10 thoughts on “Meep Meep!

  1. You’re showing your age.

    Also an observation: Roadrunners don’t eat bird seed. They eat lizards, bugs, and snakes. All those traps baited with Acme Bird Seed wouldn’t work anyway because a roadrunner would never stop for birdseed. My kids tell me there is a small possibility I’m over thinking this.


    • I don’t either, and I’m not far from it!!

      The wifey unit got cataract surgery for BOTH eyes the last three weeks, and she’s lovin’ it! Clear sight. My turn soon… mebbe less than 5 years away.

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      • I could do it for you on the 14th after my MRI egorr…. I have my handy pocket-scalpel and some left over retractors, pick ups and long handle forceps, I even have some wire speculum, Iris forceps, colibriforceps, silcocks needle holders and fianlly a wire vectis.. I have some rubber inserts that go on the bottom of soda pop bottles. I am sure I could carve them into the correct focal point for you. What’s a buddy for?


  2. I worked at Disneyland and some of our older painters could do that sort of work. I’ve seen people reach for the handle of a locker that was painted on a wall multiple times.
    Dennis the librarian shusher


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