They Are Just As Stupid As They Are Afraid And They Are Terrified. NY Legislation To Outlaw Body Armor

For one thing, if they are trying to pass legislation to criminalize Body Armor then someone has their finger in the wind.

For another thing, these same people are about as stupid as it gets.

How hard do you think it is to order a sheet of steel, have it cut by some Patriot who has a Water Jet and then bend it slightly in a press?

What are they going to do next, outlaw the sale of sheet steel to civilians?

Granted Plate Steel isn’t just any steel but you get the point.

Not only are they trying to outlaw them just like their gun, magazine and other bans, they expect people to actually turn in any they already own.

I know this would be my reaction.

17 thoughts on “They Are Just As Stupid As They Are Afraid And They Are Terrified. NY Legislation To Outlaw Body Armor

  1. I was called for Jury Duty about 2 years ago and the defendant was this dude who took off when the Police tried to pull him over. When they finally caught him it turned out he was a convicted felon wearing body armor and carrying a pistol. Among the various and sundry things they charged him with was the fact that in Texas it is a felony for a convicted felon to be in possession of body armor. I didn’t know that right up until then. This was the “voir dire” process of selecting a jury where you get to ask questions and one potential juror asked “what if a felon is wearing knight armor on the way to a renaissance festival?” I was sitting there trying not to crack up. I didn’t get selected but the defendant looked guilty of being an idiot to me. On the other hand so did about half of the potential jurors. Then on the other other hand I was right in there with them. The big defense company I work for gives us regular pay for jury duty so there isn’t any way out of it when we get called and I get called all the time.


  2. Damn I’m glad I live in the middle of bumfuck Kentucky, I got shit laying around I could hammer out crude armor. Sadly the libtards will keep fleeing the big cities and come to my little slice of the world, then vote for the same shit they left, just look at Lexington and Louisville.


    • No, we won’t. I left Upstate NY for semi-rural KY and bought an AR-15 just because I could. I took prince Andy at his word when he said people like me weren’t welcome in New York.


      • Good point! Most of the people fleeing New York, California, and
        other blue states left for a reason. High income and property
        tax rates, high inflation, inheritance taxes, skyrocketing energy
        prices, regulations, etc. If anything, they are making red states
        redder. The people on the other side of this argument are
        mistaking voter fraud with voter sentiment.


  3. So they take away the guns and now take away your ability to somewhat withstand a AGW’s attempt at killing you. You can bet the nippled coumo wears body armor over his queer piercings lately. Legal for me, not legal for you…. AP rounds for everybody!


  4. Meh…whatever…. Notice it all says “body vest”. …like … a leather vest?, a safety vest?…stupid fucktards can’t even describe accurately what they want to ban next.

    Let’s ban stupid..
    Boy would the gvt shrink.


    • “can’t even describe accurately”

      Yeah, that’s kind of the whole point. Make the law as vague as possible, so you can have people arrested and prosecuted under false pretenses. Even if they get a good lawyer and ultimately win, you’ve still punished (and probably bankrupted) them by putting them through the process.

      The person who sponsored the bill might very well be a moron. The people who actually wrote the bill are not stupid. They are EVIL. No doubt they are smirking and gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of the results should this pass.


  5. A sheet of 1/2″ UHMW plastic (ultra-high-molecular-weight) cut to fit, can be molded using heat to better fit than standard armor plate. Cover it with bed-liner for anti-spalling. Layer a couple layers of ballistic cloth front and rear, kevlar, ballistic nylon, or whatever, and that will give you Level III or higher protection.

    Nice thing about UHMW is you can cut it wider than a standard plate, and roll the edges around to give you better side protection. Dr. Travis Taylor even made scales and made an armor suit of of the stuff and it stopped even up to 5.56mm and worked somewhat against 7.62 NATO.

    Yeah, can’t stop the signal, Mal…


  6. Does the left think we are fucking stupid? We can get Kevlar at any tire plant.
    Add a little woven carbon fiber and a ceramic plate and we don’t need metal.
    The naysayers who think we will not fight back are missing a vital point: They
    have vowed to come after us, meaning they will force our hand. If we have to
    cast lead bullets and make our own black powder, we will do it! We did not
    defeat the greatest army on the planet going toe to toe with the enemy in
    columns. We won because of the frontiersmen, the hunters, the trappers,
    the sharpshooters, and the snipers.

    I had a friend who emigrated to America from Holland and lived through
    the Nazi occupation. He smiled when he described the forced labor
    camps. The Dutch slave laborers would short-fuse every tenth or fifteenth
    grenade they were forced to produce. If the Democrats cross that line
    without the numbers to win, they will find out what a short fuse means!


  7. This kind of garbage isn’t what worries me, NY will pass laws that require licenses to breathe if they can get away with it. What does worry me is the communist revolutionaries’ strategy, from their own writings does. Read the whole thing:

    They want war in small town America. They’re organized, they’re dedicated, they’re working towards it every day, and they recognize that the big city ‘revolts’ are passe’.

    They. Never. Stop.


  8. Yea…what was the compliance rate for their great “assault weapon ban”? A whopping 4%? Fuckers better stay in NYC and not get out in the rest of the state. Best thing we could do is blow the fuck out of every bridge leading into/out of NYC and keep them there.


  9. Such laws are passed not to address crimes. They are created to impose loss of freedom on the law abiding. The same is true of MOST laws.


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