LMAO! It Never Ends

I mean really, at this point , all I can do is laugh.

For fucks sake.

I have been out in the garage messing with that damn mini lathe again.

I should say still.

I watched a Youtube of some guy a couple weeks ago and he was showing how he put this little bearing in the saddle where the cross slide screw goes in to help support it and make the action smoother. He even gave up the part number for this little bearing, said it went right in and fit the shaft perfectly.

So I ordered some. They were cheap, under ten bucks for about 8 or ten of them.

They showed up right about Christmas time and since it was a busy time, I just threw them in the bag on the little table next to my recliner.

So after dicking around with toilet duty yesterday pretty much shot my whole evening, I went out there this morning and started in on another related project, trying to fit a bit bigger hand wheel on the cross slide screw. Since I had that apart I remembered the little bearings and came in and got them. Then the whole thing went sideways.

I had an aluminum piece that was perfect for the hand wheel except I couldn’t seem to get the hold down screw in the end of the shaft to tighten up on it enough. Trying to hold onto everything by hand and then tighten the screw just kept moving the cross slide in farther. I set that aside, took the whole thing apart and went to stick that little bearing in there and of course it was way to big for the hole it was supposed to just slide into according to this Youtube guy.

Yes sir, here we fucking go!

It fit right on the shaft but was way off for the hole.

So I get the caliper out and measure it. Battery dead in that sonofabitch too of course. I dug around and found another one and the outer ID of this bearing is like 15.008 Millimeters.

Of course!


Then again, that entire Chinesium nightmare of a mini lathe is all Metric too.

So I got on line and found a fraction to millimeter conversion chart and plugged in 15MM.

It comes out with 19/32’s.

Now I am going to give you a very conservative estimate here but I would bet money that I have way over TWO HUNDRED drill bits out in that garage in various places, easily.

It’s probably closer to three.

Do you think I could find a 19/32’s drill bit?

Of course not!

I go all the way around it.

9/16’s is pretty much 14 mm. I did drill the hole out that far.

Then I jump to 5/8’s, 21/32nds and then all the way up to 1 inch I think in fractions.

I had to stop and throw some groceries down my throat so by the time I got done with that it’s after 7 PM, on New Years Day.

There is absolutely no point in even thinking about trying to find either a 15mm or a 19/32’s drill bit at this point tonight.

Even the odds of me finding a 15mm drill bit locally tomorrow are slim to none.

I have looked and looked and looked locally and haven’t been able to find ANY, metric drill bits around here. I had to order the set I do have On Line and it’s a cheap Banggood set that only goes up to 14mm.

So as the title says, it never ends.

It doesn’t matter how many tools I collect there is always that one oddball out there just waiting to rear it’s ugly head at the most inopportune moment possible.

I may get lucky and find a 19/32’s bit tomorrow but I am betting it’s not going to be easy nor cheap.

That one drill bit is very likely going to cost just as much as the entire set of metric bits that I got from China.

The quality is likely to be five times better too though.

For one drill bit to drill one hole out by 1mm and about four deep.

Gotta love it.

So I thought about it, got on Amazon, bit the bullet and am just having Bezos’ minions ship me one.

Should be here next Wednesday if you can believe their lying asses. Cool if it is, I’ll start back in on that little project on my next day off.

God willing and the phone don’t ring.

18 thoughts on “LMAO! It Never Ends

  1. Way back when, I lived about 15 miles from a good sized industrial area in which there was a plethora of odd stuff – like 19/32 drill bits or a 9MM 1/4″ drive crowfoot wrench – available, and they were even open on Saturdays. The price was commensurate with an item’s rarity, but one could be had in a 45 minute round trip. If, however, it was not immediately available a 2-3 week delay ensued. Alas, such industrial purveyors are no longer geographically convenient, replaced by a much more capable supplier 800 miles away, who can put pretty much anything in your hand within 36-72 hours, sooner if you’re willing to pay for overnight delivery.

    I appreciate the breadth and scope of availability such technology confers, but I’m not convinced it’s the improvement many consider it to be.

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  2. You sound like my twin. This happens to me on nearly every “project” No matter what, there will be a tool, or size that I just cant lay hands on. Beyond frustrating.


  3. Heh…
    All I had to do yesterday was put some red loctite on the screw for the handle on a frying pan that kept coming loose.



  4. Reminds me that I have every possible length, diameter, and thread pitch screw known to man except the one I need for ‘this current friggin’ project and I spend an hour looking for it when if I had it only 1.37 seconds would have been spent driving the sucker in and moving on.

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  5. I’m one lucky son-of-a-gun, I have a (retired) tool-and-die-quality machinist friend that has his workshop in his back yard “barn” and he lets me use his stuff and has plenty of good tips and techniques for stupid ol’ me. I have a professional auto/diesel/truck mechanic friend, owns his own business (got it from his FIL), lets me use his tools/lifts on the weekends if he’s not using the shop. Anything electrical/electronic *I* have or can throw together real quick. My next-door neighbor is a now-retired welder that has all I could ever need for an occasional welding project.

    I seldom use/need these guys, but when I do it’s kinda critical. I don’t abuse their trust and/or equipment, and if I break it I have bought it… “Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, if you should break it I’ll consider it SOLD”

    And, of course, when THEY need me, which is seldom, you darn betcha I’m there to help THEM!!

    Life is good. Sorry for your dilemma, Phil. Bummer.

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    • I have some. The hole only needs to be 4 mm deep.
      That’s about how long the adjusting nut is on the end of an adjustable reamer.
      If I was hard core I could take the whole saddle apart, put my 4 jaw chuck on, get it centered on the hole, stick a small boring bar in a drill chuck on the tail stock and ream it out that way. It would take all day and then I would have to put it all back together.
      This thing is no Schaublin, a drill bit of the correct diameter will do what I need it to do.
      I have some other things to do to it anyway like replace the end support bushing for the lead screw after I drill a hole in that and put an oil port in it.
      I also have the extra tail stock I have a buddy making a new base plate for that needs to get painted and the guts put back into.
      There is no hurry here.


  6. Day-um this don’t sound like a good start to the new year, more like a continuation of the last shitshow. To bad you’re not next door, I got 2 of the 19/ turdy twice bits. Needed one to drill a drain plug hole in a rear end of a jeep I had years ago and haven’t used it since, why I got two – ????
    I’m not takin any chances on the start of the new year being fuckered up like the last one was though, I’m not doing fuckall, and I got a degree in that winter before last.
    I feel for ya though, unless machines come ready to do actual work, they are an absolute be-otch to modify. And 90 % of the chinesium shit always needs extra help that I’ve always been around…..
    Keep on keeping on, persevere or you’ll just get pissed off and the whole shiteree will end up in the scrapyard, and that, good sir, will really piss you off…. Butt it WILL make you feel good.


  7. Phil, come get your damn spy camera, I swear you watch me work on shit. I got a shit ton of tools and no matter what, I don’t have,or can’t find that one fucking thing I need. I blame it on the tool gnomes, little bastards hide shit you need, then bring it back after you go buy one, and to boot, put it in an obvious place where you looked at least 10 times. Looks like we need a tool support group, kinda like aa but better, when you get pissed, a friend comes and drives you to get another tool.

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  8. I may as well mention this. You know you’re going to need some metric taps and dies eventually. I’ve just bought the couple I’ve needed so far, but I’m developing a collection of metric screws and nuts. Now I’m keeping an eye out for a decent starter set of taps and dies that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    I just know it’s coming.


    • I have a mechanics tap and die kit from Snap On in standard and metric. I’m pretty sure they are rebranded Vermont taps and dies.
      The trouble with both of them is that they need to be about twice as big as they are.
      Danged oddball sizes you run into.
      Metric is the worst so far as I’ve seen.
      At least 6 different thread pitches!


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