10 thoughts on “Obviously A Female Liberal

    • She’s the type of person that keeps circling the gas pump’s trying to figure out how to get the gas in the car but the pumps are ALWAYS on the wrong side.


  1. cell phones have made the people for the most part stupid beyond belief. unless it can be done
    with some app on their phone, they don’t have a clue on how to do anything. and yes, they vote and have kids. i don’t have much hope for the country anymore,,,, there is some good ones,but
    the morons are out breeding them by hundreds if not more. i never thought i see the country this
    stupid. and yet they act like they know everything there is to know ?
    i am so glad that my parents did not let us watch tv when i was growing up. outside was our
    playground. and after i hit 12 i think, i spent summers with my dad on a concrete crew-who needs
    a gym ? so, i have no idea what it’s like to work in a store,or go to the beach or any of the so called
    normal stuff kids my age did. to be honest, i think i am a lot better off because of it.
    but i think carter really fuck most kids when his dept of ed. dropped shop classes for most kids
    at least they learned what a screwdriver was for. learned a sense of pride by building a stupid
    bird house that no one really wanted. but it is one reason why guys who know how to run a lathe
    or build something make the money they do now. today, we trying to teach people to wash their hands for god sake !


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