More Election Fuckery Down in Georgia And Exciting Times Are Here

I swear to Christ that these Democrats must think that they are intouchable.

They are either the stupidest fuckers on the planet or have balls the size of which will be told about in history classes for hundreds of years.

They have gotta know the entire world is watching their every move right now.

They either think they can get away with this or they are betting the farm in the ultimate bluff.

Next item, speaking of crooked elections, VP Mike Pence is either going to be a hero and save our Republic or Benedict Arnold’s name is going to be forgotten about forever.

For those who are really into conspiracy theories, I have a real treat for you.

Go read this 3 part piece that ties Rod Rosenstein to the death of Seth Rich and quite a few other eye opening accusations.

For those who are too busy or don’t give a shit, I’m going to Spoiler the ending for you.

This guy Neon Revolt openly calls for the arrest of VP Mike Pence for TREASON at the end.

Maybe now you might want to go read the whole thing to find out why.

This casts a very serious amount of doubt on whether or not Pence does the right thing regarding the Electoral College vote counting show.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Patriots are in Washington DC today, there is already bullshit going on there with the D.C. Cops protecting Antifa goons and macing Patriots who were asking them to arrest some Antifa chick for punching a woman in the face.

One Ex Marine told those traitorous cops right to their faces afterwards that we used to have your backs, no more.

High time that message gets spread around to the boys in blue who are more worried about a paycheck than upholding the oath they took.

Google and other Big Tech accomplices are going out of their way to make things difficult by disabling Google maps and other internet tools just to be dicks.

Trump is scheduled to give a big speech at 11:00 local time there.

In my opinion, he knows that all the knives are out at this point and he also knows that the NSA has a shit ton of electronic evidence of all of this election fuckery.

If I was Trump, I would declassify and disseminate a whole bunch of it, everything that didn’t endanger national security and let the biggest shit show this world has ever seen commence right on the spot.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m hearing the Italians had a big hand in the election theft now too.

What total number of foreign governments that brings to that were eyeball deep in that escapes me at the moment but it has to be over a dozen now.

Yep, I would declassify every fucking bit of that information and let the whirlwind begin.

The entire world would erupt and then I would sit back and watch.

A hearty fuck all y’all and hand me that cold drink.

The Democratic party would cease to exist in one day.

Quite a few foreign government would be too busy defending themselves from their own citizens to be worrying about fucking around in anyone else elections and the flights to GITMO would be non stop 24/7 until it was at max capacity.

There would be some sudden openings on the Supreme Court bench and Congress would be emptied out overnight as well.

Ah well, a fella can dream.

I am going to be interested in what Trump has to say in his speech.

If he fires up the giant MAGA crowd enough they may decide to go clean out Congress while they are there just for fun anyway.

18 thoughts on “More Election Fuckery Down in Georgia And Exciting Times Are Here

  1. A GITMO trip would imply someone is being held for a crime. If the shit tips off, I can’t see any commies being left alive for the GITMO trip. Congress should be terrified. They will be.


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  3. “The Democratic party would cease to exist in one day.”

    Don’t bet your life on it or even your next paycheck. Most .gov’s around the world are either leftist or communist. Do you REALLY think that those .gov’s are going to side with conservatives or a conservative .gov when their foreign aid hangs in the balance? For cripes sakes, we’re STILL sending foreign aid to CHINA under Trump.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t support the left’s agenda, NOT ONE PLANK. Now, with their win in Georgia yesterday, the country is fooked. We’ll be living under the yoke of socialism, then outright communism most ricky tick. Short of civil war, Conservatives WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER U.S. ELECTION IN OUR LIFE TIMES. Maybe ever.


  4. Pence will cave. The Senate and Congress will cave. The Supremes already did. The first thing we’ll see in a border state is a flood of illegals wrecking cars into people and and committing all kinds of crime and running away with no consequences. I’m currently in a shoulder holster even when working from home. The natural process of Government is to trend toward tyranny. There is no historical record of any form of government causing freedom to increase over time. The whole concept is wrong and the supposed 2 party system is a farce.

    Other than that things are great!


      • I read the whole thing before I commented. No surprises in there. My point is that the whole concept of the organization of human society under Governments is wrong. The requirement that everyone lives in a specific country seems to go back to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. Believe it or not there used to be perfectly happy people who did not live in any specific country. The whole history of the settlement of the western United States is a history of people fleeing the tyranny of Government and the Government stirring up trouble in the west to scare people into joining the United States. The individual is the only authority. The Government’s only authority is based on the threat of force.


  5. They either think they can get away with this or they are betting the farm in the ultimate bluff.

    Why shouldn’t they think that? No one has ever suffered any consequences for their fuckery. Democrats get away with everything, every time. Election fraud? They practically bragged they were going to do it in that Transition Integrity Project document that a few people noticed back in October.

    Nothing will happen. You won’t recognize this country in less than a year.


  6. Trump can “declassify” anything and everything. Won’t matter. The swamp creatures will simply refuse to follow the order and ALL the dirt will stay safely locked away in the files. The POTUS can order a lot of things but if those tasked with following orders won’t do so he is poweless. The most powerful man on earth has NO POWER if nobody will follow his orders. And the VAST majority of .Gov employees are the enemies of Trump, America and us. TINVOWOOT.


  7. It’s looking like your masthead is becoming absolute truth Phil. I don’t have much tolerance left for watching events on “the nooz”. I’ll check occasionally, but for the most part I’m getting outside chores done today. The dog may get more than one walk today.
    But thanks for posting Phil, I will look to our little islands of sanity while we still have an internet.


  8. Yeah, the whole VOTE HARDER thing is pretty much moot at this point. They are using Dominion machines for the special election in Georgia as well. So thinking that the same people that corrupted the system are going to let someone come in to straighten out the system?
    Boy howdy! Do I have a bridge for you……
    My state is currently circling the drain, at a rapid rate. The “SAFE” Act, new laws enacting forced vaccination/internment and outlawing personal body armor? These are all steps in their plan to subjugate the citizens of Upstate NY. Downstate? They already have thrown in their lot with the Overlords of Albany.

    Whitehall, NY


  9. “I swear to Christ that these Democrats must think that they are intouchable.” and “They either think they can get away with this”

    Think? No, they *know* that they are untouchable. Sure, a few one-offs might get some low-level flunkies, and maybe even a person of quality or two, but those don’t even rise to the level of “acceptable losses”. History shows that seizing power over a country and a people is really remarkably easy, and that the suddenly enserfed rarely do anything about it, and, on the rare occasions when they do, unless they have *serious* outside help, it amounts to less than a fart in a whirlwind.

    “They have gotta know the entire world is watching their every move right now.”

    And most of it is cheering them on, gleefully. The ones that aren’t? Well, they aren’t in much position to do anything about it, either.

    Sucks, but human history is full of too many examples in their favor, and too few in our favor.

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  10. “One Ex Marine told those traitorous cops right to their faces afterwards that we used to have your backs, no more.”

    Isn’t that “former Marine”? “Ex Marine” is a pretty strong insult


  11. An organized minority will beat the crap out of a disorganized majority every-fucking-time. Organizationally we Trump supporters are pitiful. We are getting beat at every turn. But but but we got the guns! Oh please. Blah blah blah blah blah. They are kicking our ass and soundly. Their illogic and stupidity give me a headache and yet they win every round while we sit dumbfounded and outraged. Boo fucking hoo. Since they plan to make us the villian whether we like it or not perhaps we should embrace our villainy and be worse than anything they can imagine. Not our style? Neither is butt in the air and waiting and yet here we are butt up, thumb up our ass, and waiting for its replacement.


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