all parties to certify the college of electors faster. Oh, and four people died.

    Of historical note, the last time any group had successfully stormed the hallowed halls of Congress was in 1814 when the British did it.

    As for the party of Lincoln, tRump has delivered them a serious blow. Under tRump, the claims that Republicans are the party of freedom and law and order are bullshit. Under tRump, the Republican party has devolved into the party of fascism.

    Years ago, tRump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House. Now people in those countries are asking: “who’s the shithole now?”

    What I don’t understand is how any group would support tRump. Why, on God’s earth, would someone chose to support a would-be dictator? He doesn’t even make the trains run on time.


    • Go fuck yourself with your Slow Joe and the Ho bumper sticker wrapped around a splintered telephone pole, wrapped in concertina wire. You want to talk about would-be dictators? Which party is looking to control every single aspect of our lives? Which party has weaponized every fucking alphabet agency in order to secure their iron-fisted grasp on power? Which party is all for opening our borders to let in illegal, third-world miscreants and violent thugs to overwhelm our job markets with cheap labor, suck up “free” social services, housing, food, schooling and healthcare, thus ensuring they vote (illegally) for said party’s candidates? Which party committed election fraud on a scale never imagined, even by the former Soviet Union? Fraud so obvious, Helen Keller would have been able to see, hear and shout it to the heavens.

      I could write a volume equal in size to the pork-laden, laughably-named “WuFlu Relief” package, listing the reasons why the Democrat National Socialist Workers’ Party is the death of our Republic, but your head is so far up your ass that you’d never begin to comprehend it.


      • I’m with you fred…
        These 2 felchers are trolls or Fudds. Fact-They are Communists and or Sympathizers
        Either way…they mean less than “ zero. “


            • Oh yeah. Soon, OrangeManBad will be just an image in the rear view, the ‘Rethug-licans’ are muted, and the leftists will begin to eat their own and their useful idiots. Low hanging fruit first (turn-coats, ‘teh questionable’. the low-support elements), then those whom reach for power. The upper tiers don’t want to loose what they have, only to amass more, and not shy to step on, fry, or irradicate those who have some, or out-served their usefulness.
              Its been this way for all power cliques – leftists, monarchies, the Church, ect. Its the ultimate drug, and they always crave more.
              I only wish I could get more ammo and land to squirrel away. But, I’ll play my cards until then…


  17. That six bears in the woods is a real piece of shit . Talks about arresting President Trump , and then won’t take comments.


  18. No one came to our capital to riot…..looked like a set up as the police let the nuckleheads inside….shit happened. Over a million Americans and a couple hundred people make it a leftist photo op. Patriots are fed up and it doesn’t matter what Trump is doing. America is smoldering and is on the the edge of a huge flare up…..

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  19. Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood. Do NOT forget. That building is the property of the people and a Air Force vet has every right to be there.


  20. Transportation Secretary has cucked out, and former AG Barr condemns Pres. Trump for “orchestrating a mob to influence Congress”.
    The same utterly useless guy who “couldn’t see any reason to investigate allegations of election fraud” and decided a priori and pro forma not to prosecute Shrillary for 30,000 deliberate, considered, and willful violations of federal law, including conspiracy and destruction of evidence, the exact sorts of things that got Nixon impeached and hounded from office.

    It’s time to think the herd, kids.

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  21. The last guy that stole a presidential election got his head blown off by a communist. The we got LBJ. That meant Viet Nam, welfare out the wazoo, war on poverty (stupidity won) and the idea that the world owed some folks a living.

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  22. Everything you say is true. But…every last one of the perps has a family of some sort. I suggest that few would rise to high office without some sort of “anchor” to be held at risk. This means that the problem is not rooted at the visible layer. Keep looking.


  23. OK, we now face a grave and looming threat. The question we should be
    asking ourselves, is, how do we deal with it? A WWII historian once said
    that if just ten percent of Jews in Western Europe had a shotgun, rifle, or
    pistol, the toll on the Wehrmacht and the SS would have been unsustainable.
    If one or two of them were taken out with each raid, the Holocaust would not
    have succeeded. Ubangi did not corrupt the rank and file at the FBI, CIA,
    Justice Department or the military.

    I’ve known (online) Bogside for more than ten years and have debated issues
    like this. Police or military, 90+ percent are loyal to their oath of office. As
    brutal as the Soviets were, during the revolution, the Czars army turned
    their guns around when ordered to shoot Russian civilians. The Chi-com
    government makes the Soviets look like Pee-Wee Herman, yet they
    refused to pull their triggers for close to a week at Tienenman Square.

    Small numbers of federal agents, military personnel, and LEOs will follow
    the orders of their political leaders but the majority will not follow an
    unconstitutional order. Gun ownership means individual gun owners,
    not families or households. That means that at least one-third of
    of American citizens are armed. This is our greatest advantage!
    For the few who use the lame excuse, “we were just following orders,”
    their bodies will be stacked up like cordwood.

    Elected Sheriffs across America are telling the political leaders to go
    pound sand up their asses. Do you honestly think that Special
    Forces and Rangers are going to comply with their corrupt commanders?
    A few hundred of these hard-ass motherfuckers defeated Afghanistan
    in a month.

    Out here in Burnt Scrotum, the police are turning a blind eye to Governor
    Gruesome’s imperial edicts. The enforcement measures are being
    enforced by government bureaucrats from the Health Department,
    Alcohol and Beverage Commission and we even have agencies
    that license barber shops, restaurants, beauty and nail salons, etc.

    Do not fear the LEOs and the military!


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