HOLY CRAP!! The Revolution Started While I Was Asleep!

I woke up a bit ago and my phone started blowing up.

Apparently we have had enough and the Trump supporters in Washington DC stormed the Capitol building!!

I’m seeing pictures of a guy sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his feet up on it and they left a note that says WE WONT’ BACK DOWN.

All the Talking Heads on the television are pooh poohing it of course but I think it’s fucking AWESOME!!

You will have to excuse me while I go watch history being made.

I can’t hardly believe it but,


15 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP!! The Revolution Started While I Was Asleep!

  1. Apply the 72 hour rule !! These guys could be Leftist plants. They’re acting like Antifa, maybe they are antifa. I’m sure they’re all under arrest by now. Problem is, can we trust FBI/DOJ to tell us the truth, or to push their agenda??

    Yeah, and Pence pussied out. Dickless sellout, he’s as in the bag as Roberts is.


  2. watch the fuckers in your area, are they sweating yet ? if they are, mark them down for later
    as part of the fuckers that need to go. that said, it will be kind of hard to whitewash this, or
    play it down. wish i was younger and there.


  3. Our local asshole talk show is saying how the capital being stormed is disgusting. Typical political correct bullshit from an asshole.


  4. Be very, very, VERY aware of false flag operators/operations. BLM/Antifa/Marxists (same striped animal) are very prepared for this and will do anything to get on TV/radio/Lamestream as DJT supporters.

    Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. Be patient.


  5. Those were not Trump supporters. They were antifa/blm assholes pulling a false flag/propaganda operation. The optics are terrible.
    I think the young woman shot in the neck is a Trump supporter. *Could* be she got shot trying to ‘out’ the frauds.


    • In any case, “Mission Accomplished”; the ones that didn’t really want to vote for the objection had their excuse for bailing. (Looking at YOU Marsha Blackburn and Kelly Leffler.)
      And once the Senators bailed, the RINO House members could vote for the objection without penalty.
      Fuck it. Only voting against incumbents in the future.


  6. False Flag operation, went off as planned. The steal of the election is complete. Our country is over. Now what ? I suppose the only option left is war. I dread it, but we must do again what our forefathers did, and that is to wage war against our oppressors. May God be on our side as we do our terrible deeds. Amen.


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