Portland, The New Venezuela! (Updated)

 You know something?

The people that live over in Portland deserve every motherfucking thing they are going to get because they fucking asked for it.

They had the chance to get rid of that Pencil Necked Commie Wannabe Mayor AND that Commie Bitch Governor too.

But No.

They re-elected both of those sonsabitches. After downtown Portland was wracked with riots, violence, murder and arson for OVER 100 days straight, they just roll over, say LOL, and let’s do it again.

Well peoples of Portlandistan, you get to reap what you sewed.

Oregon: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit

December 31, 2020 MJA Uncategorized 8

GP: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit Amid Massive Spike In Shootings And Stabbings; Fire Dept. Responding To 10+ Homeless Tent Fires A Day.

Yes, Virginia, Portland is continuing to slide further and further into 3rd world status. If you can believe it, the situation is actually getting worse, as we bring you the latest in Portland s***hole news.

The city is set to the the year with nearly 900 shootings. Yes, 900. Out of those, 225 people were hit, 53 ended up as homicides. In many other instances people were taken to hospitals, yet some didn’t want to cooperate with police. In other incidents there are only reports of shots fired and shells found on the ground, yet no victims. This is despite the state legislature passing several new gun control laws in recent years, including “universal background checks”, “red flag laws”, and others. This goes along with nearly 70 stabbings on the year. This is the worst crime the city has seen since the early 90’s crime peak.


I’ll tell you what, I won’t even go in to downtown Portland in broad daylight anymore.

There were already other sections of that town that I won’t go into but now half of that entire city is a No Mans Land as far as I am concerned.

Even the North East side was overrun by those idjit BLAMTIFA motherfuckers and the absolute retards that follow them this last Summer.

Directly where I used to live and work at one time.

And it ain’t going to get any better anytime soon either.

I’m really starting to think that instead of working to replace one of the 100+ year old bridges that cross the Columbia river from Vancouver into Portland, they ought to look into blowing it into the river instead to keep that vermin over there as much as possible.

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BLAMTIFA was at it again tonight, marching, setting off industrial grade fireworks and throwing firebombs downtown.

I’m here to tell ya, this is going to come to a head one of these days.

Eventually these dumb fuckers are going to seriously hurt or outright kill one of these Portland cops pulling this shit and then the fun is going to be over.

The cops will go directly to Mayor/Police Commissioner Pencil Neck, tell him to STFU and STFD, include that Soros backed District Attorney who keeps turning these violent criminals loose without pressing charges after they are arrested constantly in the conversation and then go hunting.

30 thoughts on “Portland, The New Venezuela! (Updated)

  1. Business opportunity: Companies that construct border walls around liberal cities. Next up, Escape From Portland (3rd in the series.)


  2. I have a nephew that lives in Portland……He hasn’t been affected by the protests because he lives in the ‘burbs. So he “naturally” doesn’t think that the rioters are wrong. Gonna wait till they get to his doorstep; then I’m gonna ask if he still agrees with them.


    • I have a brother who lives near Mt Tabor. He would leave yesterday except his wife absolutely refuses to see what is so obvious to all of us. She won’t leave until she gets knocked upside the head with it. They have already had a shootout next door to them that was partially caught on their porch cam and left bullet holes in their house. The investigation took a copy of that camera chip, but I haven’t heard that anything ever came of it.


      • I used to live on the South side of Mt. Tabor thirty five years ago. A dead end street that ended right at the bottom of the hill. I have a kid that lives within spitting distance of it, or did until she moves out this week. Blamtifa was all over that area this last Summer trying to burn down a police station nearby.
        Nope, nope and more nope.
        It used to be a decent neighborhood. Now it’s just another battlefield.


  3. The cops are not going to do it.

    Throw out the mayor and the DA? pah. They will be replaced by other pansies. It’s the entire political structure that needs to be flushed down the toilet. Decent, “law and order” politicians are thought to be “NAZIs” or “Fascists” when , in fact, it is these vermin that are the fascists.


    • Just wait until someone decides to emulate the beltway sniper and pop a few off them. The protests will vanish like a fart in the wind then.


      • My opinion is that the reason that hasn’t happened yet is that Trump has not conceded, and we’re all waiting to see what goes down Jan.6 and Jan.20. Either he has some genius options yet to play, or he walks away from it all saying that he tried, but the rot is too far gone to overcome. Most of his options from here on will likely mean bloodshed, and I suspect he wants to minimize that. May or may not be possible. Stay prepped folks, and watch your six.

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      • Very, very unlikely. The people organizing and leading the riots *WANT* that to happen. Talk to former communist agitators – they’ll tell you as much.


  4. Any of your Atlanta readers get letters from Center for Civic Information? Letter describes how your (your name) neighborhood ranks for voting party versus candidate compared to other (made up?) neighborhoods. Smacks of shaming/intimidation to me.


  5. I was glad to see Portland in the rearview mirror of the rental box truck way back in ’89. More so even now!
    I was in N Portland, up Lombard Street on Chautauqua. Wasn’t bad in the ’80s, the Crips and Bloods had been cleaned out. but The Projects were only 6 blocks west of my house. Got out just in time, apparently…
    Do they have Dominion voting machines in Orygun??


    • I spent 4 1/2 years at UofP (71-76) and know the area well. Now, I will not set foot in Multnomah-Washington counties. If I have to go through, it’ll be by I-205 and I won’t be stopping.
      And off topic, but thanks egorr for the tip about Dial soap. I’m three weeks into the test, and it may be helping the eczema on my back. I’ll give it a good long try.


      • Yer welcome, fellow traveler. It doesn’t happen overnight, but three months of constant use and you’ll forget you ever had it!
        That’s why we are all here – the amount of experience of us Phil-berts is simply incredible! ‘Murica!!


        • egorr can do a chemical peal for you Greg… say, 90% acetone, that will cure your eczema… Greg, that is where I went for my BSN and Masters at U of Piss. one place I had to bear down and bite my tongue even in the early eighties it was full of pretentious asswipe liberals back then but I wanted my degrees close to home and work at Holladay Park.


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  7. They can nuke downtown for all I care. By pandering to parasites Mayor Bummagnet Wheeler is trying to make Portland worse than San Francisco. Filthy rich liberals (FRLs) who own most of downtown are losing equity as vacancy rates inch up. FRLs are reaping what they sowed. They’d
    rather lose everything than vote Republican.

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  8. No more DC bailouts of Leftist Cities and States. If people are ever going to learn to vote Right, they must learn the natural consequences of voting Left. No more bailouts.


  9. I’m in south-west Oregon, but go to Portland maybe 4 times a year, down by the airport/Ikea area. I always feel like Neo entering the Matrix (“I used to eat there. Good noodles…”). It’s definitely enemy territory, and I get in and out just as fast as I can, and NEVER at night. I’m sure that there are some good people in Portland, but they should’ve had the sense to get out years ago. That town is ripe for some biblical “smiting”.


  10. The worst part is, Wheeler is the least evil of the candidates who ran last election.. Keeping him kept “literally antifa” out of power.. Here’s hoping his balls actually dropped this New Year’s


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