This One’s For Cody And Ainer

It was a pleasure meetin’ you fellers.

Y’all all right in my book even if ya are young enough to my kids.

A little weathering will shape you right up.

Just because I’m a grouchy old fucker don’t mean I’m dead so here’s some Southern honies for ya and a bonus of some Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy.

You ain’t gonna find none of that shit out in these parts.

Now you be good and if ya can’t be good, stay sanitary.

One more thing, The South Will Rise Again.

More’n likely within your lifetime.

13 thoughts on “This One’s For Cody And Ainer

        • Granny called it Chicken Fried Steak and lots of pepper in the gravy.
          Damn it’s been a long time. She’s been gone over 40 years now but I still remember her in the kitchen almost all day and I will never forget her cooking.
          Fresh home made biscuits every morning without fail.


  1. Been married to a North Georgia girl for 30 years. One of the things I have found is that true southerners who were raised on grits, cornbread, turnip greens and such don’t really like them anymore. In my 17 years in Georgia I actually really learned to appreciate the cuisine and especially like to work some turnip greens into the menu every chance I get. As a Texan I like to smoke brisket but that Georgia pulled pork is really good. I also learned what those Ole Boys can do with a little corn, sugar, water, copper tubing, and a low fire. YeeHaw!


  2. You can find the ham and gravy, not to mention the grits, right over at my place. You’re what – 50 miles away? Right now I’m dishing out black-eyed peas with Pikapepper sauce, and cornbread with lots of Amish butter. With honey, of course. Southern style, by God, right here in Oregun.
    On that note, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to everyone in the world, in that last year was the first year in decades where I neglected to create my New Years Day Good Luck Back-Eyed Pea Pot. It’s all my fault.


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